How does the sun work?

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The sun is gigantic nuclear fusion engine. It works on the principles of stallar nucleosynthesis, and you can use the link below to go to that question and learn more.

As nuclear fusion occurs in the Suns core, the temperature increases. This expands the outer envelope of the Sun (Like a heated balloon), this expansion decreases the pressure on the core, which then decreases the amount of nuclear fusion that occurs, and thus temperature. This reduction causes the outer envelope to contract, which causes an increase in pressure, which causes an increase in nuclear fusion, which creates more heat, the outer envelope expands and well…. ad infinitum.
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How does the sun work together with the moon to make tides higher or lower?

\n. \n High and Low Tides \n. \nThe Sun and the moon both exert a gravitational pull on the Earth. You might think the suns pull is much grater because it's more massive than the moon but you should also remember the Moon 400 time closer to Earth than the Sun is. Anyway, back to your question. (MORE)

How does sun work?

The sun's mother is crule when the sun was a child and fead it too much hot chillies and became freaken hot and angry and that is also why we have global warming

How does the convection zone work on the sun?

The convection zone is how the energy from the core is transportedto the photosphere. The plasma is heated, rises to near thesurface, cools and then falls back toward the core to be heatedagain.

Why does nuclear fusion work inside the sun but not in jupiter?

Jupiter is not massive enough to create the high temperature and high pressure required by even deuterium-tritium thermonuclear fusion, the lowest temperature and pressure type of fusion. The Sun is much more massive and can fuse ordinary hydrogen, deuterium, tritium, and helium 3; producing heliu (MORE)

Do solar sun rings work?

While the website looks promising, it was disappointing to read the reviews by owners on the website. Based on their comments, it appears they don't live up to the hype. They don't work at all. Had covers for 8 years and th (MORE)

How does the sun works?

If you mean, "how does it gets its energy", it gets its energy from nuclear fusion - fusing hydrogen-1 to helium-4. It still has enough fuel to shine a few billion years more.

What work is done to rotate the earth around the sun?

In order for work to be done, a force must be applied over a distance, as illustrated by the formula W = Fd.. One of the forces acting upon the Earth is the gravitational force between it and the sun. This is a centripetal force since it pulls the Earth to the center of a (more or less) circular or (MORE)

Can a solar panel work if there's no sun?

No Solar panels do not work if the sun is not out the photovoltaic cells that make up a solar panel require sunlight to produce electricity not to say that you cant have a battery that gets charged up to use during the night.

Does a swamp cooler work better in sun or shade?

The Unit being in Sun or Shade will have NO effect on how well a Swamp Cooler performs. Operation of Swamp / Evaporative Cooler effectiveness is determined by Ambient temperature / dew point and relative humidity. They are optimum in Dry / Hot / Low Humid climates such as found in the South West D (MORE)

Earth orbit the sun does sun do any work on earth?

yes the sun does do work for earth it does a whole lot it gives us light and it also gives us something not to stare at and if you stare the sun you could damage your eyes Another Answer "Does sun do any work on earth?" YES, yes, yes! On Earth, all energy (except geothermal) in all forms, (MORE)

How do the moon and earth and sun work together?

The moon is illuminated because it reflects the light from the sun. Only one side of the moon is lit up. The part of the moon facing the sun is lit up. The part facing away from the sun is in darkness.The phases of the Moon depend on its position in relation to the sun and Earth. As the Moon makes i (MORE)

Does sun-in work?

SunIn is a spray-on hair lightener. It works on blond to mediumbrown hair. The directions state that after you apply, it is heatactivated, so you either go out into the sun, or use the blow dryerto bring out the highlights. Does it work? Yes, to a point. The sun lightens the hair anyway.You have to (MORE)

What Aokemon can a sun stone work on in Pokemon Sapphire?

Gloom = Bellossom Sunkern = Sunflora ----------------------------------- Yes, and when you make Eevee hold it, it can evolve into Espeon via max happiness, since LeafGreen and FireRed Dont use the clock system. Tobyunkown p.s. if i swear or don't give the right answer, it's not me i a (MORE)

How much work is done by earth revolving around the sun?

There is no work involved when Earth orbits the Sun. Earth is in motion, traveling through space with the sun's gravity tugging us along. Earth passes the sun, slows down a little and gets tugged back behind the sun and around to the other side where we speed up as we get closer and pass again. The (MORE)

What tide happens when the sun and the moon work together?

Spring tide. Tides are caused primarily by the moon but the sun has a bit of effect too. When the sun and moon are working against each other the tides are smaller (known as neap tides) but when the sun and moon work together we get bigger tides called spring tides. There is also an anual effect. (MORE)

What did Aristarchus think the sun was and why did this not work?

Aristarchus thought that the Sun was a giant ball of fire at the center of the Universe. This is impossible because if it were a giant ball of burning material, with it's size and the amount of energy radiates, it would have consumed all of its fuel after only 5000 years. The age of the Sun is estim (MORE)

Does follow-the-sun approach work for programming tasks?

Follow the sun describes a process by which you can get 24 hours of work done (typically support lines) by utilizing people in different time zones all over the world. This doesn't make sense for programming. Programming is like writing a book. In order to keep the flow going you should have the sam (MORE)

How did sun dial worked?

A sun dial is a graded flat disc, with an upright spike in the middle of it. The spike will throw a shadow that will move across the graded disc as the sun moves across the sky. If the sun dial is correctly aligned, the position of the shadow will tell you what time it is.

How do greenhouse gases work what portion of sun rays are trapped?

Incoming rays from the sun are short-wave (ultra-violet)radiation. Dangerous wavelengths are absorbed/reflected by theozone layer. . Of the rest, 25% is reflected by clouds and atmosphere backinto space. . And 25% is absorbed by clouds and atmosphere, which getwarmer. . So 50% of the short-wave e (MORE)

Does sun in work?

Some times it works, sometimes not. When I tried Sun-In, it did not work. This is just from my point of view... I have dirty blonde hair. I wanted it more light, and the color did not change, but it changed my hairstyle. I took the risk, and Sun-In really is a risk,and it really messed up my side ba (MORE)

Does sun in work if you don't use it in the sun?

Yes, spray in once in the morning and blow dry it for 4-5 minutes medium heat (works best with damp hair) and repeat in the evening for 2-3 minutes. It works amazing if you spray it in, tie up your hair and go into a tanning bed, but tanning beds aren't the healthiest so... Haha Good-Luck

Which composer worked at the palace of the sun king?

The Sun King was the nickname of Louis XIV of France. His court was known internationally for the level of its music and art. The court composer was Jean-Baptiste Lully, a former dancer in the ballet who became, with Louis's patronage, the virtual ruler of all music throughout France.

How does sun energy work as an energy provides for plants?

It radiates electromagnetic energy, photons, which plans harness to perform a process called photosynthesis. The photon is used to split the 2 hydrogen atoms from H2O (water), of which one is stored while the other is used for energy to grow. The oxygen atom is released as waste product.

Is it safe to work under the sun when you are pregnant?

It's as safe as it is for anybody- a pregnant condition isn'tunduly affected by exposure to the Sun other than that somepregnant women have a predisposition to faint during gestation, andthe heat might make this more likely to happen. Anybody can getsunstroke if they are in the heat for too long, an (MORE)

How does a sun clock work?

During the daytime a sundial creates a shadow that reflects themovement of the sun. So, at noon the shadow is straight up anddown, and so on.