How far is 20000 leagues?

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Length of a League A nautical league is three nautical miles, so 20,000 nautical leagues would be 60,000 nautical miles. The title of the book 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea refers to a journey around the world that was of a distance of 20,000 leagues, not a depth of 20,000 leagues.
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What is 20000 Leagues Under the Sea about?

The most famous part of the novel, the battle against the school of giant squid, begins when a crewman opens the hatch of the boat and gets caught by one of the monsters. As h

Is 20000 leagues deep possible?

Well you see, it's really a big math equation. A league is how far a roman army could travel in one day, about 50 miles. So now multiply 1 league/50 miles by 20,000. 50 time

20000 leagues under the sea in integers?

20,000 leagues is equal to about 80,000 km. One league equals 3 statute miles so we could also say it is about 50,000 statute miles. Of course Twenty Thousand Leagues Under th

How many miles do 20000 leagues equal?

if a league is in fact 3.4 miles then 20,000 leagues would be 68,000 miles and it would be hard to be that deep in the ocean (at least on our planet which is only 8,000 miles