How hot is bulb filament?

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Bulb filament can reach temperature from 3410 degrees Celsius to 6300 degrees Celsius.

No it can't.

I think you're totally mistaken about how hot a filament can get. First of all, the temperature of a filament can't go above it's melting point. Secondly, I read that Tantulum Hafnium Carbide has the highest melting point of any known substance at 4215 degrees C.

Besides, bulbs have a tungsten filament which has a melting point of 3422 C. It's slightly possible that for some bulbs, they mix tungsten with something else to raise the melting point but since nothing has a higher melting point than Tantulum Hafnium Carbide, the filament can't possibly get hotter than 4215 C by being 6300 C.
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