How is a room in a house similar to a cell?

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A room and a cell are alike in that they are isolated parts of a collection. The rooms have walls which separate them from the other rooms of the house, and the cells have cell membranes (and cell walls for plant cells) which separate them from the other cells in the tissue. However, you can take the analogy a lot further if you compare the house to the cell.
The Endoplasmic Reticulum is like a hallway
The Mitochondria are like the furnace.
The nucleolus is like the teenager who has a part time job. He can't quite make enough to be on his own, but he does contribute to his own care.
The vacuole is like the the garbage bag.
The lysozome is the kitchen with an attached garage. This is where the eating goes on. It is sort of in the house, but sort of outside the house. And it allows the car with groceries into the house.
The cell wall is like the exterior walls of a house. Some houses are brick, some are wood, and the cell walls can be different densities depending on what the cell is used for.
the endoplasmic reticulum is the plumbing.
The ribosome is a home business. It produces stuff to go out and benefit the cell.
The Golgi apparatus is the coat room, or closet. It provides clothing for the cells occupants before they leave the cell.
the centrosome is like a divorce lawyer.
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