How long are flamingo necks in meters?

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I'd say approximately .6 meters is a respectable guess as to how long the neck of a flamingo is. Wouldn't you?
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Why do giraffe have long neck?

Answer . The African Giraffe has a long neck so it can reach to high places to provide food for themselves. Although, not all Giraffes these days have long necks. Another species of Giraffe is the short-necked type.. The Giraffe's reason for having a long neck was originally thought to have been (MORE)

How long is a giraffe's neck?

A giraffes neck can get approximately 5 to 8 feet long, or around 1.5 to 7.9 feet. The average for a giraffe's neck is about 6 feet long and about 200 lbs. Some giraffes' necks have grown to nearly 10 feet. Depending on the giraffe's heredity, parents, and some other weird stuff, a giraffe's neck is (MORE)

How did the giraffe get its long neck?

Contrary to popular belief current research shows that giraffes do not have long necks to reach food, rather they are used as "clubs" when competing with other males to mate with females. Giraffes with bigger, longer, stronger necks usually win and therfore get to mate passing on their genes to the (MORE)

How did giraffes get long necks?

Through evolution.\nThe whole theory of evolution was first based on the giraffe's neck. Darwin say the giraffe, and asked himself the same you just asked me. He realized that all of the food that the giraffe ate came from high up in the trees. So from that observation, he inferred that the giraffes (MORE)

Why giraffe have long neck?

So they can reach food that has been eaten by animals with shorter necks. If all the plant eating animals had short necks, eventually all the low growing plants would be eaten and many of the short neck animals would starve to death. Since the giraffe has a long neck, it can reach food that grows hi (MORE)

How do long neck turtles mate?

Long neck turtles mate the same as every other turtles. There might be one or two differences but the do the same thing.

What is the reason of giraffe's long neck?

a giraffes neck is long because once the giraffes all had small necks, but then they ran out of food , and they couldn't reach the trees and branches, a mutation in the genes occured and that giraffe had a long neck, it was able to reach the leaves and survive to reproduce It's Darwins theory

How long have flamingos been on earth?

According to the Smithsonian Institution's National Zoo, fossils of flamingos most similar to modern day forms have been identified to 30 million years ago. Fossils of more primitive species have been identified to be an estimated 50 million years old. See the link below for more information.

Why do horses have long necks?

So they reach food, that is not eaten by animals with a shorter neck. It's an adaptation where an animal with a longer neck is more likely to survive and produce offspring than a animal with a shorter neck. Survival of the fitness.

Why flamingos have a long neck?

Flamingos have a long neck in order to reach food from deep watersources. Food is then filtered in the mouth with the use of theirbristle tongue.

Why do flamingos have long thin legs?

Flamingos have long thin legs so they can see over vast stretchesof land. This helps them stay alert of potential predators.Flamingos also depend on their long legs to keep their bodiesupright or to bend. This allows them to easily catch prey witheither their feet or bills.

What has a long neck?

A giraffe has a long neck; so does a goose as well as certain waterfowl. There's also a long neck beer bottle.

Why do giraffes have long necks?

Answer . The short answer is that one way or another, having a long neckbecame an advantage for survival. . Beyond that, opinions differ. The old theory stated that thelong necks allowed giraffes to eat leaves out of reach from otheranimals. Less competition about food can be a survivaladvantage. (MORE)

Why do a giraffe have a long neck?

Giraffes have long necks because they have to reach the leaves that the tops of the trees in Africa. If they didn't have long necks, then they wouldn't be able to eat! :(

How long is a soprano ukulele neck?

The neck is going to be about 6-8 inches, with about 4 inch head and about 8 to 10 inch body. The soprano is typically about 20 inches total.

What is the Smallest Long-Necked Dinosaur?

Some of the smallest known sauropods (long necked dinosaurs)belonged to the genus Magyarosaurus. When fully grown, they were amere 6 meters in length, which is very small by sauropod standards.They lived in what is now Romania near the end of the Cretaceousand are thought to be an example of "insula (MORE)

How long does a flamingo sit on its eggs?

Greater Flamingos usually incubate their eggs for 26-30 days(average about 28 days) between laying and hatching. The otherflamingo species (there are 6 species of flamingo in the world) aresimilar. (I used to work at a zoo as a flamingo keeper/breeder).

Why giraffe has long and slender neck?

Giraffes have long slender necks so that they can reach the freshest leaves that are very high up in the trees. No other animals can get to these leaves.

How long do flamingo lives?

The Greater Flamingo usually lives around the age of 60, if healthy. The oldest living flamingo was 77 years old.

How long is a concert ukulele neck?

The neck is going to be about 8 to 10 inches, with about 4 inch head and about 8 to 10 inch body. The soprano is typically about 22 inches total. The most important measurement is that from bridge to nut, which is 15 inches.

How giraffes developed such long necks?

Giraffes have adapted to environments where a main food source is leaves of trees. In areas where trees are far taller, the taller giraffes are able to eat and reproduce mor successfully and carry on the gene for greater height, this has continued, giving giraffes long necks which allow the consumpt (MORE)

Which animal long neck?

One animal with a long neck is the giraffe. The neck of a giraffeis usually up to 2 meters (6 feet 7 inches), which is taller thanthe height of the average human.

How did the long neck dinasor survive?

The Brachiosaurus survived in the Jurassic period by its long neck being able to reach vegetation up high in the trees. However recent discovery has led scientist to believe that the Brachiosaurus has been assembled wrong and that it may actually have a short neck,that has not been validated yet.

Why does giraffes have long neck?

Because there was an evolutionary advantage to having a long neckthat enabled the animal to browse foliage that was out of the reachof other herbivores.

Why is your neck so long?

"Why is your neck so long?" is from Phineas and Ferb. A kid thatCandace, Phineas and Ferb's sister is reading to asks in an episode

Is neck a long vowel word?

No, there is no long vowel sound. The E has a short E sound (eh) asin net and check. A long E would sound like "neek" (second syllable of unique ).