How many days are in a hamster year?

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Did you know tht wen a Hamster is One It is 50 years Old. x and wen it is two it is 100 x Soo.....x I am sorry to say this but......x Your hamster ain't guna live very Long :L x Sorry x :) x <3
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How many years do hamsters live?

most live about 2-3 years, but dwarf hamsters only live about a year what! i have a dwarf it cant live up to about one year my hamster still looks healthy and doesnt look li

How many times a day do you feed a hamsters?

Just leave a bowl of hamster food and add a little more each day and at the end of each week throw out the remains of the hamster food and wash the food bowl then put some mor

How many babies does your hamsters have in a year?

Unless it was pregnant to begin with, if you keep it alone, or if it is male, it will have none. When i had them one had between 18 and 24 in a year though. We quickly learned
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What day of the year is hamster day?

Hamster day isn't an actual day; it is slang. According to Urban Dictionary, "[Hamster Day is] a day where you just keep going round and round like a hamster on a wheel.
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How many days for a hamster to give birth?

The gestation period or pregnancy can vary between species, ranging from from 16 days for the Syrian hamster, up to to 30 days for the dwarf hamster.
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Can hamsters store food for many days?

Yes, when hamsters lived in the wild (which some still do), they hoard their cheek pouches with food, and then they can keep it there for however long they want without it rot
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How many year a hamsters live?

Their lifespan is usually 2-3 years. Sometimes they can live longer than that, depending on how well they are taken care of.