How many drops of water in one gallon?

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120 drops = 5mL
1 gallon = 3785 mL

  • 90840 Drops in 1 Gallon

If a faucet dripped once a second how many gallons of water would it waste?

It would waste 347 Gallons of water a year!

1 year ~ 31,536,000 seconds
24 drops in 1 mL
1 gallon/3785 mL X (1 mL/24 drops) X (1 drop/ 1 s) X (31,536,000 s/ 1 year) = 347.1598415 gallons / year
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How many drops of water are in a gallon?

According to the U.S.G.S. the average size of water droplet from a bathroom or kitchen faucet is about 1/4 of a milliliter (or CC), or 4,000 drops per liter; and about 0.0169

How many drops of oil does it take to pollute a gallon of water?

A standard measure of oil pollution in water is 10 ppm (10 parts oil per 1,000,000 parts water). As a gallon of water weights 10 lbs (Imperial gal) or 8 lb (US) gal) the weigh

How many gallons of water is one ton?

An Imperial Gallon of pure water weighs 10 Pounds. There are 2240 pound in an imperial Ton (note the spelling). (Tonne is metric) Therefore answer is 2240 divided by 10 = 224
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How many gallons in a drop of water?

I take it you mean "how many drops of water in a gallon"?:)) . +== . Then define the volume of a "drop"! :-)
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How many particles in one drop of water?

Assuming that by one drop, you mean one millilitre, the process becomes quite simple: . There is one gram in one millilitre (or 1cm 3 ) of water. . The M r of water is 18