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The Earth only has one moon, or natural satellite. It is usually called "the Moon" or by its Latin name Luna (from which the adjective lunar is derived).

Other objects identified as "moons" are actually co-orbiting asteroids or quasi-satellites, which follow orbital paths around the Sun, not the Earth. These include the asteroid 3753 Cruitne and 5 other small bodies:
(54509) 2000 PH5,
(85770) 1998 UP1
2002 AA29
2003 YN107

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Other speculative moons were reported by astronomers in the 19th century:

Lilith, one of the Waltemath's moons which were suggested in 1898 by Georg Waltemath of Hamburg. Supposedly these small moons were difficult to observe because they were "dark" and could rarely be seen. One other astronomer claimed to have seen one in 1918, and named it Lilith. But they were likely optical illusions.
Petit's moon was a fallacious report in 1846 by Frederic Petit of Toulouse. The data from his observations indicated that the perigee of the moon would have only been about 11.7 kilometers (37,000 feet) above Earth - about where airliners fly.
Earth has only one moon.
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How many miles is it from earth to the moon?

The average distance from the Earth to the Moon is 238,857 miles,about thirty times the diameter of the Earth. Earth's diameter is about 8,000 miles. Earth's circumference is about 25,000miles. Earth's distance from the moon is 1 second (in light years).

How many hours from earth to the moon?

only a few if you tried to jump to it off of a very bouncy trampoline it would take uy about five minutes.. but if u really wanted to be technicle 333.5678 years. in a space ship.

How many moons can fit in the earth?

Lots of articles say you can fit 49 or 30 whatever moons in earthbut this is not true because the moon is 24.2% the size of earth soabout 4 moons. Lots of science shows like the universe on history channel say 4moons can fit in earth. But the Earth is much denser so about 45 moons would equal the massof the earth. EDIT: The diameter of the moon is approximately 24.2% the diameterof Earth, but this does not necessarily mean that the volumes arein this ratio. Therefore, you cannot conclude that there are about4 moons. If no volume was left unused, approximately 49 moons could fit intothe Earth (this is not possible in reality as there would have tobe empty space to be able to fit the moons into the Earth. So theactual amount of moons that could fit into the Earth is going to bea little less than 49 moons (36 according to some sources).

How many inches from earth to the moon?

The distance to the Moon is about 384,000 km or 384 million meters. To convert that to inches, remember that 1 inch = 0.0254 meters, so you can divide by this last number.

How many moons orbit Earth?

There is only one natural satellite in orbit of the Earth: the Moon (also known as Luna ). (see the related question for more on other possible "moons")

How many moons in earth?

The earth has one moon which circulates the planet regularly on a moonthly basis. Also, the are many people on the earth with the surname Moon.

How many LEGO from earth to moon?

I'll let you figure out the equation: Two Lego blocks make an inch. The moon is roughly 250,000 miles from the Earth. There are 5,280 feet in a mile, and 12 inches in a foot, so... 2 blocks x 12 inches x 5,280 feet x 250,000 miles = your answer

How many moons fit inside earth?

The moons volume (our moon) is 2% of the earth volume, so if you could break it up into small chunks, you could fit it into earths volume 50 times. If you say that you cant break up the moon, and just fit whole moons into the earth with spaces, then you're looking at a lot less.

How many moons can fit inside earth?

(This answer assumes that a moon is a moon the size of Earth'smoon) The volume of Earth is about 49 times bigger than the moon,so Earth has enough space for 49 moons if there were no spacebetween the moons. If both Earth and the moons are assumed to be perfect spheres(which they aren't quite), then about 36 moons would fit insideEarth, since there is no way to put all the moons inside Earthwithout there being space in between them. Hello my name is shaedra martin and my way of answering yourquestion is simply easy. the moon can fit into earth 4 times.

How many days is the moon from the earth?

Answer: It depends entirely how fast you travel. If say you travel at 60 km/h, it will take 5807.5 hours to get there. If you travel at the speed of light, it will virtually be instantaneous, where as if you don't move at all, you'll never get there.. Answer: Generally, its a 3 day drive if you go non-stop, but if you stop at a motel, it can take 4-5 days. Maybe even 6 days depending on how often the kids have to go pee.. Answer: It depends if you actually want to get there or not. If you're content with just seeing it, you may as well wait for a clear night, when it is plainly visible in the sky

How many days from the earth to the moon?

The Apollo spacecraft took three days to go from the Earth to the Moon. If we could build a spacecraft that could accelerate continuously at one gravity, we could get to the Moon in an hour. But at the moment, we have no idea how to build a spacecraft like that.

How many earths away is the moon?

Roughly 30 earth diameters (or approx 60 earth radius). The Greeks figured this out around 400 BCE, by timing earth's shadow as it passed across the moon during a lunar eclipse, in comparision to the lunar month.

How many moons and satellites does earth have?

Earth has one natural satellite - the moon. However, there are more than 7000 man made satellites orbiting Earth all the time. Every once in a while you can see some of them after sunset or before sunrise. Go to and put in your coordinates. It'll let you know when you can see them and how bright they will be.

How many LEGO men from earth to moon?

It would take about 41 trillion 910 billion (41,910,000,000) Lego men. 1 Lego man is 1.1 centimeters there are 2.54 centimeters in one inch, and its about 15 billion inches from earth to the moon.

How many orbits will the moon have made of the earth?

The age of the Moon is approximately 4.5 billion years old. So that's 1.64358989 × 10 12 days. The Moon takes 27.321582 days to orbit the Earth. So the Moon has orbited the Earth about 60 billion times (60,157,200,634)

How many moons are on the earth?

In the sense of "astronomical satellites", there are no moons on Earth, and one locked to it in a gravitational orbit at a distance of about a quarter-million miles.

How many earths make a moon?

This question is really blurry. It could be three questions in one. Here are quick answers to all three: Regarding the apparent visual 'size' of the earth and moon: If you were way out somewhere, say on Venus or Mars, looking out at the earth and moon in your night sky, the earth would appear to be a disk about 3.7 times as 'wide' as the disk of the moon. Regarding the volumes of the two bodies, i.e. how much space each one occupies: The volume of the sphere of the earth is about 49.5 times the volume of the sphere of the moon. That means if each one were a metal shell like a globe, and the moon shell was full of water, you'd have to pour that one into the earth shell 49.5 times in order to fill up the earth shell. Regarding the masses of the two bodies, i.e. how much rock and other stuff each one is made of: The mass of the earth is about 82 times the mass of the moon. That means that if you put them on opposite sides of an enormous see-saw, in a kiddie park on the surface of some even-more-enormous planet, you'd have to put 82 moons on one end of the see-saw in order to balance one earth on the other end.

How many moons circle earth?

The planet Earth has precisely one natural satellite, the moon, also known as luna. It also has numerous artificial satellites that human beings have placed into orbit. None of them qualify as moons. only one

How many days does it take from the moon to earth?

The Moon is from 356 to 406 thousand kilometers from Earth. Thetime to travel between them depends on the propulsion system used.Using the smallest craft, the smallest amount of fuel and theminimum number of people, it took three days to get from the Moonto Earth in the 1970s. But using powerful electric rail-guns,sending back only industrial products to low Earth orbit would bedone in under 2 days. Laser light from the moon takes less than twoseconds to travel to Earth. (More or less depending on where theMoon is.)

Earth is how many times the diameter of the moon?

Earth and Moon to Scale. 1 pixel = 600 kilometers. The average distance between Earth and Moon is approximately 30 times Earth's diameter. moon is also much much smaller than many other planets. .

How many from the earth to the moon?

The question makes no sense whatsoever. But if you're referring to distance: The distance between the Earth and the moon varies between 363,104 km at its perigee (closest to Earth) and 405,696 km at its apogee (farthest from Earth). Although, every year the moon floats about 4cm further away from Earth.

How many moons does earth have and what are their name?

The earth has one single moon, and its name is "Luna", but most people refer to it simply as "the moon". Notice that if there were more than one, it wouldn't be possible to speak of "the moon" at all, because someone would always ask "Which one ?" . The official International Astronomical Union name for the Earth's moon is (in English) "the Moon". In other languages it's called "la Lune," "der Mond," or something that translates back into English as "the Moon." Since scientific terminology uses a lot of Latin and Greek roots, you'll see terms resembling the words "Luna" or "Selene" because those are the Latin and Greek forms respectively for the goddess of the Moon in their mythology. Examples: lunar orbit, selenography (just like geography, except on the Moon). You may have heard some nonsense about "Earth's second moon" being 3753 Cruithne. It is not a moon at all; it's more like an asteroid. However, it has approximately the same orbital period as Earth does.

How many nickels from earth to the moon?

Assuming US and not Canadian nickels (0.01 difference) Taking the average distance from the Earth to the Moon, you could reach the Moon from Earth with 18,123,479,491 nickels or just over 18 billion.

How many lightyears away is the moon from earth?

Much less than a light-year. A light-year is the distance light travels in a year; from the Moon, the light takes only a bit more than a second. The Moon is at an average distance of about 380,000 km. A light-year is about 9,500,000,000,000 km. If you divide the first number by the second, you'll get the number of light-years as a decimal.

How many moons did the earth have?

As far as anybody knows, the earth has always had one moon. If it ever had any more than that, it happened so long ago that it's been forgotten. ----------------------------- Another moon has recently beend discovered. Being so far away that noone can see it though....

How many earths can fit into the moon?

The Earth is larger than the moon, and therefore only a fraction(1/50) of the Earth would theoretically "fit" inside the space ofthe moon. Therefore, 50 moons could fit inside the Earth.

Why are there sooo many craters on the moon and not on earth?

A meteorite shower is a good example of why this is. Those bright lights are caused when small space rocks burn up in Earth's atmosphere. On the moon, there is no atmosphere, so all the rocks that impact it leave a mark. Also, if a meteorite hits Earth, its size has been severely shrunk from burning in the atmosphere, so they leave smaller craters here. Thus on the moon, the craters are both more numerous and larger. Short answer: the atmosphere on Earth burns the rocks up.

How many lightyears is the moon from the earth?

The moon is about 0.0000000406 light years away from earth. Clearly, the moon is MUCH too close (238,000 or 239,000 miles or so) for the distance to be rendered meaningfully in light years.

How many moons day earth have?

I am not sure what you mean, but here are the answers to some questions lexically close to what you asked: 1) How many moons does Earth have? One, Luna, but there is evidence that there was once more than one, but they crashed into each other and combined into our current moon. 2) How many Earth days does it take for the Moon to revolve around the Earth? About 27.5 Earth days. This is also about the same amount of time it takes the Moon to rotate on its axis, which is why we only see one side of the moon.

Why do Earth does not have as many as moon?

That is a hard question to answer. Many researchers have tried to determine why the Earth even has a moon. Much is known about how moons form, the effects moons have on their host planets, and much more. As to why we don't have more or less moons, cannot really be answered. You would have had to watch the solar system evolve to answer that.

How many moons equal earth?

The Earth has: * About 4 times the Moon's diameter. * About 50 times the Moon's volume. * About 81 times the Moon's mass.