How many socks does a person lose in a lifetime?

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Well, let's say this hypothetical person will live to be 80 years old. 80 years is about 4174 weeks. Assuming this person does laundry every 2 weeks, (their mom did their laundry for them every 2 weeks until the age of 20) that equals to 2087 washed loads in their lifetime. Assuming again, that this person loses 1 sock in the wash, on average, every third time, that equals to about 695 socks lost. Now in addition to that, this person loses socks to regular wear and tear. Let's say that they throw away an additional 5 pairs per year, because they have holes in them, or the elastic is stretched out. That would add up to 10 individual socks per year, so 800 in their lifetime. Add that to the socks lost forever to evil laundry leprechauns and you get the total of 1495. Of course each person is an individual and this number will vary greatly, but this is a pretty good estimation.
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