How many yards will you have to swim to equal 1.2 miles?

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2112 yards=1.2 miles 1760= 1 mile -peace
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How many swimming laps is equal to walking a mile?

As a lifelong swimmer, I've always thought of running to equal approximately 1/4 the workout of swimming, distance and time wise. A decent swimmer can swim 100 yards in about a minute at a sprint and a decent runner can sprint about 400 yards in about a minute. One mile is 1600 meters which equals 6 (MORE)

How many lengths must you swim in a 25 yard pool to swim one mile?

in a swim meet a mile is considered 1650yds and that is 66 lengths.. Actually 1650 meters ~ 1 mile, not 1650 yards.. There are 5280 feet in a mile, and 3 feet in a yard. 5280/3 = 1760 yards per mile.. 25 yards per length, then 1760/25 = 70.4 lengths per mile.. So in a 25 meter pool 66 legths = 1 (MORE)

8 miles equals how many yards?

1 mile is equal to 5280 feet. There are 3 feet in a yard, so thereare 1760 yards per mile. In 8 miles then, there are 14080 yards.

How many swimming laps equals 200 yards?

well the answer for this qustion depends on wether you're swimming long course or short course. if you're swimming long course 200 yards would be 4 laps. if you're swimming short course 200 yards would be 8 laps

How many yards in a swimming mile?

The same amount in a regular mile, that is 1760 yards. In competitive swimming, the race commonly known as the mile is the 1650. This is because the event was created based on 50 meter pools. 1 mile is equal to 1609 meters or 1760 yards. Thus "the mile" is actually 90 yards short of an actual mil (MORE)

1.2 miles equals how many laps?

The standard outdoor track is 400m long, a quarter mile. Five laps is 1.25 miles.. I think what the person was looking for was how many laps in a pool:. Most pools are 25m, if it is an olympic pool 50m:. 1.2 miles = 1600*1.2 = 1920m. So for 25m pool: 76.8 laps and for 50m pool: 38.4 laps

1 mile equal how many yards?

There are 5280 feet are in a mile. So, that means you have to divide 5280 by 3 because 3 feet are in a yard. So, 5280 feet divided by 3 feet (1 yard) equals 1760 yards in a mile. Your answer is 1760 yards.

.5 miles equals how many yards?

Answer \n. \nThere are 880 yards in 0.5 miles. \n. \n0.5 miles x 1,760 yards/1 mile = 880 yards\n. \n1 mile = 1,760 yards

7 miles equals how many yards?

Answer \n. \nThere are 12,320 yards in 7 miles.\n. \n7 miles x 1760 yards/1 mile = 12,320 yards\n. \n1 mile = 1760 yards

How many feet equals 1.2 miles?

One mile is equal to 1760 yards. There are 3 feet in one yard, therefore 1760 yards is equal to 1760 x 3 = 5280 feet. 1.2 miles is equal to 1.2 x 5280 = 6336 feet.

If 440 yards are equal to how many miles?

There are 1760 yards in one mile. Therefore, 440 yards are equal to 440 / 1760, or two eighths of a mile. There is a measurement, most commonly used in horse racing, equivalent to one eighth of a mile, called a furlong, and so two eighths of a mile is equal to two furlongs.

How many swimming laps equal 440 yards?

If this helps, each lap ( there and back is 50 meters ). 440 yards is 402.336 meters. 402.336 divided by 50 is 8.04 laps. 440 yards = 8.04 laps. ( there and back ) Hope this helps! :D

How many yards is it to equal 36 miles?

There are 1760 yards in one mile. Therefore to get amount of yards in miles, value of miles has to be multiplied by amount of yards in one mile: 36 miles = [miles] * 1760 = 36 * 1760 = 63360 yards