How much carbon dioxide is released when burning a liter of petrol?

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Burning one litre of Petrol releases 2.36 kg of CO2 (under the 'perfect' fuel/air mixture). I know this sounds unreasonable when one litre of petrol weighs around 0.75 kg, but the majority (over 70%) of the CO2 weight is made up of the oxygen which is consumed from the air and does not originate from the petrol. Scary huh!
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Does carbon dioxide burn?

Carbon dioxide is a non-flammable gas. It is the product of combustion itself. Liquid CO2 can be combined with Hydrogen in a pressurized reactor to produce Carbon, Oxygen, and Water. 2H+CO2 = C+O+H2O. This happens when CO2 is sequestered underground. The CO2 combines with H in the rocks and this re (MORE)

How much carbon dioxide is released when burning a kilo of coal?

Burning one kilo of carbon releases about 3.6 kilos of carbon dioxide. Carbon has an atomic weight of 12. Oxygen has an atomic weight of 16. The oxidation of carbon results in carbon dioxide, atomic weight 44. So 44/12 is 3.667. There are other things in coal besides pure carbon, slight impuritie (MORE)

Why does magnesium burn in carbon dioxide?

Magnesium burns in carbon dioxide because, when heated, the oxygen in the carbon dioxide is able to bond with magnesium and produce an oxide. Carbon, or soot is formed as a resulting by-product. 2Mg + CO 2 ----> 2MgO + C

How much carbon dioxide does a car release in one drive?

It would depend on 3 huge variables:. 1 - The type of vehicle (luxury sedan, compact, unleaded, diesel, etc). 2 - The distance driven and type of terrain (hills, traffic, etc). 3 - How the person drove the car (aggressively, moderately, conservatively). Without knowing these variables, there can (MORE)

How much carbon dioxide is released during the cutting of a tree?

The only carbon dioxide released by simply cutting the tree is that which is produced by the energy required to cut the tree: the human breathing out carbon dioxide as he swings an axe or uses a saw, the carbon dioxide emitted by a chainsaw's combustion engine, or the carbon dioxide emitted by loggi (MORE)

How do you get rid of carbon dioxide burns?

The only "carbon dioxide burns" I am familiar with are those from handling dry ice. As such they are equivalent to "frostbite", i.e. they are a result of freezing tissue. They should be treated like frostbite. Very mild "burns" can be treated by gently warming the affected area and then bandaging it (MORE)

When 16 grams of methane are burned in 64 grams of oxygen 44 grams of carbon dioxide is released. How much water in grams is produced?

First you need to write a balanced chemical equation. You are given that methane is burned, meaning a combustion reaction in which carbon dioxide and water are released. Unbalanced: CH 4 + O 2 ---> CO 2 + H 2 O Balanced: CH 4 + 2O 2 ---> CO 2 + 2H 2 O Givens: 16.0 grams CH 4 (Molecul (MORE)

When ethane C2H6 burns it produces carbon dioxide and water How many liters of carbon dioxide will be produced when 269 L of ethane are burned?

Why don't you do your own school assignment? Just take the Carbon part of ethane. We will ignore the Hydrogen that turns to water. When carbon burns, it will produce carbon dioxide. If one molecule contains two carbon atoms, that molecule will burn to produce two molecules of carbon dioxide. Now, yo (MORE)

How much carbon dioxide is emitted when paper is burned?

The amount of carbon dioxide given off when burning paper varies with the amount of paper being incinerated, and will also depend to a lesser extent on the type of paper.. Paper is usually made primarily of wood pulp, which is high in cellulose, but the lignin content can vary broadly. We can also (MORE)

Does natural gas release carbon dioxide when burned?

Yes, it does. Natural gas is methane, a fossil fuel greenhouse gas 21 times more powerful than carbon dioxide. So when it escapes into the atmosphere it is very damaging. And when it is burnt it emits carbon dioxide, another greenhouse gas.

Does burning fossil fuels release carbon dioxide?

Yes. Fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas contain carbon that has been sequestered underground for millions of years. Burning these fuels release additional carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, increasing the atmospheric concentration and creating an enhanced greenhouse effect.

Which gases are released by the burning of petrol?

Motor fuels are primarily made of carbon and hydrogen so a primary pollutant would be carbon dioxide. The water exhausted is not generally seen as a pollutant. However a certain small percentage is exhausted unburned in its original form or cracked and reformed by the heat of the combustion process. (MORE)

How much carbon dioxide released by coal power plants?

About 7 billion tons of coal is presently mined each year. While some of this is used to make coke for steel blast furnaces, most of it ends up being burned in coal power plants. Coal is carbon twelve, but during oxidation it combines with diatomic oxygen (O16) to form CO2. In other words, one ton o (MORE)

Can carbon dioxide burn humans?

Carbon dioxide cannot burn anything, unless of course when it is extremely hot. if anything, carbon dioxide will prevent you burning, for example if you are on fire, because it removes some heat and stops oxygen getting to the fuel.

How does burning trees effects carbon dioxide?

Burning trees not only creates more carbon dioxide because of the smoke released from the burning, but also because trees help remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. They take in CO2 and release oxygen. The less trees there are, the more CO2 in our atmosphere.

How much carbon dioxide does 1 liter of gasoline produce?

Each liter of gasoline produces 1.7 kg (3.7 lbs) of CO2. There are about 509 liters per kg of CO2, or 865 liters emitted by one liter of fuel. Gas occupies much greater volume than liquid. Burning gas, however, combines it with atmospheric oxygen, increasing the volume more yet.

How much carbon dioxide is released into the air by industry?

I have found simple statistics for people (each person releases about 800 lbs of CO2 in a year) and automobiles (about 11,000 - 17,000 lbs of CO2 per year) but when I looked for simple numbers for coal burning power plants (which I suspect are major factors in CO2 production) I found an overwhelming (MORE)

How much carbon does burning propane release?

The formula for the combustion of propane is: C 2 H 6 + 5O 2 --> 2CO 2 + 3H 2 O So each mole of propane creates two moles of carbon dioxide. One mole of propane is 30 g, one mole of carbon dioxide is 44 g So each gram of propane creates (2x44)/30)= 2.93 g of carbon dioxide on combustion. (MORE)

How is carbon dioxide released from burning?

Carbon dioxide is released whenever a organism that was living decomposes. Whether by fire or through natural decomposition, the item will release carbon dioxide as it turns back into the basic elements that it was composed of.

How much carbon dioxide is released in to the atmosphere every day?

From nature: 100 gigatons per half year is roughly 0.5 gigatons (500,000,000 tons) a day! The other half of the year nature absorbs about that much, such that the net change is approximately zero. From man (burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) in industry, transport and the gene (MORE)

Why does the carbon dioxide released by burning biomass not result in global warming?

Biomass (burning of plant material) does release carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere, but it is CO2 that was recently taken out of the atmosphere (when the plants were growing) so it doesn't add extra CO2 or cause global warming. Burning biomass then is part of the natural carbon cycle which (MORE)

Does burning biomass release more carbon dioxide per ton burned than burning coal?

It doesn't phrased in that way. 1 ton of coal contains more carbonthan 1 ton of biomass by a large amount. Because of this it takesmore biomass to produce the same amount of power than a smalleramount of coal provides. This does not mean that biomass is worsefor the environment, as it will take mill (MORE)

Why does burning trash release carbon dioxide CO2?

Most things are made from carbon. More than half a tree is carbon;more than half of the human body is carbon. The same with trash. Burning, combustion, is a chemical change where one atom of carbon(C) combines with two atoms of oxygen (O 2 ) to makecarbon dioxide, (CO 2 ). It should be noted that (MORE)