How much does pine wood weigh?

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The density of pine varies significantly depending on the variety and the actual piece. values between 0,34 and 1,02 can be found from various sources.
A board 2 cm thick, 10 cm wide and 5 meters long could weigh anywhere from 3,4 to over 10 kilograms
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How much does a piece of wood weigh?

\n. \n Whatever it is... \n. \nA 'piece of wood' is very vague. It all depends on the size of the piece and what type of wood it is. Strictly, the weight is the volume of the piece multiplied by the density of the particular wood.\n. \n How to figure it out for yourself \n. \nWood floats in water therefore it weighs less than water. Water weighs about 80 pounds per cubic foot. If the wood is wet (freshly cut) it might be 20 to 25 percent water or about 20 pounds per cubic foot. If it is old and dry it might be 5 percent water or about 4 pounds per cubic foot. To this you need to add the weight of the dry wood itself.\n. \nThe weight of completely dry wood is related to the compactness of the cells which depends on the species of wood. "Softwoods"such as balsa or pine are relatively light (large cells with lots of empty space in between which is why they are "soft") while "hardwoods" like oak, walnut or ebony are relatively heavy (small cells packed closely togehter which makes them "hard"). Completely dry pine might weigh 10 pounds per cubic foot (this is a guess, not a fact) while completely dry walnut might weigh 30 to 40 pounds per cubic foot (another guess).\n. \nWood still floats even when completely wet so the total weight will always be less than the weight of the same volume of water.

How much does pine wood cost?

A 1x4 inch piece of pine wood costs about .58 cents per foot. Thismeans 12 feet of 1x4 would cost someone about $6.96 cents plustaxes.

How much does a cord of fire wood weigh?

A cord is defined as 128 cubic feet (3.62 m 3 ), corresponding to a woodpile 4 feet (122 cm) wide, 4 feet (1.2 m) high and 8 feet (244 cm) long. So the weight would depend on the type of wood. Cherry or apple would weigh several times what balsa would. Also, the pieces of wood are irregular in shape so you would not be able to weigh a "cord" of wood with precision. That is why "cord" is a term of measure not weight, just like inch, foot, yard, mile, square ft., etc. ----- A cord of wood, dried and stacked well, will vary in weight from about 2000 to 4000 pounds. Clearly, softwoods, such as pine, will weigh on the lighter side and hardwoods on the heavier. If the wood is not dried, it is likely to weigh from 3000 to 5500 pounds, but different woods contain different amounts of water, so it is a little harder to predict without knowing the specifics. There is a good web page with information about this, run by the University of Nebraska, at the link below. It provides a good deal of information, including weight of a cord, by species, dried and not.

How much does balsa wood weigh?

Different varieties of balsa and different parts of the same tree have different densities. Values between 0,12 and 0,36 can be found from various sources. (Weight) Mass = Density * Volume Just like silver or chopped liver, you can get a bundle of balsa wood that weighs as much or as little as you want.

How much does a cubic foot of hickory wood weigh?

Per the table provided on page 61 of the 2009 Sherrill Tree master catalogue, green (wet) Shagbark Hickory weighs 64 pounds per cubic foot. Note that other than Live Oak (74 lbs/cu ft) and California Black Oak (66 lbs/cu ft) Shagbark Hickory is the heaviest species of all the hardwoods compiled in the aforementioned table.

How much does a 2x4x10 piece of wood weigh?

Depends on the wood. Here is a link to a web site with specific weights for different materials ( If you by 2x4x10 mean 2 inch x 4 inch x 10 feet that would be 960 cubic inches. 1 cubic feet is 12 inch x 12 inch x 12 inch = 1728 cubic inch So 960 cubic inch is 0.555 cubic feet Ex From web site: Aspen wood= 26 lb/cubic foot 26 lb x0.555 = 14.43 lb If you mean 2 * 4 * 10 cm that makes 80 cm 3 which would weigh in the following woods (density in parentheses): Balsa (0,12 - 0.38): 10g - 30g Maple (0.60) 48g Ebony (1.25) 100g Aspen (0.40) 32g Oak (0.8) 64 g Pine (0.35 - 0,67) 28 g - 54 g The densities above are for dry wood (12% humidity by weight)

How much does a solid core wood door weigh?

aproximatley 5 pounds. has to be more than 5 pounds -- 50 more like it -- depends on type of rating. It was probably 5 lbs/sq. ft. see the following site:

How much does wood flooring weigh?

The weight of an actual wood flooring will depend on the wood specie being installed. A loose grain wood will be lighter in weight than a tight grain. Most exotic hardwood floorings, such as Brazillian Cherry and Ipe are heavier in weight, compared to flooring harvest in the North American regions like Oak and Maple Flooring.

What is pine wood?

It is actually a mixture between the great southern oak species andthe atlantic polar bear species.The atlantic polar bear used toclimb this particular tree and therefore the name of the tree

What are the disadvantages of using pine wood?

Pine is a fast growing softwood so on the good side it can be easily sustained if monitored. However it can be difficult to shape, warps in humid conditions and dents and scratches easily.

Is pine wood good building wood?

Yes its very strong wood, cheap and easy to work (less tool wear). Open grain gives better grip for adhesives and it will readily absorb preservatives, stains and paints. A favourite material for pit-props (mine working roof supports). It creaks loudly a good time before failure; an early warning of impending collapse for the miners.

Is pine wood a hard wood?

No. Pine is not a hardwood. It should not be burned in a fireplace or wood stove because the flammable resins in the wood will build up in the chimney and could ignite causing a chimney fire.

How much force can a pine wood take?

Depends on the thickness and water content. If it is laminated it becomes much stronger as in plywood. There is test info on such things elsewhere,

How much does a 4x4 wood post weigh?

An exact answer to your question is difficult because there are many factors that must be taken into account, but we can guestimate an answer. Different types of wood have different densities. I believe that most of the posts sold in home improvement stores like Home Depot or Lowe's are Southern Yellow Pine or Cedar. You have to also take into account the moisture content of the wood. Most treated wood sold at home improvement stores is Grade 2 and, when green, has a moisture content of 17% to 20%. You can feel the heaviness and moisture in the wood when you pick up a fresh post. This moisture in the wood adds a lot of weight. And, of course, the length of the post makes a difference. For this example, we'll assume an 8' post. Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) has a density of 36 to 41 pounds per cubic foot with a 20% moisture content. Naturally, as the wood dries out and with low humidity, it will weigh less. We'll use an average of 38.5 pounds per cu.ft. Calculate the volume of wood. Actual (not nominal) size of the post is 3.5" x 3.5" x 96" = 1176 cubic inches. One cubic foot = 12" x 12" x 12" = 1728 cubic inches. Divide 1176 by 1728 = 0.6806 cubic feet. Calculate weight. 0.6806 cu.ft. x 38.5 pounds per cu.ft. = 26.20 pounds. So, a 8' 4x4 post made out of SYP with a moisture content of around 20% weighs somewhere in the neighborhood of 26 pounds. HTH.

Maple wood and pine wood difference?

There are various types of maple and pine each with its own characteristics but the main difference in characteristics is that maple is hard and fine grained whereas pine is relatively soft and coarse grained.. There is a list of various types of wood and their characteristics at `Properties and Uses of Woods' -

How much did Tiger Woods weigh when he started pro golf?

in one of his video with butch harmon, he talks about how much weight he has gained through out his career, and he said when he first started playing as pro, he weighed 158 lbs, but, he started weight training and now he weighs around 180 to 185 lbs.

How much does a cord of pinion wood weigh?

Not possible to give you an answer, since weight will vary greatly based on the size of the logs (big logs= big air spaces between them) and whether it is dry or green. Small green pinion may weigh 4500 lbs per cord, dry large unsplit wood 2500 lbs. This is why firewood is sold by volume (cord being 4'x4'x8') and not by weight.

How much does a hollow core wood door weigh?

It's usually pretty light. Doors vary in width and height, of course. But, most doors are roughly 80 inches tall. It's the width that usually varies from 24" to 36". Most hollow core doors are 28" to 32", and they weigh about 20-25 pounds, without the jamb (the wood frame around the door, which adds about 4-8 pounds depending on material composition. In other words, if you are able bodied, you can hang it yourself, and if it falls on you, unless it's the freakiest accident in the world, it's very hard to get hurt. Now, a solid core door, unless you are a pro, get an extra person to help you for safety and for expense reasons. A solid core, wooden door can weigh 80 pounds or much more depending on circumstances; and they are way too expensive, if wooden, glass etc., to risk damaging.

How much does a standard wood staircase weigh per sf?

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What elements are in pine wood?

Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Oxygen are the primary elements of all living things. The remaining small amounts of trace elements Fe, Mn, Zn, Mg etc. may vary.

Is pine wood good for the environment?

Pine trees? Yes I would say that generally they are good for the environment. Reagan famously said 'trees pollute more than cars do'. While this is, ofcourse political crazy spin, there are some truth in the trees do emit. Specifically, Isoprene was what Reagan was referring to but to claim that a natural cycle of pine emissions is the same as adding fossil carbon to an existing system is plainly lying. Also, pine offers products like wood and paper, habitat for animals and other plants, cleans the air and water we need for life... No question in my mind that pine is good for the environment.

How much does a cord of oak wood weigh?

Dried, a cord of oak can weigh 3500 to 4200 pounds, depending on the specific species. Green oak can weigh 4900 to 5600 pounds per cord. There is a source link below, providing information on cordwood by species.

Are pines hard wood or soft wood?

Trees that lose their leaves in winter are hardwoods, those that don't are softwoods. The density of the lumber has no bearing on the classification. Therefore pine are considered to be softwood.

How much does a 34 inch wood baseball bat weigh?

Drop = (weight of bat in oz) - (length of bat) . Wood bats have a natural drop of -3, so: . (-3) = (weight of bat in oz) - (34) . 31 oz = weight of a 34 inch wood bat. . In the MLB, that's the minimum weight of a bat. That's whycorked bats are illegal, because they weigh less and give a morenegative drop (which is an advantage).

What is the durability of pine wood?

Not very durable. Looks nice, makes for good lightweight-use furniture, molding, doors, etc., is light and easy to use. But not used for floors or table tops much anymore. It's too soft - gouges/dents easily. Very old floors were often made of thick pine boards and they sure have "character" after a lot of years.

Why is pine wood good for wood working?

As a softwood, it is easier to machine/cut/sand than hardwoods andcan look quite nice with just an application of clear finish(although it will darken in colour over time). Furniture made withpine has a rustic look if it contains knots and is often used forbedroom furniture. However, it is more susceptible to damage suchas denting or gouging than hardwoods are and usually requirespre-treatment to when staining in order to produce acceptableresults.

How much does a 2 x 12 x 10' pine board weigh?

Not enough information, it depends on which Pine you mean, Oregon, Parana, Canadian or Red. They can weigh between 370 and 600 Kgs per cubic meter. You need to state if the timber is seasoned and dry or not.

Can rabbits chew pine wood?

No. Aromatic softwoods, like cedar and pine, basically have toxic fumes (they release phenols, which can affect liver function). There is some evidence to suggest that heat-treated pine is safe, but most people suggesting avoiding it: better safe than sorry. Don't use these wood chips as litter or bedding, either. There are many natural materials that rabbits can safely chew and eat. Rabbits need a diet high in fibre to maintain healthy teeth and digestion. Hay should make up the most of a rabbit's diet, but other materials are good too, for example: . apple wood . willow wood . woven grass . etc. Always make sure the materials you give to your rabbit aren't treated with toxic substances (glues, paints, shellacs, etc).

What is pine wood is it softwood or hardwood?

Pine is a softwood. Almost all coniferous trees are softwoods. The actual hardness or density of the wood has little to do with the classification. - Generally if a tree is an angiosperm (bearing broad leaves and flowers) , then it's a hardwood. If it drops cones and needles it's a softwood.

How much does 1 square meter of wood weigh?

The question is impossible to answer for at least three reasons: 1. 1 square metre is a measure of area. The volume of wood requires its height as well. 2. Wood varies considerably in its density - from light woods such as balsa to dense ones such as ebony. 3. Weight depends on the force of gravity and that can vary from one point on the earth to another.

How much does a 1 x 6 wood plank weigh?

More information is needed. The plank has a length, width and height and you only gave 2 dimensions. Also we would need something like the density of the plank.

How much does composite wood weigh?

Depends very much on who makes it and for what purpose. From what I see in western Canada our medium composite wood weighs about 4 -5 pounds per board foot ( 12 x 12 x 1)