How much gasoline can be made from one barrel of crude oil?

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1 barrel of crude oil = 42 US gallons (159 liters or 35 imperial gallons). It produces from about 35 percent to 42 percent of gasoline or petrol, plus many other products such as kerosene, etc. More detail: The yield of gasoline from crude oil depends upon the quality of the crude oil ("Crude Type"), and the amount and type of processing at the refinery.
So called "light" crude yields usually more gasoline per barrel than "heavy" crude, for a given amount of refinery processing. That a crude is "sweet" refers to sulphur content, - sweet makes it low sulphur and sour high sulphur, and a "package" to remove sulphur is called a "Crude Sweetener". Producing gasoline involves two steps in the refinery, beside post-processing. First is the distillation of the gasoline stream from the crude, and then the refomation of this to "hike it up". The final refomation is to adjust to the actual "Octane" numbers and add ingredients to make it suited for cars - such as lead in old days, now various alcohols and glycol to achieve the same.

More extensive processing -- cracking, reformation, etc. -- can greatly improve yields, but of course, at the cost of the increased processing. Overall, refineries in the USA are yielding about 49% gasoline (20.5 gallons) from the mix of crudes they process (2004 data).
Actually, a barrel of oil is 42 gallons. When the barrel is processed, you may get something like 15 gallons of gasoline, 9 gal. of fuel oil (See Gasoil / D2), 10 gal. of jet fuel (Kerosene) and 4 gal of other "heavy" products such as lubricants, grease, asphalt / bitumene and plastics and 4 gallons of lighter condensates/naphtha.
In energy equivalents, 1 barrel=42 u.s. gallons of oil is estimated to be around 19.5 u.s. gallons of gas (natural gas).

Not disputing the answer at all, but if crude is now $80 per barrel, this should make gasoline nearly $1,90 per gallon, and this without refining and transport costs and assumes that the other cuts of the crude can be sold to the same price!

Depending on where you are the response varies. When oil is refined, there are number of products that will result from the refining process, including gas, diesel, and other products. Depending on the "feedstock" of the refinery and what production goals were in mind in constructing the refinery, the output of gasoline, diesel, and other products varies. For example, in the US, the refineries are aimed at maximum output of gasoline, so the crude types that are used produce about 2 liters of oil to process about 1 liter of gasoline. Change this, say use Canadian tar sand instead - and you will need 4 times the quantity of crude for the same amount of gasoline. In EU however, more crude types are used, and the gasoline cut differs, i.e. 1.5 to 3.0 liters. That a refinery process heavy crude will usually result in a good supply to the chemical industry of complex hydro-carbons that can be used to make e.g. Kevlar, resins for glue and fiberglass, and advance plastics. These plants will pay well for the chemicals, so operating a refinery is managing a complex equation. You may have a good agreement for producing the complex chemicals, there is a good market with a predicable price for gasoline, heating oil and jetfuel / kerosene - while the residue, huge amounts of bitumen or tar can only be sold at a low price as road and roof covering.
  In a barrel (42gal) of crude you need to divide it into separate parts. These parts are roughly:
  • Naphta and other condensates that are liquid. 2gal
  • Kerosene, where most is jet-fuel 4gal
  • Unleaded gasoline 20gal
  • Diesel fuel and heating/furnace oil 10gal
  • Engine oil .5gal
  • Gear oil .5gal
  • Grease .5gal
  • Tar/asphalt 1gal

So in a barrel of crude you can see that a small percentage actually becomes gasoline <45%.
The standard barrel of crude oil or other petroleum product (abbreviated BBL) is 42 US gallons (34.972 Imperial gallons or 158.987 L)- In short 158.987 litres of crude oil make 1 barrel. To the ISO system - the oil companies and surveyors use 7.3 BBL per MT, and 304 gallons (GLN) per MT - regardless of product and specific weight.

 COST:The cost of gasoline and how the fees are attached to each and every gallon depends on a multitude of factors. First, is the cost of buying crude which is fixed at market prices. The crude oil has a baseline price to account for research and development, surveying, and extraction costs. There is a little amount added for corporate profits as well. These prices may vary with the demand and availability which is influenced by stock market traders buying and selling futures. Second, is the refining and delivery costs, including the retailer at the pump. Third, is the taxes applied to each gallon to pay for road construction and repair/maintenance. Fourth, is added fees for environmental cleanup and waste product disposal.

So, that gallon of gas may cost $2.00 to make but taxes, fees, etc. could and drive the prices to $4.50 and up. Next time you're filling up, look at the pump. Posted are the taxes and fees that are added to each gallon of gas. It will make you wonder where all that money goes.
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How much does one gallon of crude oil weigh?

According to the NYMEX, light sweet crude (the grade of oil most commonly traded in the commodities markets due to its comparable low level of difficulty in gasoline distillation) has an API gravity of 34 degrees to 41 degrees for foreign delivery. The API gravity is a scale developed by the American Petroleum Institute. The formula is to calculate SG at 60 degrees F = 141.5 / (API gravity + 131.5) which translates to between 0.855 and 0.820 (per liter) A gallon is equivalent to 3.785 liters, so the answer is: Between 3.104 and 3.236 kg (7 lbs) per gallon of light sweet crude.

How much crude oil is refined into gasoline?

answer . A barrel of crude contains 42 gallons. Each barrel yields about 19.15 gallons of gasoline plus other petroleum-based products..

How much does a barrel of crude oil weigh?

24 tuns is completely wrong. Depending on the API of the oil (quality, density), it will be around 300 lb for light oil.

What products do you get out of a barrel of crude oil?

Every 42-gallon (159-liter) barrel of oil can be refined into . 19.4 gallons (73 liters) of gas, . 10.5 gallons (40 liters) of diesel, and . 4.1 gallons (16 liters) of jet fuel, not to mention lots of other marketable stuff. . Every 42-US-gallon barrel of crude provides a little more than 44 gallons of petroleum products. This is gained due to processing of crude. From one barrel we get (in gallons): . 7.27 gallons (27.5 liters): Other products (feedstocks for petrochemical plants, asphalt, bitumen, tar, etc.) . 1.72 gallons (6.5 liters): Liquefied Petroleum Gases (LPG) . 3.82 gallons (14.5 liters): Jet Fuel . 1.76 gallons (6.6 liters): Heavy Fuel Oil (Residual) . 1.75 gallons (6.6 liters): Other Distillates (Heating Oil) . 9.21 gallons (35 liters): Diesel . 19.15 gallons (72.5 liters): Gasoline From petrochemical feedstocks many everyday-life products are then obtained. Some examples are: . fertilizers for agriculture . plastic toys and gadgets (bags, computer cases, etc.) . bubble gums . car tires . perfumes . petroleum jelly . ammonia . washing liquids If I know correctly then, 1 Oil barrel = 42 US gallons which in turn = 158.9873 litres, which is approximately 159 litres. Answer On average 20 gallons of gas per barrel. See the California web site:'s in a barrel oil

How many gallons of Diesel fuel are made from a barrel of crude oil?

OIL-MAKES . Product . Gallons per barrel . gasoline . 19.5 . distillate fuel oil (Includes both home heating oil and diesel fuel) . 9.2 . kerosene-type jet fuel . 4.1 . residual fuel oil (Heavy oils used as fuels in industry, marine transportation and for electric power generation) . 2.3 . liquefied refinery gasses . 1.9 . still gas . 1.9 . coke . 1.8 . asphalt and road oil . 1.3 . petrochemical feedstocks . 1.2 . lubricants . 0.5 . kerosene . 0.2 . other . 0.3 . Figures are based on 1995 average yields for U.S. refineries. One barrel contains 42 gallons of crude oil. The total volume of products made is 2.2 gallons greater than the original 42 gallons of crude oil. This represents "processing gain." ... JR

What can be made out of 1 barrel crude oil?

Many things can be made out of crude oil including synthetic textiles, plastics, fertilizers, bubblegum(!) , car gasoline (car petrol), diesel, jet fuel, heating oil, tar for roads etc.

How many liters in a barrel of crude oil?

Since 1 barrel = exactly 42 American gallons, and 3.785431178 liters = 1 gallon, then 42 x 3.78 = 158.987 liters = 1 barrel

How much does 1 barrel of crude oil weigh?

Texas Crude Oil Density = 873 kg / cubic meter 1 cubic meter = 264.172 gallons 1 barrel of oil = 42 gallons 42 gallons * (1 cubic meter / 264.172 gallons) = .15898 cubic meters / barrel .15808 cubic meters / barrel * (873 kg /cubic meter) = 138.8 kg / barrel of oil

What is crude oil made from?

crude oil is the result of millions of years of forest foliage decomposing and filtering into the earth where it is trapped in chambers. The 2 elements that make up crude oil are hydrogen and carbon. The number of each in each strand varies depending on the strand, One of the longest strands in oil is plastic and one of the shortest is methane just to give some figures.

How much is one barrel of oil?

The price of oil fluctuates from day to day, and never has one setprice. However, as of June 9, 2014, the price of a barrel of crudeoil was 104.53 USD for WTD oil and 109.99 USD for Brent oil. TOCOMcrude oil was 66,520.00 JPY. These numbers will fluctuate regularlywith the market.

Things made from crude oil?

Oil is used in the manufacturing of a great number of itemsincluding tires, football cleats, and soap. Other items includeshampoo, golf balls, and paint.

How many gallons of gasoline come from a 55-gallon barrel of crude oil?

A barrel of crude oil is only 42 gallons, not 55 gallons. Each barrel of crude oil like WTI will typically produce: Gasoline - 20 to 30% Fuel Oil-diesel - 17 to 24% Jet Fuel / Kerosene- 8 to 12% Heavy Oils- Liquids - 10 - 14% Coke, Lubricants - 3 - 6% Naphta and lighter condensates - 2 to 10% So to answer your question: On average a barrel of WTI crude oil produces approximately 20 gallons of gas. An accurate answer requires knowledge of which crude you consider or at least the typical specification of the crude type. It varies a lot. Experiment: April 6, 2010 Crude oil $85 (current spot price) Gasoline $2.52 (Current price; Independence, ks) Price gasoline obtained from oil: $38.59 (45% of barrel is gasoline - Oil company pays) Price paid for 19 gallons of gas: $48.00 (What you pay) Difference :- $10.59 Difference per gallon : -$.56 per gallon (negative means your paying less then spot price. [We call this premium payment, but never mind - since 48 is MORE than 39]) Ok, so on average we are paying $.56 less than the spot price! In other words we are getting a hell of a deal in America on gasoline, thanks to capitalism! . Sorry - but this assumes that the refinery only produce gasoline. So, let us forget that they produce electricity, complex chemicals and also get paid to deliver this. Just consider that they get 20 glns (I would like to see the crude type that you buy at WTI - with a gasoline content of 45% - the typical price for API 40+ is WTI Platt + $15 per bbl). Current price 2.52 per gln * 20 gln = $50.40 The rest is on average traded on $90 per BBL - in total $54 per bbl (with a 5% profit - industry average) So the oil company gets $104/BBL , and makes a profit of $15 per BBL were the majority originates from the sale of the gasoline. This reflects the cost of logistics and keeping the petrol stations attendants at work. I can compare this with European refineries / petrol stations, where the operating margin is typically 5% of gross revenue. This makes the US price high, indicating lack of competition in a highly regulated market. So much appraisal for capitalism - you pay well above for your "hell of a deal" - giving the oil company a operating margin of 20%, to maintain your belief! In a competitive and open market, their margins are 5%... .

What are the parts of a barrel of crude oil?

The chemical elements are: Carbon 83-87 percent, Hydrogen 10-14 percent, Nitrogen 0.1-2 percent, Oxygen 0.1-1.5 percent, sulfur 0.5-6 percent, metals less than 0.1 percent. There is some variation in oil from different fields. Petroleum is a mixture of a very large number of different hydrocarbons. The alkanes are saturated hydrocarbons. From pentane (C5H12) to octane (C8H18) are used for gasoline(petrol) whilst the ones from nonane (C9H20) to hexadecane (C16H34) are used for kerosene and diesel fuel, from hexadecane up for heavy fuel oil and lubricating oil. There are also cycloalkanes and aromatic hydrocarbons. These different molecules are separated at the refinery by fractional distillation. See the Wikipedia entry for Petroleum for more information..

How much gasoline is produced from one barrel of oil?

One barrel (42 gallons) of crude oil, when refined, yields approximately 19.6 gallons of finished motor gasoline. The remainder of the barrel yields distillate fuel oil, residual fuel oil, jet fuel, and other products.

How much refind oil can be produce from one barrel crude oil?

It depends what you mean by refined oil. However, a 42 gallon of crude will yield -. Finished Motor Gasoline 51.4% Distillate Fuel Oil 15.3% Jet Fuel 12.3% Still Gas 5.4% Marketable Coke 5.0% Residual Fuel Oil 3.3% Liquefied Refinery Gas 2.8% Asphalt and Road Oil 1.7% Other Refined Products 1.5% Lubricants 0.9%

How many liters of gasoline are made from a 30 gallon barrel of oil?

Well, a standard barrel of crude oil is 42 gallons, not 30. Each 42-gallon barrel of crude oil produces about 74.2 liters of gasoline.

How much fuel can you derive from a barrell of crude oil?

From each 42-gallon barrel of crude oil, about 19.6 gallons of gasoline and 9.2 gallons of diesel fuel are refined.

Is ammonia made from crude oil?

No. Ammonia is not present in crude oil. It is synthesized byreacting nitrogen and hydrogen.

What are the products of one barrel of crude oil?

Ink . Crayons . Bubble gum . Dishwashing liquids . Deodorant . Eyeglasses . CDs and DVDs . Tires . Ammonia . Heart valves

Rate of crude oil increased 130rs.per barrel and quantity of crude oil in one barrel is?

About 42 gallons (US) or 159 liters.. 1.) The barrel is the name of several units of volume, generally in the range of about 100-200 L (26-52 US gallon).. 2.) Oil barrel : 42 US gallons, 158.9873 litres or 34.9723 Imperial (UK) gallons.. Note: . The standard oil barrel of 42 US gallons (159 L) is used in the United States as a measure of crude oil and other petroleum products. Elsewhere, oil is commonly measured in cubic metres (m 3 ) or in tonnes (t), with tonnes more often being used by European oil companies. International companies listed on American stock exchanges tend to convert their oil production volumes to barrels for global reporting purposes, and those listed on European exchanges tend to convert their production to tonnes.

What is the Ticker symbol for a barrel of crude oil?

the ticker symbol you are looking for oil for would be something like this: . CLQ09.NYM (that is for crude oil aug/09). . On the NY Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) you can see the quoted price of a barrel of oil for delivery in a future month. These prices are often different that the spot price and reflect the market's current expectation of future price changes. You're probably just interested in the number that is in the news each day which is best viewed at

What was the price of a barrel of crude oil in 1968?

The average per-barrel price in 1968 was $3.18 ( about $19.92 in 2010 dollars ).

What things are made from crude oil?

Crude oil is mixture of many compounds. Most of the compounds are composed of hydrogen and carbon, so they are called hydrocarbons. Oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur and various trace metals also can be found in crude oil. When there is significant concentrations of sulfur, the crude is considered sour crude. See links.

What products can be made from crude oil?

See the link below Pretty much any product that ends in -ine (gasoline), -ane (propane), or -ene (kerosene), along with diesel fuel and many plastics. These substances are referred to as petroleum distillates if you'd like to learn more. gasoline,airplane fuel,fibers for clothing,detergents,motor oil and other lubricants, asphalt for roads, and natural gas The refined products of crude oil are: 1)Petroleum gas. 2)Naphtha. 3)Kerosene oil. 3)Diesel Oil. 4)Lubricating oil. 5)Mobil oil. 6)Bitumen. 7)Petrol. The products of the refined products include; 1) Cosmetics. 2) Tires. 3) Plastics. 4) Paints. 5) Rubber (synthetic). 6) Glue. 7) Drugs. 8) Detergents. 9) Pesticides. 10) Petrol additives. We do not know who or what they are. You didn't say.

What was the cost of a barrel of crude oil in 2000?

Inflation-adjusted for 2010, about $34.45 per barrel . In 2000 dollars, about $27.39 per barrel

How many liters of crude oil are there in one barrel?

One Barrel of crude = 42 US gallons = approx 35 imperial gallons = approx 159 litres.

How many barrels of oil does it take to produce this much gasoline?

Currently, the United States consumes 19.6 million barrels per day, of oil, which is more than 25% of the world's total.. As a result, the U.S produces one fourth of the world's carbon emissions. Despite predictions that the U.S. will exhaust it's supply of oil in as little as forty years, the demand is on the increase, and is predicted to continue increasing, because of the ever increasing population. Increase in resource consumption is caused by three factors: population growth, new uses found for a resource, and increase in demand for a resource to increase living standards. The rate of consumption for oil is increasing at a rate of about 2% yearly

How much was a barrel of crude oil worth?

That was the month and year that a barrel of crude oil reached its highest level: $128.08 per barrel.

How many gallons is in a barrel of crude oil?

Each barrel contains 42 gallons of crude oil. Each barrel produces about 19.6 gallons of gasoline.

How much jp54 can be made from one barrel of crude oil?

Only about 15% of the crude oil is made into jp54 but the rest of it usually is made into other things such different types of plastics and such

What item is made from crude oil?

Plastic is the most obvious answer. Lots of things are made from plastic, and not all plastics are derived from oil, but apart from gasoline, it is the biggest by-product.

Are detergents made from crude oil?

Good question! Simple answer is: Yes for some detergents.. Detergents are formulations of many different chemicals, but they all require a "surface active" agent or surfactant to clean off oily grime that would not easily come off with just water alone.. Both petrochemical (from petroleum) or oleochemical (from animal and plants) surfactants are used in detergents. While oleochemicals can come from both animal and plants, surfactant chemicals are generally plant based.. One question raises another. Is it better to use only oleochemical based detergents based on plants, a renewable resource?. The answer is not at all clear, either from an environmental or energy conservation persective, as discussed in the attached link. One aspected pointed out in the second link- cold water detergent requires use of petrochemical surfactant, so there's a energy savings in terms of heating water.. I've included two links. Note that one link is prepared from Proctor and Gamble, a maker of many detergents, however I felt in this case, the discussion was presented in an unbiased manner. They conclude that a blend of both petrochemical and oleochemical surfactants can produce the best product for the consumer.. There are many related links on oleochemicals, petrochemicals and surfactant chemicals.

How much of the oil in a barrel of oil is actually used to make the 19.6 gallons of gasoline?

Actually, all 42 gallons of crude oil in a barrel is used to produce that amount of gasoline. Each 42-gallon barrel of oil produces about 19.6 gallons of gasoline.

How mayGallons of D2 from a Barrel of Crude oil?

This is the answer: One Barrel is 42 Gallons and in barrel there are ~ :

How much gasoline is made from a barrel of crude oil?

It varies alot. The minimum value is zero- as some crude oil are refined into other products. So, let's assume this is a crude that is economical to refine into gasoline. In this case , it can be as low as 2 gallons or as high as 23 gallons. (1 bbl = 42 gallons) Expressed as a percentage of the crude oil, this is 5 to 55%. (See attached links). The crude oil not refined as gasoline will be refined for other products. Common refined products from crude oil are provided in the related link, and will differ depending on the properties of the crude oil. It's very interesting that after refining, there will be more gallons of produced products than the original barrel of crude oil.

What percentage of a barrel of crude oil is used for gasoline?

The entire barrel is used and each barrel produces about 19.6 gallons of gasoline. Each barrel contains 42 gallons of crude oil.

How do you convert barrel of crude oil to barrel of refined oil?

After crude oil is removed from the ground, it is sent to a refinery by pipeline, ship, or barge. At a refinery, different parts of the crude oil are separated into usable petroleum products.

When gasoline was 39 cents gall how much was barrel of oil?

The average price for a gallon of regular gasoline was .39 cents in 1973. In that year, the average price for a barrel of crude oil was $4.75

How many liters of petrol is produced from one barrel of crude oil?

crude oil is unrefined oil, and it has to broken down & burned to separate it into what we know as petrol{gasoline/diesel}. one barrel is 55gallons of crude, a proximate guess of 150 to 200gallons of petrol.

How much money is a barrel of gasoline?

a barrel of gasolines price depends on how much you buy and what country your in, in most countries it will cost your three best sheep and a virgin daughter

How many gallons of gasoline out if 1 barrel of crude oil?

A little over 23 gallons of gasoline can be refined from a barrel of oil. Other products (jet fuel, lubricants, etc.) make up the rest. .

Is gasoline and crude oil the same?

No, crude oil is a complex mixture of hydrocarbons as they are found in the earth. Gasoline is one of the many products derived from crude oil through catalytic cracking, distillation and so on. It contains mostly heptane and octane.

How much does one barrel of gasoline cost?

Oil refinement can be confusing, because gasoline doesn't come in barrels. Crude oil is pumped out of the ground and used to make a plethora of products. Diesel fuel, gasoline, jet fuel, home heating oil are all made from the refinement of crude oil. One barrel of crude oil, when refined, produces about 19 gallons of gasoline.

How much profit in Canada is made from one barrel of oil?

it seems to me that the oil companies paid the people who can answer this question to keep their mouths closed so that nobody will know the true amount.

What is the ratio crude oil to refined gasoline?

A barrel of oil contains 42 gallons. After refining that will produce about 19.5 gallons of gasoline plus other products. So as you can see the ratio is about 2.15 gallons of oil to every 1 gallon of gasoline.

How much gasoline does a barrel hold?

Depends on the size of the barrel. An oil barrel holds 42 gallons. But a 55 gallon barrel holds 55 gallons. Gasoline is not stored in barrels in the first place, it is stored in tanks which vary in size.

How much other product in a barrel of crude oil except gasoline?

There is jet fuel, asphalt, petroleum gas, kerosene, heating oil, and lubricating oil. These are all set at different levels of the fractional distillation tower that is used to separate all these products from its original state as crude oil. Then they are tubed off to where they need to go.

How much crude oil to produce 9 gallons of gasoline?

It takes about 2.14 gallons of crude to get a gallon of gasoline. so 9 gallons would take 19.26 gallons of crude. 9*2.14=19.26

What was the price of a barrell of crude oil in 1985?

The barrel price of crude oil in 1985 by month was the following: January $24.26, February $23.64, March $23.89, April $24.19, May $24.18, June $24.07, July $24.04, August $23.99, September $23.96, October $24.10, November $24.27, December $24.51. The average price of a barrel of crude oil was $26.66

How much gallons of oil is there in one barrel?

There are 42 gallons of crude oil per barrel and that makes about19 gallons of gas.