How much water can a cacti hold?

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How much water can a penny hold?

It depends on what you used to put the water on the penny and how far your holding the tool in the air away from the penny

How much water can cacti hold?

Each Cactus holds alot of water the body is made out of %90. So if your using ten cacti you'll have (90x10) which is %900 water out of all of them. .

How much should you water a cactis?

Whenever the soil dries out completely it is safe to water your cacti. If you water them to much then they can develop root rot which will kill them.

When do you water a cacti?

It is best to let your cacti soil dry out all the way before watering, this way you will not risk the cacti getting root rot. If cacti are not allowed to dry out in between ea

How much water do cacti need?

Depends on the cacti, but not much because their bodies store the water. They're prickly because they need to protect their bodies because animals would try to break them open
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How much water can a clouds hold?

The clouds are rain. all the clouds are is water vapor(thats a fancy name for microscopic water) the water is so SMALL in the clouds it is too light to fall. then when it is h
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How much water does a clay hold?

Window screen sifted dry clayey soil in Houston, TX that has been fully water saturated and then allowed to drip until no water will drip out of it, will be approximately 37%