How much water can a cone that has a radius of 8centimeters and a height of 10centimeters hold?

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A cone that has a radius of 8 centimeters and a height of 10 centimeters can hold: 670.2 cubic cm of water.
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How do you find the radius of a cone if you have the height and slant height?

A cone is a solid composed of a circle and its interior ( base ), a given point not on the plane of the circle ( vertex ) and all the segments from the point to the circle. A right cone is a cone where the vertex is directly above the centre of the base. If you are talking about a right cone th (MORE)

How do you find radius of cone when given volume and height?

The volume of a cone is 1/3 pi times the radius squared times the height. When given the volume and height divide both sides by the height. Volume divided by height is equal to 1/3 times pi times the radius squared. Now divide both sides by 1/3 pi. This will leave you with the radius squared. Take t (MORE)

What is the volume of a cone with radius 3 and height 19?

First, you will multiply the height (19) by Pi. (approximately 59.6902604165) Now, you will square the radius (3) to get 9. Then, you multiply 59.6902604165 by 9 to get approximately 537.2123437485. Then, you divide this by 3 to get the volume, which gives you approximately 179.0707812495units 3 (MORE)

How do you find the radius of a cone only knowing slant height?

If you cut the cone in half then drop a line from the point down to the centre of the base, you can then find the radius, which is the the base of one of the triangles you now have. You need to know one of the angles though, then work out the radius through trigonometry.

What is the slant height of a cone with a radius of 7 and a altitude of 19?

If you visualize the cone by cutting it vertically (with a plane perpendicular to the base), you can construct a right triangle to represent the radius, altitude, and slant height. This triangle has legs of 7 (the radius) and 19 (the altitude). Its hypotenuse represents the slant height. We can then (MORE)

What is the height of the inverted cone if volume is 900000cm and radius is 97.72?

It is not possible to answer this question with the information provided. The volume cannot be 900000 cm since volume is a cubic measure, which suggests that the volume is likely to be 900000 cm 3 instead. But it is not possible to be certain. There are no units for the radius. It is not possible (MORE)