How much water can you use during enemas?

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as much as u want as long as u don't blow urself up like a balloon when it starts to feel full and not gonna fit anymore then stop and that's pretty much it
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What can you use an enema for?

Enemas are usually used for cleaning out of the colon. Some common benefits which enema provides are the removal of any content present in our colon which causes illness. T

Tap water enema?

Tap water enema utilizes hypotonic solution to promote defecation when the patient lies in a left Sims' position unless contraindicated. During an enema, the solution passe

Can you use enemas in early pregnancy?

enemas should be used in any stage of pregnancy. Ask your OBGYN to prescribe a gentle laxative or ask how to improve your diet in fibre. Its perfectly natural for this to happ

Will a salt water enema kill you?

No a salt water enema will not kill you. A proper flush involves 1 quart of lukewarm water, and two heaping tablespoons of unionized Sea Salt. You drink the whole mix as

How much weight do you loose with an enema?

Technically none. Your colon is multiple feet long, and generally contains fecal material. A large enough enema can empty that out partly or completely, but once you've eaten

Can you use a weekly enema?

Weekly is right on the border of a little too often. If you always use an enema to achieve a movement, you'll come to rely on them.
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Who uses enemas?

Lot's of people use them either b4 major surgery, for daily health reasons, before anal play, some use it for sexual as well,