How much water could an aqueduct carry?

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An Aqueduct could carry about 1,000,000 gallons of water
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How much water can a camel carry?

About 900lbs . (That's about 100 gallons) -My camels drank up to 130 liters at the most. This water gets stored in the blood stream (diluting the blood) after (just after they drink it) being stored in the stomach lining for about 24 hours.

What aqueduct bring water to Los Angeles?

Answer . Most of Los Angeles water came from the Serra Nevada via the Los Angeles Aquedect. The other major aqueducts are the California Aqueduct and the Colorado River Aqueduct.

What is an aqueduct?

An aqueduct is a structure that carries water through Rome andGreece. It leads pipes to houses to sinks to water fountains andanything that has water coming out with a button. Aqueducts were large water pipes which were used to transport water to where it was needed. An aqueduct is a manmade bridge (MORE)

How much salt could saturate water?

I assume you mean sodium chloride salt (NaCl). In that case, you would refer to the solubility of sodium chloride in water which is 35.7 grams per 100 mL of water at 0� C. However, this amount will be increased to approximately 39 g/100mL if the water is brought to boiling. If the solution is p (MORE)

How much water volume does a 1.75 inch hose carry per foot of hose?

Volume of a cylinder = r 2 x 3.1416 x L where r = radius of cylinder and L = length. For a 1.5 inch diameter hose 1 foot long, the volume is (.75) 2 x 3.1416 x 12 = 21.2 in 3 Volume in gallons is 21.3 in 3 / 231 in 3 /gallon = .0918 gallons Volume in ounces is .0918 x 128 oz/gal = 11.75 o (MORE)

What does an aqueduct carry?

An Aqueduct was originally designed by the Egyptians, Harappans and nearly perfected shortly after by the Romans to convey __ water__ from a source to a convenient or more viable storage location. Carry's water

What does an aqueduct do?

Humans always need water. For themselves, for drinking andcleaning. For their animals, for growing plants. If there aren'tgood sources nearby, water has to be moved in somehow, and this canbe done with an aqueduct. Before the invention of water pipes andpumps, the only way to move water was by letti (MORE)

How much water do astronauts carry into space?

Answer . The shuttle astronauts carry some of the water needed for themselves and also deliver water to the International Space Station. Over a year 2200 liters are transported at a cost of $US11000 per liter. The ISS also has a Russian built device that processes the humidity in the air and cond (MORE)

How much did the California Aqueduct cost to build?

The Edmund G. Brown California Aqueduct is the state's largest and longest water transport system, stretching 444 miles from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta in the north to Lake Perris in Southern California. The aqueduct and associated channels supply water for about one million acres of farmland. (MORE)

How much water does a 3 inch hose carry per foot?

\nPipe Diameter = 3 Inches = .25 Ft\n. \nArea of Circle = Pi X D X D / 4 - where D is Diameter and Pi is 3.14159\n. \nVolume of Pipe = Length X Area = or= 1 Foot X Area\n. \nVolume = [1 Ft] X [ Pi X .25 X .25 ] / 4\n. \nVolume = 0.049087 Ft3\n. \nIf the 3-inch Pipe flows at 1 Foot (MORE)

About how much water could fill a ping-pong ball?

The volume of sphere = (4/3)*pi*r 3 where r is the radius. The diameter of a ping pong ball is 40 mm or 1.5478 in. the radius is 20 mm. r 3 is 8000 mm 3 The volume is 33510 mm 3 or or 33.51 cc or 2.045 in 3

If you drink too much water could your bellybutton pop out?

It might not pop out but if you drink a lot your stomach will get very big,you can even die from drinking to much water!just the other day on the news i heard a girl was dared to drink 2 gallons of water! It was sad to hear that girl died

Who could go to the Roman aqueducts?

An aqueduct was not something a person "went to"; it was a water moving system. Loosely you could consider the people who used the water as those who went to an aqueduct. These would be farmers who needed water for irrigation or wealthy city dwellers who wanted running water in their homes. However (MORE)

If an animal cell take in too much water how could it be a disadvantage to the animal cell?

An animal cell does not take in too much of water per se. This is because the animal cell tries to maintain a definite molarity of constituents in its cytoplasm for proper cellular functioning. Porers in the cell membrane that depend on ATPs for working, close up, stopping absorption of water. (MORE)

How are Roman aqueducts different from todays water systems?

There is one main difference between the ancient aqueducts and our water systems is that the water from the aqueducts went directly to the people (or to a holding tank, as in Pompeii) Our water is piped like an aqueduct, but it goes through a filtration system to rid it of pollutants and harmful bac (MORE)

How much water can a Chinook helikopter carry?

A Chinook CH-47D can carry approximately 26,000 pounds. A British gallon of water (4.5 litres) weighs 10 pounds, so allowing for the carrying vessel, the answer is about 2000 to 2200 gallons

How much water does a 3 inch pipe carry per foot?

To calculate the capacity of a pipe you need to first calculate the area and volume. So assuming your pipe has an inside dimension (ID) of 3 inches, you would use the following equation. πR 2 = area πR 2 xH = volume π=3.1416 Using inches as our unit R (radius) = half the diameter = (MORE)

How much could a b-52 bomber carry?

B-52 carries on HSABs (each HSAB= 2000 lbs). External Load=18 Bombs Total = 45 Bombs. The B-52H will carry about 76,000 pounds of armaments and 310,000 pounds of fuel.

How many gallons of water were transported to Rome on a daily basis via their aqueduct system?

There is little consensus on the exact amount of water that flowed continuously in the nine+ two aqueducts from the Tiber river to Rome. The lowest was estimated at 85063 gallons per day to a high of 266978.35 gallons a day. Recent estimates put it at 158503.23 -176995 gallons with supply of 58.50 (MORE)

How much weight could you lose for exchanging water for cokes?

It depends how many cokes you normally drink in a day, and whether you drink high octane coke or the diet varieties - whatever the answers to those questions are, drinking water instead of coke likely to improve your health even if weight loss doesn't happen - and your teeth will thank you for it to (MORE)

Was the Roman aqueducts water clean?

Yes, the aqueducts carried fresh clean water into the areas where it was needed. The city of Rome still uses the ancient system today (in part). Yes, the aqueducts carried fresh clean water into the areas where it was needed. The city of Rome still uses the ancient system today (in part). Yes, the (MORE)

How much water volume does a 2.79mm hose carry per foot of hose?

Volume of a cylinder = (pi) x (radius) 2 x (length) Radius = half of the diameter = 1.395 mm 1 foot = 304.8 mm Volume = (pi) x (1.395) 2 x (304.8) = 1,863.43 cubic millimeters per foot. That's about 2,031 feet of hose to hold 1 gallon of fluid ... 2.79mm is anawfully skinny hose.

Did water from roman aqueducts go to a treatment plant before the city?

No. Even tough the Romans were advanced in the handling of water, they did not have the technology for a water treatment plant such as we have today. Judging from the interpretation of some remains at Pompeii, the extra water was held in a large storage tank and released when needed. Incidentally, t (MORE)

What an aqueduct?

An aqueduct carries water. It is a "water" duct. CA has a large one to move water from Northern CA to Southern Ca. The Romans were the first to build them.

How big was Titanic and how much luggage could she carry?

The RMS Titanic was 882 feet, 6 inches long, and had a height of175 feet. The ship held 26,800 cubic feet for the sole purpose ofmail storage. First and second-class passengers had a space of19,455 cubic feet for baggage, and there was also additional spacefor extra luggage. It carried about 900 ton (MORE)

How did water flow in the aqueducts?

Aqueducts brought water from the sources on the mountains to the towns. Water was channeled down the valleys by a system of siphons. Water was channelled down steep valleys with a system of inverted siphons. The water conduits led to a tank which passed the water into pipes which took it lower dow (MORE)

How did the Romans ensure that the water from the aqueducts reached the city?

The Romans did not ensure that the water fromthe aqueducts reached the city. The water did not come from theaqueducts. It came from the sources on the mountains. The aqueductswere what made the water reach the city. They were water conduitswhich carried the water. An incline was what made the water (MORE)

Why was the dirty water of the aqueducts poured into the streets?

The water of the aqueducts was clean, not dirty. Aqueducts suppliedthe towns with fresh water they carried from the sources on themountains. This water was also used for drinking. What was pouredwas the water of the baths, and it was poured in the sewers, notthe streets. It was done to refresh the w (MORE)

Why were aqueducts built to bring water to Rome?

So they would have plenty of fresh unpolluted water in majorcities. Only mountain spring water could be depended on to beunpolluted as raw sewage was dumped by cities directly into anynearby river or lake (making them stink).