How was Louisiana made?

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The land that is the state of Louisiana includes the delta of the Mississippi River, which also overflowed its banks to build up the lowlands. Northern Louisiana is located above bedrock and may have existed since the formation of the North American continent.
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When was the Louisiana Purchase made?

April 30, 1803. was the date that the purchase treaty was signed byAmerican and French negotiators. October 30, 1803 was the day theSenate ratified the treaty. The US took pos

What states were made from the Louisiana purchase?

The Louisiana Purchase included land in the following areas: . Arkansas . Missouri . Iowa . Oklahoma . Kansas . Nebraska, parts of Minnesota that where west of the Miss
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What objections were made to the Louisiana purchase?

Jefferson who favored a strict interpretation of the Constitution was concerned that he did not have the authority to add new territory to the US. Also there was the problem o
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Who was The Louisiana Purchase made by?

Thomas Jefferson, without Senate approval. When reminded that the Senate was responsible for ratification of any treaty negotiated by the President, Jefferson was quoted as sa