IF my upstairs condo is untouched by a flood but the building's ground floor is damaged so badly that the entire building is unlivable would my flood insurance protect me?

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Let's first review what a condo is. A condominium is an arrangement in which you own your own living space outright (your condo apartment), and you share joint ownership (with all the other condo owners) of the common spaces. There will be (at least) two insurance policies in effect: (1) the condo association policy, which covers (at least) the common areas, and (2) your own personal policy, which covers the contents of your condo apartment, and depending upon your coverage, may also cover the internal structural elements (walls, floors, ceilings, fixtures, countertops, etc.) of your specific condo unit.

Since there is no damage to your condo unit, your personal condo insurance will probably not apply, even if you have flood insurance. So, the answer to your question depends upon what type of policy your condo association holds. You should therefore ask your condo association.
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Why would your bathroom shower begin to flood everytime you use your upstairs shower or sink?

The shower drain and waste lines on up to the other fixtures located above need to be clear so that water will flow. Just downhill of the shower drain there is probably a blockage in the waste pipe. The blockage could cause slow draining. If it is completely blocked, the shower pan will not drain ba (MORE)

How to Sue city for flood damage?

The best way to maintain a residence or business is through floodinsurance. You can sue the city for flood damages, but remember,that cities have a lot more money than you do. The best way to suethe city is through a class action lawsuit.

What type of damage can you expect from a building affected by a flood?

expect rotten studs (down low, unless you rip off the drywall and dry everything out quickly). Expect possible mold issues, drywall damage, possible electrical issues if the water was deep enough. Expect to replace the carpets and any hardwood floors that did not get dried fast enough.

What would cause the floor on the passenger side of our Camry to flood?

We experienced this. The air conditioning condensate drain line may back up and cause water to run into the passenger compartment. If you pull back the carpet on the passenger side up front, you can access the condensate line. Take the tubing apart and blow compressed air through it. It happened to (MORE)

What would cause the floor in the front and rear of our car to flood?

Unless it's something extraordinary, a leak in the heater core is about all that could cause it. It may be that condensate from the AC core is draining inside the cab, but that is unlikely. If it's a heater core leak, the fluid on the floor will be engine coolant, and if you have anti-freeze in it, (MORE)

What damage can floods cause?

Some of the damages that the floods can cause is the destruction oflive and property. Floods can also cause the displacement of peopleespecially people living in the lowlands or plains.

What kind of damages do floods cause?

Floods cause lots of damages there can be so much water thatyour house might collapse. Fields and livestock can be damaged tosome extent. Your road connection can also be cut off from the restof the country

Who is liable if a pipe breaks in my neighbors condo and floods my condo?

Depending on the state (location) of the condominium, and depending on the governing documents, you can determine who owns the responsibility. There is a responsibility to repair and perhaps a separate responsibility to pay for the repair. Read your governing documents, your master insurance poli (MORE)

What damage do floods do?

They can cause mold and mildew , nasty smells and musty odors , and rising energy costs . If it is a big flood then it will cause Serious Damage . Some houses even collapse . Teknoliz

Does landlords liability insurance cover damage to your property when building floods due to landlord negligence?

You must review the actual policy, but in most cases the landlords liability insurance only covers their property and NOT your personal property. You should probably get your own policy through travelers insurance for liability, and persaonal property. Make sure it includes flood/water damage as thi (MORE)

I am renovating my condo unit on the 5th floor. I broke open a water pipe causing it to flood down to the lower units. Am i responsible or would the damage be coverd by the building condo insurance.?

Since you caused the damage, your HO-6 condominium unit owner's insurance may cover the cost of repair. However, your insurance company and the insurance company that carries the master policy will work through all the details. If you carry no owner's insurance, you may be liable for the master po (MORE)

Can a condo homeowner be charged a fee to obtain a master condo association flood certificate of insurance?

Depending on the source of the certificate, it may be that there are expenses related to producing it. The management company may have a set fee for all copies, scans and so forth. The insurance company may have already provided a copy to the association, and your request is for a duplicate copy. (MORE)

How to treat flood damage?

allot of paper towel. But really, you will probably have to replace your drywall and furniture if it was really bad. Oh,, and wood floors or carpet. whatever got wet.

Why floods can make damage?

when their are floods it can damage things because when the waters high it can tear up books, make electrocution stop working and even kill people by drowning.

Is Flood damage to movable property is insurable?

Technically, it all depends on whether your insurance covers the kind of damage sustained by your car. If your insurance policy covers flood damage, then you can easily claim from the Insurance company. If you read your policy carefully, it will reflect whether or not the movable property is insured (MORE)

How many times has Queensland flooded this badly?

The floods of 2011 are undoubtedly the worst and most widespread floods in Queensland's recorded history. It has never flooded with the same level of destruction as badly as the January 2011 floods. Whilst river levels have been higher in previous floods, the amount of devastation has been less beca (MORE)

What are protection measures for buildings against floods?

The most effective measures for prevention against inundation are: 1. to avoid residing on river banks and slopes on river sides and the sides of gorges. 2. to build at least 250 meters away from the sea coast/river banks 3. to build proper drainage system in all flood prone areas, so that the water (MORE)

How can you make sure that mold does not grow after a building has flood damage?

After a building is damaged from a flood it is critical to increase the air flow into the effected area and make sure it dries out completely. It is also important to frequently vacuum the effected area to remove mold spores. If you want a larger building seen to after any substantial flooding - e (MORE)

If you live in a townhouse who is responsible for insuring against flood damage?

For townhouses, you should make sure your homeowners association carries appropriate federal flood insurance which protects you and you neighbors from rising water from a stream, river, ocean or canal. If a flood in your house is caused by sewer backup or a broken pipes, you need to make sure your p (MORE)

How does flood water damage house?

Flood water damage can be a costly problem. Not only can water damage affect the structural integrity of your home and ruin your flooring, subfloor, walls, insulation, doors, wiring, etc., but if not dealt with very quickly, you can develop a mold issue, which is an even more costly problem. Flood w (MORE)

Who can get flood insurance?

Anyone. You don't have to own the property in order to get flood insurance. The waiting period for flood insurance is 30 days, unless theinsurance coverage is required from your bank.

What damage is done by flood?

Water supplies -Contamination of water Clean drinking water becomes scarce. . Diseases - Unhygienic conditions. Spread of water borne dieases . Crops and food supplies - Shortage of food crops can be caused due to loss of entire harvest. However, lowlands near rivers depend upon river silt d (MORE)

Will Atlas insurance cover flood damage?

Yes Atlas insurance does cover flood damage. They also secure food insurance that you may need and also provide you with insurance to replace your assets which were damaged in the flood.

What kinds of damage do floods they cause?

they can damage a lot or a little depending on how big the flood is. Some are big enough to bring down houses and some are so small they cant knock down a pop can. Some cause people to evacuate their homes or even their cities.

What is irreplaceable if there is a flood or water damage?

There are many irreplaceable items that can be lost during a floor due to water damage. Often if left for a while water damage can ruin anything. Photographs from weddings or baby books are often irreplaceable. Personal items such as wedding rings or mementoes from a first date could be swept away i (MORE)

How do buildings flood?

Unless you live in a submarine, you live in a building that will admit water, if the water level outside the building rises above the level of the floor. Buildings are designed to shed rain, but they are not designed to keep out floods (although in some areas, you find buildings on stilts, to raise (MORE)