If you weigh 50kgs how many pounds do you weigh?

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110 pounds, just multiply the weight of kgs by 0.45 and you will get it in pounds
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If you weighed 50kg on earth what would you weigh on mars?

If your mass is 50 kg, then you weigh about 18 pounds on the moon, about 39.6 pounds on Mars, about 110 pounds on earth, and exactly zero while you're coasting through space

How much does 50kg weigh on Mars?

All you need to know to answer this question is the acceleration due to gravity on Mars, which is 3.71 m/s. Plugging that number into the equation F = m*g m , where F is the f

If you weighed 50kg on earth how much will you weigh on mars?

Kilogram is a unit of mass. If your mass is fifty kilograms then you weigh 490 Newtons or 110 lbs. Mars has roughly 3/5 earth gravity. Thus there you would weigh 294 newtons o

Im 11 and you weigh 50kg is that normal?

It all depends on you height. Say you are quite tall for your age then, yes that is the correct weight. But at that age I put on a lot of weight as i was going through puberty

What will a 50kgs on earth weigh in zero gravity?

If you had a 50kg weight on Earth, it would weigh ~zero on thespace station. It would still have a mass of 50kg--meaning it woulddifficult to move, and hurt very bad if it wum