Is Heterochromia dominant?

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What do people who have heterochromia do on their driver's license?

Heterochromia and driver's license... Hello, as a person with sectoral heterochromia iridius, I just put the dominant color (brown). Most people don't notice anyway. Some lic

What is Heterochromia?

Answer . Heterochromia is a condition where one eye's iris is a different color than the other eye's iris or one part of an eye's iris is a different color than the rest o

Exactly how rare is central heterochromia?

I would have to completely disagree as well. Central Heterochromia is so common it's not even funny. I have Sectoral (or partial) heterochromia and i have yet to see anyones e

How do you get heterochromia?

you are born with heterochromia. my left eye is blue with gold around the pupil.the top of my right eye is blue and the bottom of it is great uncle had hectochromia.

What causes sectoral heterochromia?

It can be hereditary or it Can be caused from eye injury or disease you might want to consult a doctor he can tell you if it is diseased u might want to see one soon in case i

Is heterochromia bad?

The condition is usually obtained by birth, all it is is a different eye color. Nothing dangerous or harmful.

Is Heterochromia a disease?

No, it's not; some people have it genetically inherited. It can be a \nsign of too many toxins in the body, is sometimes caused by injuries in \nthe brain, tumors, certain eye

Can wolves have heterochromia?

Yes wolves can have heterochromia whether through genetics or health problems such as eye injury, inflammation, use of certain eyedrops, tumors, etc. The same also applies to

Is heterochromia rare?

Complete Heterochromia is rare in humans, but it is common in animals such as dogs and cats.
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Can Heterochromia be passed on to children?

Heterochromia is a genetic mutation that cannot be passed down to children. It occurs as a defect in meiosis, and it produces an extra gene for eye colour. Alas, there is a gr
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How people get's heterochromia?

People usually are born with it, but under certain circumstances you can get Heterochromia by a eye damage, tumor or inner bleeding .