Is Jupiter all Gas?

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Technically no. Jupiter is made mostly of hydrogen and helium, substances we generally think of as gasses, but the extreme pressure inside the planet render those substances into more unusual states of matter. Going deeper into Jupiter, the hydrogen transitions from a gas, to a supercritical fluid, to a liquid-like metallic state. Jupiter may also have a solid core of rock and metal.
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Why is Jupiter a gas planet?

Jupiter is a gas planet. it has no solid surface. Instead, the planet has a small, rocky core surrounding by immense layers of gas. Jupiter is gas because its mostly made out

How is Jupiter is a gas Giants?

Most planets are actually composed of rocks and minerals, but Jupiter is actually just a large ball of gas. It is not hard, and a person could not walk on its surface.

What was the gas Jupiter have?

Jupiter is mostly made up of hydrogen of 90%and 10% of helium and small fraction amount of ammonia , sulfur , methane , and water vapor .