Is Star Wars a real galaxy?

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No, it is not a 'real' galaxy, merely one that exists inside the movie world. It is based upon Science Fiction, and you will not be able to travel to it.
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Where is the Star Wars galaxy?

The 'Star Wars' galaxy is part of science-fiction. It does notexist in the real world, so you will not be able to actually placea location of it. But, if you are refering to

How do you register for Star Wars galaxies?

I too have SWG and i have to complete online adventures. First you buy your first stage of your game in a store and then the go home install it check the price how much to pay

Which Star Wars galaxies servers?

West Coast Servers . Ahazi Bria Corbantis Flurry Intrepid Kettemoor Naritus Scylla Sunrunner Valcyn . East Coast Servers . Bloodfin Chilastra Ec

How do you get a ship in Star Wars Galaxies?

The first step is going to the trainer for the faction that you align yourself with. I do not know where the Freelance or Imperial trainers are, but the Rebel trainer (Command

Is Star Wars galaxies singleplayer?

Depends. If your asking if two players can be on the same computer, than no, Only one person can be on that computer at a given time. However, if you asking about the game

Did the rebels have the galaxy on Star Wars?

After Return of the Jedi (ROTJ), the Rebellion did not have complete control of the galaxy. Even though The Death Star II and the Executor were destroyed, there were still tho
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Could the Star Wars galaxy be real?

Unfortunately, no. The Star Wars universe is fictional, so thoseexact people and that storyline can't exist in our reality. That's not to say, though, that we couldn't develop
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What is the Star Wars galaxy name?

The galaxy portrayed in the Star Wars universe is simply dubbed " The galaxy ". The Essential Atlas refers to it as " Skyriver ", however, as no other text has used this n