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Is Tupac dead?

Yes, Tupac is dead. He was killed on September 7, 1996 from gunshot wounds in Las Vegas.

Who was Tupac Shakur?

Tupac Tupac is one of the greatest rappers of all time. Not the typical rapper, he didn't just rap about money and drugs and wanting to kill someone. He rapped about real black issues, especially things people in the hood could relate to. A very intelligent, inspirational man. More Back in the d (MORE)

Who is tupac?

Tupac Amaru Shakur(his full name)a.k.a 2pac or Makavelli was a famous and well-respected rapper in the 90's.His early life he grew up with his mother and siblings in california.At the time he was a teenager he began rapping with his friends,but as he got more well known he went solo.Given the knowle (MORE)

Where was Tupac shot?

november, 1994 shooting lobby of Quad Recording Studios in Manhattan September 1996 shooting Las Vegas, The strip

Where is Tupac from?

he is from Baltimore, Maryland i luv u so much lesane parish crooks a.k.a tupac amaru shakur!!!!!

Was Tupac in a gang?

2pac was neither crip or blood he was affiliated with the pirus only becuz of suge knight but he wasnt actually a gang banger

Did tupac have kids?

if he did have kids then they'r with him in cuba. type in blac haze on youtube, listen to the lyrics carefully, 2pacs alive. he said whatever he says in his songs r a prophecy, he said how he was gona get shot then go to jail. he said "expect me to come back like jesus, expect me" plus on the dead b (MORE)

Where was Tupac Shakur from?

Tupac was born in Brooklyn, New York and was raised in Baltimore, Maryland and raised in Marin City, CA Los Angeles, CA and resided in Oakland, California before his death. Tupac Amaru Shakur was born on the East Harlem section of Manhattan in New York City.

Who was Tupac?

Tupac Amaru Shakur (1971-1996) was an American rapper.the best rapper of all Tupac Amuru Shakur was a well known and well respected gangster rapper

Is Tupac in bloods gang?

Pirus 'Bloods' he was not in it but he was associated with them because Death Row records had many blood gang member and associates Suge Knight wore Blood colors but denied gang association who knows. His death surely was gang related

Where is Tupac now?

well, he died apparently on the year 1997 so needless to say hes probably in his other life now if u believe in karma

Who the is tupac?

Tupac was one of the greatest rappers of all time, he was murdered & was killed 1996

Was Tupac crip?

he said he wasnt a gangster but he was on the Westside which usually means bloods live there, so he probably had to go along with being one of them or else he'd be killed, which actually happened but that's another story you need to start answering questions after you grow some hair on your ___. (MORE)

Did tupac have a autopsy?

Supposibly But The "autopsy" Picture Is Missing The Makaveli Tatoo On His Neck. YES, Tupac was autopsied. In the USA, nearly all homicide cases are autopsied.

Why was Tupac murdered?

tupac amuru shakur was fataly shot because of a southside crip Orlando Anderson aka baby lane was attending the mgm grand where there was fight night starring mike Tyson and suge knight owner of death row records went to PAC and they went to the mgm grand lobby and beat Orlando Anderson up and they (MORE)

Is tupac black?

Black is a shade... And tupac is more brown then black ... but i know that not what you wanted to hear... Yes he a of African descent..... .

Why Tupac Dead?

one idiot tries to speak, one tries to answer.....morons.....FAIL. Tupac was shot dead for his gang involvement. Stay in school, kids.

What happen to Tupac?

i think tupac is alive that what i belive in my heart i love him and his music chaged the world and also biggie and thank both for chaging hip-hop

Why was tupac famous?

his lyrics changed the world and changed the course of rap history for ever he was a ghetto child from rags to riches,His life ended with him being gunned down muh conspiracy surrounds his death read more on tupac 7 day theory

How did Tupac get famous?

working with digital underground (old rap group) as a dancer or hype man. they heard him rap and put him on a few tracks and from there he blew up .

Tupac was a crip?

He wasn't in a gang, he just hung around Bloods, who were highly affiliated with Death Row (his record label).

Is Tupac the best?

Yes TUPAC was the best. rest in peace TUPAC he is the most greatest or best rapper of all or forever

Who was tupacs dad?

Billie Garland ( I think he was on Americas top 10 most wanted list lol but I'm not sure)

Was Tupac a blood or a crip?

Although Tupac was not actually a part of any Bloods gang he was in direct affiliation with them, and Death Row, who was also affiliated with the Bloods. He however did not have any problems with Crips, and commonly did songs with them, including Ice-T and Snoop Dogg.

When was Tupac killed?

On September 7, 1996, Tupac was shot four times in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada. On September 13, 1996, six days after the shooting, Tupac died of respiratory failure and cardiac arrest at University Medical Center, Las Vegas.

All about Tupac?

Tupac grew up around nothing but self-delusion. His mother, Alice Faye Williams, thought she was a "revolutionary." She called herself "Afeni Shakur" and associated with members of the ill-fated Black Panther Party, a movement that wanted to feed school kids breakfast and earn civil rights for Afric (MORE)

Who the hell is Tupac?

if you mean two Pac, then he is a singer. Unrealdjd - TuPac was a famous rapper who is now know for his mysterious death more than his music which was decent i think. Died in a car crash, but conspiracist say he is still living and just "killed" himself so he could get away from the gangs.

Is tupac in Spain?

Marquis Garner here!. No tupac is not in spain?. but you can check out the video. Tribute to tupac and south africa.. just type in you tube than type in tribute to Tupac. and South Africa,. support the young man named Marquis garner Vote for his. you Tube Video

Does Tupac have an obituary?

here's a short obit.- Rapper Tupac Shakur was killed in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas in 1996. The September 7 attack was the second time Shakur had been shot in less than two years. He died September 13 from respiratory failure and cardiopulmonary arrest after having one lung remove (MORE)

What did tupac bang?

Tupac was not a member of any gang or criminal organization. As far as what Tupac "banged" - three things: women, music, and guns.

Was Tupac a rapper?

No he was a cheese maker. P.S. were you seriously this dumb ? he was the biggest cheese maker in South-America.

Why is tupac named that?

His mother gave him the name when he was a baby, just like any other human being. Tupac means 'little prince'

Was tupac assassinated?

no. he was drunk and the owner of the bar asked him to leave. he said no. he asked again. tupac pulled out a weapon an they shot each other. the owner died and tupac lived. some time later, the owners brother went to tupacs house and kinda assassinated him. but he was brought to jail and and has bee (MORE)

Is there a movie about tupac?

there was a movie about tupac that came out called tupac resurrection. it came out in 2002. it's in autobiography format, tupac tells his life story through the whole movie. definite must see!

Was Tupac a crypt or a blood?

even though he was not in a blood's gang , tupac was helped by the bloods and also helped out the bloods, even though he had no beef with the crips he is still considered a blood

Did Tupac have a will?

most of 2pacs posessions went to his mother in the will but some went to his half brother to none to his father as 2pac only got in contact with him agen in 1994 and the last time he saw him he was 7... i wunt give him none of my stuff either wud u?

Is Tupac in hell?

Yes, because he did drugs, consumed alcohol and clubbed. He was slanderous and had sex outside of marriage. The day of the shooting he was involved in a fight which is also a sin to fight. He died before being saved by Jesus Christ.

Is Tupac LIVING?

LOL no. Some people do believe he is living though. The name Makaveli was the name of a man who faked his death. He happened to change his stage name to this before he actually died.

What was tupac achievements?

Only in death did everyone give him his props for being a knowledgeable lyricist. He wrote songs about issues that are still relevant today. He made conscious music for people to get a message from. He gave us his music and his message.

Why did Tupac name himself Tupac?

His real name was Lesane Parish Crooks, but his mother changed his name at birth to protect him, as she was a Black Panther member and was recently acquitted of several charges against the government. His name was changed to Tupac Amaru Shakur after Túpac Amaru II, a Peruvian revolutionary.

Who discovered Tupac?

Honestly, i think eazy e discovered him cause he found dr dre and he found pac, so

Were did Tupac get shot?

he got shot in vegas after leaving a casino and he got shot in the dome and died six days later in the hosptial

When was Tupac die?

HE DIDNT RESEARCH.. he called himself machaveil go look up who the real machaveli was.. :)

Was Tupac in 8miles?

2Pac passed in '96, 8 Mile came out in 2002 so no. However he was mentioned in a scene, the story of the film was set in 1995.

What did tupac do as a kid?

Tupac was a very quiet kid and wrote alot of poems. Later on he went to an arts school where he met Jada Pinkett, that's were tupac began rapping.

Is Tupac brave?

for someone who grew up in the ghetto in brooklyn and lived in the ghetto in calofornia with all the pimps and gangsters and got shot three times in the stomach and two times in the throat and lived for three days after i think hes brave.

Is tupac strong?

yes he is very strong didnt you see tupac punch the crip in the face so hard he knocked out

What was tupac dreams?

Some of his dreams were: living life without a care, raising his kids appropriately, showing youngsters in the ghetto the right path in life, starting a social aid center to educate and give shelter to poor young kids and to start his own record label, "Makaveli Records", amongst others.