Is a camel an omnivore?

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Yes, camels are omnivores. There is a mistaken belief that they are herbivores, feeding only on vegetation, but this is not the case. They are capable of eating a wide variety of foods. See the related link for more information.
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Where are camels from?

Many places one species of camel is extinct and was from north america the ones now are mostly from europe

What does the camel do?

It walks around the desert being autistic and then does sum crap after that and den drinks sumfin and den it plays cod and gets a 15 kill streak unlocking the EMP which can be

What can camels do?

other camels! . They can live for upto two weeks without food because their hump is filled with fat that can last them a while!!

Are camel and elephant omnivorous?

No. neither the Camel nor the Elephant is omnivores. They are both Herbivores. Elephants are pure vegetarians. Their diet includes huge quantities of grass and leaves from t
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What are camels for?

Camels today are used for many different purposes in the eastern Mediterranean and anything around egypt including itself. Camels are used for carrying things and for transpor
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Why are camels omnivores?

Camels are considered as omnivores because they eat different kindsof desert plants like dried grass and they also eat meat which arecrabs and scorpions.