Is air renewable energy?

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If you're talking about wind power, then yes.

Wind power is a renewable source of energy because wind is a natural, re-usable source. Wind power is generated by wind turbines. To put it simply, the wind turns the blades, which spins a shaft, which connects to a generator, making electricity. The electricity is sent through transmission lines to a substation, then on to homes, business and schools.
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What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy is an energy source that is either in relatively limitless supply, or that quickly regenerates when consumed. So solar, wind and water power are kinds of renewable energy, because they keep coming back even after we've used them. Coal and oil are NON renewable sources of energy, (MORE)

Is geothermal energy renewable or non-renewable?

Geothermal energy, where we use the heat from deep under the earth to generate electricity, is renewable, that is, there is so much of it that we can keep using it practically forever. Some geothermal plants may over time use up all the heat in that particular location. The power plant may have t (MORE)

Is nuclear energy renewable or non-renewable?

Nuclear energy is nonrenewable , as it depends on limitedsupplies of the fissionable isotope Uranium-235. Uranium is dug outof the ground. Some day there will be none left. Fissionable fuels(and other elements that can be used in reactors to make them) are"stellar fossil fuels" made more than 6 bil (MORE)

What is renewable energy and how are fossil fuels different from renewable energy?

Fossil fuels formed long ago (millions of years). Oil, coal, natural gas. once they're used up it would take many millions of years to replace them. Renewable energy is things like trees (tens to hundreds of years to replace) and solar power, water power, wind energy (constantly replenished). (MORE)

What are renewable resources and renewable energy?

Renewable resources are resources that can be renewed after being used. Trees for example are a renewable resource because more trees can be grown. Rapidly renewable resources are resources that can be renewed quickly for example bamboo. Renewable energy is energy that can be renewed after use. Sola (MORE)

What energy is renewable?

There are many forms of energy that are renewable, to name the most common: . Solar Energy . Biomass . Wind Energy . Geothermal Energy . Hydro or Energy from water The best thing about these forms of energy is that they are renewable and will never run out.

Differentiate renewable from non-renewable energy?

the wind is a type of renewable energy-use it and some will come along later. once you burn coal,it's gone -certainly in your lifetime-it's non renewable. A renewable fuel is anything that can replenish at roughly the same rate we consume it. Corn used for ethanol is one example. The corn repleni (MORE)

What are the renewable and non-renewable sources of energy?

A renewable source of energy is something that is being continually replaced faster than we use it up. A renewable fuel can be replaced. This would include biomass, you crop it and next season you grow another crop. A renewable source is one that can be used over and over without it running out. (MORE)

What is the difference between renewable energy and non renewable energy?

Renewable energy is energy obtained from sources that can be renewed. Wind, sunshine and water power are the most common. Non-Renewable energy is energy obtained from sources that cannot be renewed. Examples of these are fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas. A: You can use renewable (MORE)

What is meant by renewable and non-renewable energy?

" Renewable energy is energy which comes from natural resources such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, and geothermal heat, which are renewable (naturally replenished)." "A non-renewable resource is a natural resource which cannot be produced, grown, generated, or used on a scale which can susta (MORE)

Why is renewable energy renewable?

The term renewable energy refer to timely balance of energy collection and consumption. Fossil fuel took around 1 million of year to form but about 200-300 year of use till deplete thus it could not be regenerate within our civilization time frame. In other hand, if we use energy from biomass or (MORE)

What is renewable and non-renewable energy?

Renewable energy can be renewed in a short time I.e. Wind power. Non renewable energy takes a long time, ususally millions of years, to become usuable again I.e. Fossil Fuels.

Where renewable energy is renewable?

renewable energy is applicable to specific states that are included in the new deregulation law of the US Energy Department. For more information on incentives and rebates you can get from the US Government in turning your electricity to renewable energy please visit our website. (see related links) (MORE)

Is renewable energy actually renewable?

Solar energy (energy from the sun) for example, is considered a renewable energy resource, but it is not technically truly renewable, as the sun will eventually run out. So some renewable energy resources aren't actually "renewable" in the strictest sense of the word. However, the sun is expected (MORE)

What are facts about renewable and non renewable energy?

Renewable energy is less harmful to the environment compared to Non renewable energy. . Some renewable energies include solar,Geothermal,wind,water and biomass,which can be made up of sewage. . Some non renewable energies are coal, natural gas,oil and nuclear.

Is solar energy a renewable energy?

some people say it isnt if its the sun, so if u mean the the sun then no, it is not renewable. solar energy itself, you PROBABLY could...

Is mechanical energy a renewable energy?

Not in the literal sense of the words "Mechanical Energy". Itdepends on the source of the mechanical energy. . If the source is renewable, like solar or wind generatedelectricity, then the mechanical energy is renewable. . If the source is non-renewable, like electricity from burningoil, then it (MORE)

Why is renewable energy considered renewable?

It is renewable because you can keep using it. You can get electricity from a solar panel one day. Then, the next day you can get it again. This is different to fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas). When you burn oil one day, you can't burn the same oil next day. It's gone.

Is atomic energy renewable energy?

No. It is an alternative to fossil fuels and is not exhaustible in real terms. It offers the best reduction in CO2 of anything out there, but is not a renewable.

Is green energy and renewable energy the same?

No, they are not the same. Generally, green energy provides energy for a fraction of, or, a complete offset of, emissions. For example, installing a hydroelectric dam may generate LOTS of renewable energy, however, it will also impact the surrounding ecosystem in a very negative way. But, when co (MORE)

Is solar energy renewable or non renewable?

Solar energy is considered renewable because the Sun's rays will never run out. There will be a constant supply of it in our lifetime. Solar energy is free, clean (no carbon dioxide pollution) and green. Non renewable sources are things that will run out such as fossil fuels (coal, oil and natura (MORE)

Is renewable energy radiant energy?

Not necessarily. The sun's radiation to earth is renewable, but there are other renewables like wind and hydro power that are not radiant.

How does renewable energy relate to sustainable energy?

Renewable energy is a term applied to energy resources that replenish them self. Sustainable energy is essentially the same thing, energy resources that can be used indefinitely. The only difference to me might be the connotations, trees can be seen as a renewable resource but might not be the (MORE)

Why Is geothermal energy renewable energy?

Strictly speaking geothermal energy is not renewable as we can't grow or make new energy to replace it. It is however essentially inexhaustible as it is renewed by processes like radioactive decay and tidal friction in the magma.

Is fusion energy renewable energy?

No, but for all intents and purposes, it is limitless. Also, it releases no greenhouse gases and the only nuclear waste is the parts of the reactor itself. It's not actually limitless, but its fuels are so abundant/easy to synthesise we would never be able to completely use them up.

Is thermal energy renewable or non-renewable?

Thermal Energy is heat. However, it is only as renewable as thesource. If you are burning oil (or any fossil fuel) to produce your thermalenergy, then it is non-renewable. If your heat comes from the sun, or some other renewable source ofenergy, then it is renewable.

Is petroleum energy is renewable energy?

Alas No. Petroleum Is Not A Renewable Energy Source. This Is Because The Amount Of Petroleum Can Finish, And It Takes Billions Of Years To Be Made. So Since The Amount Could Finish, It Is Considered As Non-Renewable. I Hope This Helps!

What is an example of renewable energy and non-renewable energy?

Renewable : Solar hot water. The sun keeps comingback and heating the water. Renewable energy (solar, wind, water,hydro, tidal and wave, geothermal, ocean thermal, biomass, biofueland hydrogen). Non-renewable : Coal. We burn the coal to makeelectricity. We can only burn it once and it is finished. (MORE)

What makes renewable energy renewable?

NOTHING! There is no such thing by the most basic Law of Physics, that energy can be neither created nor destroyed; only released, transferred or converted. Its ultimate fate is conversion to heat. "Renewable" energy is a handy term for politicians, journalists and school-teachers, most of both (MORE)

Is atomic energy renewable or non renewable?

Basically atomic energy is a non renewable resource. The source of the energy is the supernova that exploded close to where earth was formed and the atomic energy has been running down ever since. However if man could harness nuclear fusion (which he has not done in the field of energy generation (MORE)

Why is renewable energy better then non-renewable energy?

Renewable energy generates no carbon dioxide (CO2), which is agreenhouse gas causing global warming. . Renewable energy is free, and after the power plant is builtthere are no fuel or transport costs. . Non-renewable energy comes from fossil fuels (coal, oil andnatural gas). . These all cost mone (MORE)

Is electrival energy a Renewable Energy?

electrical energy can be derived from a renewable or non renewable source. It itself cannot be classed as renewable as such because capacitors to store the energy are not 100% efficient in converting back to electrical energy

Is thermal energy a renewable energy?

It is. For example, the Ivanpah Solar Power Facility utilizes solar powerto heat water. Since solar energy is considered renewable, thermalenergy will be renewable as well.