Is an aspirin tablet about 1 centimeter across?

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It depends on the Aspirin's manufacturer. Aspirin come in many shapes and sizes.
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What is aspirin?

Aspirin is the tradename for acetyl salicylic acid , which is used as an analgesic for minor pain relief, an antipyretic to reduce fever, and a blood anticoagulant.

What is in aspirin?

Acetyl salicylic acid is the main and activeingredient in aspirin; it is this compound that results in all ofits medically important properties. The other two ingredients inaspirin are: sand and sucrose.

What is the mass of an aspirin tablet?

Most tablets would be several grams in total, with perhaps 5 to 10% of this being medication. For specific brands, you would have to either weigh a large number, or ask the company itself.

Name of 1 antibiotic tablet?

You have Penicillin V tablet 125 and 250 mg and Amoxicillin tablet125/250/500 mg under various brand names in the market. Like Kaypenand Mox respectively in India, for example.

How many 5 grain aspirin tablets should you take to equal 4 grams?

1 grain = 0.06479891 Grams 5 grain aspirin is 325 milligrams roughly 15.5 Grains to a Gram So you would need to take around 12 or 13. Not sure why you would want to take this much aspirin. This will tear up your stomach in no time. If you really need to take this much you should look into getting some type of coated Asprin tablet and you should consult a physician. Daily aspirin theapy should be no more the 325mg per day the size of a normal aspirin (5 grain). This is for people who have had circulatory or heart conditions. Most people should only take a baby aspirin a day (75 to 100mg). Don't take ibuprofen and aspirin they cancel each other. If you have no choice and must take Ibuprofen then you should wait at least 8 hours before taking an aspirin and/or wait at least one hour after taking an aspirin before taking a Ibuprofen. If you take any other kind of blood thinner please consult a physician before starting any kind of aspirin regemin.

What are the known consequences of taking a single two-tablet dose of aspirin?

Side effects of Aspirin are heartburn, easy bruising/bleeding,difficulty hearing, ringing ears, change in amount of color ofurine, nausea/vomiting, drowsiness, dizziness and jaundice. Moreserious effects are serious bleeding in the stomach, severeabdominal pain, weakness on one side of the body, allergic reactionor even overdose.

What is the mass of acetylsalicylic acid in the aspirin tablet?

Givens for question above:. If the aspirin tablet is 0.4635g. it was titrated with 18.23mL of 0.1000M NaOH to neutralize. Then 33mL of NaOH was added to hydrolyze. then it was back titrated w/13.59mL HCl. what is mass of acetylsalicylic acid? what is the percent w/w?

1 square centimeters is how many centimeters?

1 square centemeter is not equal to any number of centimeters. This would be comparable to saying "one acre equals how many miles?". The units do not have a ratio between them. One could however say that 1 square centimeter is equal to (1 cm) 2 . That is the correct relationship between them. Note that it is not a matter of a centimeter being a certain number of square centimeters, but simply that there is a relationship between them.

Can a gout patient take 75 mg aspirin tablets daily?

It depends on what other treatment he is under going. Lowering the uric acid level in the blood by increasing the excretion of uric acid in the urine with drugs such as probenecid or sulfinpyrazone is another strategy. Keep in mind that aspirin blocks the effect of probenecid and sulfinpyrazone and should not be used at the same time. Where pain medication is required, acethaminophen or ibuprofen can be safely administered instead. Drinking a lot of fluids - at least 3 quarts a day may also help reduce the risk of damage to the joints and kidneys when the excretion of uric acid is increased.

Should you chew aspirin tablets?

It is safe to chew aspirin tablets. In fact, medical studies have found this is among the faster ways to get aspirin into one's bloodstream. However, do not chew more aspirin tablets at one time than you would normally take by swallowing with water. Follow the related link (below) for more information.

What does a 1 centimeter mantis eat?

Very often they eat their siblings when they are that small. Other insects that a mantis of that size can eat would be fruit flies, gnats, aphids, etc. As long as the mantis can handle it's prey, it will eat anything.

How many centimeters is 1 cubic centimeter?

Your question is nonsense: A centimeter is a measure of length; whereas a cubic centimeter is a measure of volume They measure different things. If you meant something like how many centiliters is 1 cubic centimeter then: 1 cu cm = 1/10 cl Or how many milliliters is 1 cubic centimeter then 1 ml = 1 cu cm. If you meant something else, then please resubmit your question.

What aspirin do?

Aspirin can cause Relief in pain relief in Temperature Relief Inflammation Beside these, it has blood thinning effect as well May cause stomach discomfort

How many molecules in one tablet of aspirin?

It depends on the mass of the tablet and the molar mass of the aspirin molecule itself, find out the mass in grams of one tablet, divide it by the sum of the number of neutrons and protons in one molecule of aspirin and it will give you the molar mass of the aspirin tablet.

Why is direct titration not applicable in the analysis of aspirin tablet?

When I am using back titration and direct titration as my two methods for determining the purity of aspirin tablets. doesn't the direct titration not take into consideration of the excess sodium hydroxide added to the aspirin? In both these titrations when I reach the end-point it turns pink but I kept these solution the next day and they turned back to colourless. Is this meant to happen and what chemical reaction has happened here? I titrated this again with more sodium hydroxide till the end-point then added this to the overall amount of NaOH i added in the flask. Is the only difference between back titration and direct titration not addding the HCl at the end to determine the excess amount of NaOH? Are there any methods for direct titration. Would really appreciate any help. The best you can obtain is an end point lasting 20-30 seconds. Any excess base will slowly hydrolyze the ester and liberate acetate ion from the act's because aspirin is such a weak acid that it reacts slowly with the NaOH, making it difficult to accurately get a good endpoint in a reasonable time. With back titration, you react with an excess of NaOH (known amount), heat it to make the reaction go to completion quickly, then use HCl to determine the amount of NaOH that is remaining. This reaction will go quickly, and is much easier to measure.elylsalicylic acid,aspirin.

Why does powdered aspirin dissolves faster than an aspirin tablet?

Because it has more surface area to interact with liquid. Similarly pure sugar candy will melt slower than sugar. Imagine a cute and you cut it in half, newly cut area surface will add to area touching liquid... and you do that thousands of times and you have powder vs solid.

What can be 1 centimeter?

The distance between two of the larger neighbouring marks on a metric ruler. Perhaps the width of your little finger.