Is archaea good or bad?

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What is the good in bad?

The good in bad is being able to take what you have and try to make the most positive thing that you can from it.

What is archaea?

Archaebacteria are prokaryotes. They may be spherical, rod-shaped, spiral ,lobed, plate-shaped, irregular shaped or pleomorphic. Some are unicellular whereas others are filame

What is an archaea?

The Archaea are a group of single-celled microorganisms. A single individual or species from this domain is called an archaeon

What does archaea do?

They live, metabolizing food and reproducing (some in your gut). They are just the oldest known of single celled life-forms. Their cells lack a nucleus, i.e. their DNA flo

How can the good do bad?

Thats a bit of a silly question but they just learn and look at bad people and turn into one.

What good is bad?

bad is just making the world how it is.think about how the world woulb be perfect

What are archaea?

Any of various single-celled prokaryotes genetically distinct from bacteria, often thriving in extreme environmental conditions. Archaea are unicellular prokaryote, an orga

Is good bad?

Being good is not bad, and being bad is not good! Wikicom is good and bad. Good because it's interesting, challengingand you learn stuff; bad because you spend too much tim

What is bad and what is good?

the things that are good in the BBC news is the people who present it. they do it so the news chaches peolpes eyes so they can pass the story on.The bad thing is that hearing

Are archaea PRODUCers?

Archaea are producers of methane. They convert fermentation products such as CO2, H2, acetate, methanol to methane and CO2.
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Is Cyanobacteria good or bad if good or bad what does it do that is good or bad?

Answer 1 yes because it could cause a very bad disease. Answer 2 There are thousands if not millions of varieties of cyanobacteria.Most are entirely neutral to humans. The
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What is the good and bad of cigarettes and the good and bad of marijuana?

Cigarettes are a stress reliever and also eliminate hunger, which help you lose weight. However, cigarettes are extremely deadly and addictive; they can cause numerous types o
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Why are domain archaea called archaea?

Archaea. Means " old ones " or " ancient ones " and this is because these type of bacteria were first in the bacterial linage.