Is ethanol a mixture or pure substance?

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Ethanol is a pure substance, but it is rare to encounter it pure. Laboratory alcohol usually contains small amounts of water and methanol. Alcoholic drinks contain large quantities of water, as well as flavourings.
Ethanol is a pure substance.
Pure substance
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Is ink a mixture or a pure substance?

Ink is a solution. It consists of a carrier, such as water, alcohol or oil and pigments. The carrier evaporates and leaves the pigments on the paper.

Ismilk an mixture or a pure substance?

It is a mixture. It comprises of some clostridium bacteria (that are healty) lipids (fats and other naturally produced proteins etc. It is not made up of repetative molecules

Is pure iron a pure substance or mixture?

Iron is a pure substance. It's an element (Fe) and a bar of Iron is no mixture. . If it was pure iron, then by definition it would be pure. However iron is rarely pure, it

Is salt pure or a mixture or a pure substance?

Salt can refer to many chemical compounds but it is frequently used to refer to table salt or cooking salt. The pure form of salt is sodium chloride (NaCl). Salt used for cul