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The word 'evolution' can refer to both established fact, and to the theoretical model explaining observations in terms of what we know about that fact.

Evolution, the fact, refers to the observed phenomenon of the changing of allele frequencies in populations.

Evolution, the theory, refers to the theory that evolution (the fact) is a result of reproductive variation (eg. mutations), and is mediated by differential reproductive success (natural selection) to produce new forms.

Evolution, the theory, is as close to fact as any science can come. Note that the term 'scientific theory' does not have the same meaning as the popular vernacular 'theory'. In everyday use, the word 'theory' may be used to describe a mere hunch or speculation - whereas in science, a theory is a comprehensive, well-supported explanatory model, consisting of multiply verified hypotheses and independently verifiable facts and laws.

Evolutionary theory encompasses the central hypotheses of common descent and natural selection.
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Why is evolution taught as a fact in school?

It is a fact.. When much of the public uses the term "theory" they often mean something that is unproven or an educated guess. We say, "It's just a theory." When scientists u

What are facts about evolution?

Facts about Evolution . Evolution was not entirely devised by Charles Darwin; there were many evolutionists before Darwin, though he was the one who pulled the connections

How come evolution has no real facts?

Answer . The theory of the origin of species via evolution, as originally proposed by Charles Darwin, does not have as many facts in its support as some would like, because

Why is evolution based in fact?

Evolution isn't fact.. Scientific view point:. Evolution is based in fact because evolution has happened throughout the history of all life on earth, and is still going on t

Is evolution a theory and not fact?

Evolution is a theory. But in its current form of modernevolutionary synthesis (or just evolutionary synthesis), it isfact. We know that the earth has been here a long time, a

Is Evolution a proven fact?

Science does not prove things, but even if there were no scientists, or even humans on earth, evolution, the change in allele frequency in a population of organisms over ti

Is evolution a fact or theory?

Rather both. Evolution, the change in allele frequency over time in a population of organisms, is an observed and observable fact. The theory of evolution by natural selection

How do you know evolution is a fact?

Technically speaking, evolution isn't a fact; a fact is an "observable and verifiable observation", in contrast to a theory or hypothesis which explains a group of such facts.

What are the true facts about evolution?

The single true fact about evolution, and the only real one required, is that it happened. We can see this in the fossil record, see leftovers in genetic material (most easil

What are facts against evolution?

It is not possible to find facts that prove evolution false, but it may be possible to identify some facts that show that we do not yet fully understand the process of evoluti

What are the facts about evolution?

With regard to 'facts' this is still a very subjective question.That some form of evolution occurs there is no doubt. However,there are still many unanswered questions about t

What facts support evolution?

Wow, it's so hard to pick! The evidence for evolution is absolutely overwhelming, but I'll try and summarise some of the main facts: . Classification: Organisms naturally
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Is evolution theory or a fact?

It is a theory, but that does mean that it isn't well supported by science. Example: Einsteins relativity is still a theory but it is widely regarded as theory because all evi

Why is evolution theory not fact?

Evolution is both theory and fact. Moreover, the fundamental theses of the theory (common descent, natural selection) are so well supported by fact that they might as well be
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What is evolution fact and theory?

It is a theory only, Facts are provable and repeatable. Evolution is nether provable nor repeatable. It is not a very good theory either, since it makes claims that go agains