Is it OK to use both a gas and electric clothes dryers in the same home if both connections are available?

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Both are only an appliance. Neither knows anything about the presence of the other. They won't get jealous or have some kind of fight during the middle of the night. Why not if you feel that you need them?
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How do you change the timer of the electric clothes dryer?

You need to obtain a replacement unit or compatible from an appliance service dealer. Then it's just a matter of disassembling the control panel and disconnecting the old switch, removing it, and replacing and reconnecting the new unit. If you're wonder how to disassemble the control panel to accomplish this the process is very common sense oriented. At most all you'll need is a 5\16th nut driver or socket, a Philips head screwdriver, and a pair of needle nose pliers. JUST MAKE SURE THE MACHINE IS UNPLUGGED BEFORE YOU START.

Can you convert a gas dryer to an electric dryer?

Sorry to say, a conversion like this would not be either cost effective nor practical. They are very different, you are talking about electric elements versus actual flames. There are venting and fire safety issues to consider. You may have heard of dryer conversion kits or of others that have converted a dryer. If you have, what they are referring to is converting a natural gas dryer to a propane dryer or a propane dryer to a natural gas dryer. This is a relatively simple process unlike what a conversion of gas to electric or vice versa would consist of. Two options: . Sell the gas dryer and use whatever proceeds it makes towards the purchase of a new electric dryer. . If there is gas anywhere in the house, contact a licensed plummer and get an estimate to run a gas line to the dryer location.

Why is your gas clothes dryer noisy?

What you are probably hearing is the flame, it is normal for the burner to make a whooshing noise while it is on. If the dryer is making a squeaking noise then it probably needs a belt or bearings.

Can you convert an electric dryer to gas?

no, unless you can find a gas powered generator to make your electricity, then yes.. Answer II . No!! In the electric dryer there is a heating element ... for a gas dryer there is a heating box where a gas flame has to exist in order to heat sufficiently for the clothes to dry. Configuring an electric dryer to gas is impractical, and simply an unwise thing to even attempt. The conversion process would cost more than just going out and purchaseing a gas dryer.

Can you use both USB and Ethernet for a single PC at a time from your modem what happens if you connect both to home PC which connection is best for you in all aspects like virus security speed etc?

Ethernet provides a much faster transfer rate. For normal internet services like DSL and cable, you wont see a difference between USB and ethernet. Ethernet is good if you have more than one computer networked and youre transfering data between the computers. As far as Virus protection goes, that all depends on the anti-virus software youre using, not the type of connection youre using. If youre wanting to make your downloads faster by connecting both USB and ethernet from the same modem, it won't work. You can, however, use 2 different internet providers and bridge the two connections together.

How electricity is produced by clothes just out of the dryer?

the clothes that you wear all day have gotten sun, lint, sweat and what ever then when you wash it, you get the washing detergent then when you put it in the dryer all the charged particles mix together and create an electric charge called static. Then when you take it out of the dryer the clothes with the static charge come out and shock you!

Can you use an electric dryer with a gas dryer outlet?

A gas dryer burns gas to provide the heat needed to dry clothes. As it only needs a relatively small amount of electrical power to drive its motor, and maybe also a timer, the electrical socket outlet which a gas dryer plugs into need not be much different to a normal wall socket outlet.. Any electric dryer uses a high-power electric heater, which takes a lot more current than is available from a normal socket outlet, so a special dryer socket outlet is needed to power an electric dryer safely. . As always, if you are in doubt about what to do, the best advice anyone should give you is to call a licensed electrician to advise what work is needed. . Before you do any work yourself, on electrical circuits, equipment or appliances, always use a test meter to ensure the circuit is, in fact, de-energized. . IF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY SURE YOU CAN DO THIS JOB SAFELY AND COMPETENTLY REFER THIS WORK TO QUALIFIED PROFESSIONALS. .

Are there 120 volt clothes dryers available?

bosch makes 120 volt clothes dryers... Additional answer: There are many clothes dryers that will operate on 110 volts - andthey are usually ones with gas heaters. These include Maytag,Whirlpool, Kenmore, GE, Hotpoint, Haier, LG, Samsung and others.

How do you convert from electric clothes dryer to gas clothes dryer?

The only practical way to do that would be to sell the electric clothes dryer and use the proceeds toward purchase of a gas dryer. Even if it was possible to convert the dryer the cost would be prohibitive versus a new dryer. If you mean converting the building, then you would need to have natural gas plumbing installed, and you would need an outlet that matches the voltage of the new dryer.

Is an electric or gas dryer safer from the cause of home fires?

The main risk of fire from home dryers (and commercial dryers for that matter) is from the accummulation of LINT inside the ductwork. Gas dryers vent through the same pipe as the lint, and the gas flame provides a source of ignition. As a result the risk of fire with a gas dryer is much higher than an electric dryer, according to the nfpa. Electric dryers can still cause fires, but the vent has to be significantly obstructed before enough heat is generated to start a fire. The extended drying times that result from an obstructed vent usually cause people to get the dryer repaired before it reaches the point it could start a fire.

In your home your stove and your electric clothes dryer usually run on home many volts?

Both run on 240 volts for the element voltages. Both appliances use a 3 wire system, 2 hots and a neutral. The neutral to one of the hot legs is used for 120 volts. This voltage is used for the control system in both appliances. On the stove, the electric clock and lights are using the 120 volt supply. On the close dryer the drum motor is 120 volts.

What is better Gas or Electric Dryers?

Electric dryers are less expensive to purchase initially but the cost of gas vs electricity in your area will determine what is best for you to own and operate over the life of the appliance.

If you use an adsl modem and connected to two computer is your ip same on both computers?

No, each computer must have a different IP address. The IP addresses have to be in the same subnet between themselves, and in the same subnet as the ADSL router (or modem); I won't explain subnets here, but usually having the same numbers for the first 3 parts of the IP address is enough. For example, if the ADSL router has the IP address, your computers might have addresses and If you need to add a third computer, give it the IP address If the first computer has a different IP address - and it works - replace that, instead. For example, if the computer has IP address, assign the address to the next computer.

What is better electric or gas dryer?

None of the above. Please don't get trapped in that mindset that you must have an appliance to dry your clothes. For one thing, a dryer, gas or electric, beats the crap out of your clothes! Yes they give it a nice, easy, gentle name.....they call it "tumbling" but really it's beating the crap out of your clothes. Look at the lint that comes out of the lint trap next time you clean it. That was part of your clothes. How many times do you think you can do this to your clothes? Soon there will be nothing left of them, maybe you can knit a sweater from the lint you have collected. Folks, the best clothes dryer in the world is a piece of rope and some wooden spring clamps (clothespins) I would suggest hanging your clothes in a shaded area, as direct sun will fade colors over time. You can also hang them inside, like in the basement, or a spare bedroom. Your clothes will not dry as fast as with a dryer, of course, BUT..... after the initial cost of the rope and clothespins, it is free. There's your efficiency that you are wanting, right there! In the winter you are already heating the air in your home, and the moisture from the clothes is usually much needed. A clothes dryer is one of the biggest energy-suckers you have in your home, and then what happens to all that hot and moist air??? it gets blown outside of course. But that is another discussion topic. Do yourself a big favor, and air dry your clothes, they will last longer, and you will save a heap of money. yes, it may be inconvenient at times, but a great man once said, "In order to conserve, we must be inconvenienced to some degree." Now to answer your question properly, that is, if electric or gas are the only allowed answers, and by "most efficient" you don't mean least expensive, In both cases, efficiency is affected by airflow, or lack of airflow. Keep the filters clear of lint. One by-product from the combustion of liquified petroleum (propane) is water.... moisture.... so just from burning the gas to make heat your are taking away some of the hot air's ability to absorb moisture. in that regard, gas is less efficient, but just to a slight degree. Electricity is 100% efficient at the point of use, your home, but one must think about, how efficient was the electric plant that produced the electricity... and how effieciently was this power transmitted to your home? but. i guess that is neither here nor there, since the electricity you pay for is measured as it goes into your house wiring, so the electric company in the end pays for the inefficiency of it generating and distribution network. but still, something to think about. So to answer the question.................Electric............definitely ELECTRIC :)

If you have gas hook ups can you use an electric dryer?

Most homes and condos with natural gas hookups do not have the 230 V AC connection required for electric dryers. A few homes have both but it is rare. Small, apartment sized dryers sometimes have only a 15 A 117V AC plug. Expect to take about 3 hours to dry a medium load.

Does a PC use lan or wireless if both connections are available?

It depends on which operating system you are using. If you are using client-based OS (Windows XP, Windows Vista) most likely you will not be able to use either. Because your applications do not know which adapter to use. Server-based OSes can use many network adapters without any problems.

Why the electric clothes dryer gets no heat?

First, check the breaker or fuse, make sure both are good. If still no heat either the sensor disc has opened or the heater element is faulty - check both with a meter. If you know little about appliances, this is the time to call a pro.

Can you use a 50 amp breaker for both range and dryer?

Not at the same time and not if the dryer is designed for a 30-Amp branch (it could catch fire if the 50-amp breaker takes too long to blow. Circuit Breakers are commonly referred to as "Thermal-Mag's" which basically is a magnet that is controlled by a thermal overload device. The breaker, wire, and associated devices of a circuit are rated to function within the limits of which they are designed. In your case a Range rated at 50 Amps will be required to have a 50A breaker and receptacle and #8 copper or #6 aluminum wire. At any point of trouble heat will be the result. Once the heat generating in the line exceeds the heat rating of the thermal-mag (circuit breaker) it will disengage the mechanical mechanism releasing the magnet and opening the circuit de-energizing the circuit. After the trouble is cleared the circuit can be reset with no damage to any of the circuits components because of their similar ratings. If you were to introduce anything with less rating into this circuit, in this case a dryer who's components are only rated for 30amp, it would be virtually unprotected as the 50 amp circuits heat rating would not trip the breaker until the 30amp dryer was probably close if not in flames in the case of a trouble. The wire will take longer to generate the heat while the breaker itself has +/- tolerances that would keep it from reacting as quickly as a 30 amp breaker and #10 copper/#8 aluminum wire. If the wire is #10 on a 50A breaker the same results as the breakers trip level is the melting point of #10 wires insulation leaving live bare wire. In the first sentence of the N.E.C. {National Electric Code} it states {don't quote me it's been a few millenniums since I read it} "The sole purpose of this code book is to protect property {and person" has been since added I think}. Just because it will work doesn't mean it's OK.

Can PVC be used to exhaust hot air from electric clothes dryers?

I will sum it up in two words: Absolutely not! The reason is that PVC gives-off deadly chlorine gas when heated beyond its manufacturer's maximum recommended temperature. Rather, you need a flexible dryer vent hose. They are readily available at most home improvement centers.

Can two electric resistors connect in both series and parallel?

yes two resistors can connect both in series and parallel because when you connect two resistors in a closed loop, the same intensity of current flows across them and also they are connected to the same nodes which are the conditions for series and parallel connections respectively.

How far from sink does an electric clothes dryer have to be?

There is no requirement on the distance the dryer must be from asink. Any 120 volt outlet must be GFCI protected if it is within 6feet of a sink. There is no requirement for a 240 volt dryeroutlet. I would not want the dryer right next to the sink and Iwould want the dryer to be on a 4 wire circuit and not a 3 wirecircuit. Use common sense here.

Does Rheem manufacture both gas and electric water heaters?

"Rheem does manufacture both gas and electric water heaters. Rheem currently offers 18 different varieties of gas water heaters and 9 different varieties of electric water heaters. Both types of Rheem water heaters are known for their rigorous standards, reliability, and efficiency."

Do both electric generators and electric motors use magnets?

Yes they both use a magnetic field to produce a force on acurrent-carrying conductor. DC motos and generators are the same thing. You can run a motor offa battery, but if you crank it faster than it wants to go, by usingsome kind of engine, power will then flow back into the battery andthe motor has become a generator.

What size wire should be used to connect a dryer to electrical panel?

That depends on the dryer. Some have natural gas capabilties and use a standard 120V outlet (20 amp dedicated circuit). Others operate strictly off of electricity and use a 230V power source. These use a somewhat standard dryer outlet that conforms to the plug from the appliance, and are usually (but not always) 30 amps. In the case of the former you would use a 12 gauge wire with 2 conductors (hot and neutral) and a ground. The latter would use a 10 gauge wire with 3 conductors (2 hot wires and a neutral) and a ground. Always refer to the appliance specs to determine how the appliance should be wired, and find a qualified person to install these outlets if they don't exist.

How does a Gas Clothes Dryer work?

A gas dryer uses natural gas to heat air which is then passedthrough a rotating drum which tumbles the clothes through theheated air.