Is it safe to use dawn liquid dish soap on cars?

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NO but i do anyways and the paint on my bumper is peeling off now i wouldn't. it may be because the bumper is made of plastic tho ANSWER:Dishwashing detergent is a low level caustic detergent and is probably the best thing you can use as soap for your car.

RULE #1 for washing cars is using "car soap"... NOT DISH WASHING DETERGENT. it may make your car germ free, but who has the money to re-wax their car every time they wash their car. it's made to cut through grease so you better believe its going to take the wax right off (even with a poorly done wash job) then your car is unprotected, so i think it's safe to say that it's NOT safe on your car...if you're like me and don't wax or care about your cars paint job because its not a Benz or BMW then go ahead and drizzle it all over your hood to get the love bugs off lol but don't come crying to me when your paint starts bleaching because you took the wax off that was protecting your clear coat which was protecting your paint.
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