Is the US in Austria?

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No. The United States is a country located in North America. The continental U.S. lies South of Canada, and North of Mexico; however, there are states and territories owned by the United States which are not part part of the continental U.S. Such territories include Hawaii, Alaska and a number of other off shore territories.
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When did Austria start using the euro?

The euro currency was officially adopted in 1999. However, actual euro coins and notes were not used until the introduction of the euro in 2002.

What was the old currency used in Austria?

Before the introduction of the Euro, the currnecy was 100 Groschen = 1 Schilling. Prior to about 1920 it was 100 Heller = 1 Krone and until about 1870 4 Heller made one Kreuze

Weapons used in the invasion of Austria?

HANDGUNS Modell 1879 Reichs-Commissions-Revolver Modell 1883 Reichs-Commissions-Revolver Rast und Gasser Modell 1898 Revolver Dreyse Modell 1907 Pistole Roth und Stey

Does Austria use the pound?

Austria uses the Euro as currency, and the Kilo as a measurment of weight, so no it does not use the pound.