Long term effects of nuclear waste?

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cancers, birth defects, infertility and mutations i think. wen cells become damages, they repair themselves incorrectly, more often results in cancers..
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What is nuclear waste?

During nuclear division and the process of metabolic activities ,some waste materials are formed in the nucleus. it is called nuclear waste.

Harmful effect of nuclear waste?

Harmful Effects of Nuclear Wastes: Nuclear wastes usually contain one or more highly radioactive substances. Radioactive nuclear wastes pollute the earth to a dangerous level of toxicity. If the nuclear wastes are exposed to underground water, the radiations get absorbed in water and then enter in (MORE)

What are the long term effects of ecstasy?

There is no definitive answer on this question. Even with prolonged use of the drug studies have shown it do be safer than taking many antidepressants which can destroy the serotonin receptors in the brain. one study states that it takes a full three months for the brain to heal after MDMA and even (MORE)

What are long term effects of heroin?

) Well...it has many long term side effects and it would depend on what method of administration you were using, most common would be addiction and overdose. If you use it intravenously it you risk damaging your veins and infections such as Hepatitis and HIV is you share needles. If you smoke it you (MORE)

Are the long term effects of nuclear power detrimental for all of us?

Most of us, and that includes virtually everyone in North America and Western Europe, have suffered no damage from nuclear power, and provided the industry is well run and radioactive waste is well handled in the future, that should continue to be true. As you probably know, a very bad disaster happ (MORE)

How long does nuclear waste last?

There are two basic different forms of nuclear waste. Each has itsown criteria for storage, and these illustrate how long it lasts. Low level waste is not particularly radioactive and may not lastvery long as waste. An example is tritiated water, which can beconsidered nuclear waste at fairly low l (MORE)

How long does the waste from nuclear plants stay dangerous for?

By 'waste' I mean high level waste which is contained in the spent fuel. The behavior of the fission products in reactor fuel is dependent on a number of factors; 1. The yield from fission 2. The effect of neutron capture whilst in operation 3. The half life of the radioactivity 4. The type (MORE)

What does nuclear waste do to you?

The nuclear waste gives off radiation. That radiation in large enough doses changes DNA in cells. When the DNA changes sometimes the cells can become cancerous. In even higher doses the cells will die.

How Long Does it take nuclear waste to decompose?

depends on the type of waste, that determines its halflife. some waste will be safe in just a few decades, other types will take millions of years. if they would reprocess reactor nuclear waste so that uranium, plutonium, and other transuranics were recycled as fuel instead of staying in the waste (MORE)

Radiation is one of the long-term effects of a nuclear detonation wich of the fallowing type of radiation is emitted only during detonation?

Mostly Uranium 235, Uranium 238, and Plutonium 239 Also fission fragments. If your talking about any kind of radiation then it would be thermal radiation from the heat blast. When you split the Uranium atom you get 2 Neutrons, 2 protons + 2 fission fragments. 1 of the 2 neutrons will be urani (MORE)

What are the effects of nuclear waste on the environment?

Nuclear waste is carefully stored and never spread around the environment unless there is a serious accident like at Chernobyl, or resulting from fallout from nuclear weapon use. At Chernobyl there were reports of vegetation being discolored, but this was due to quite exceptional levels of contamina (MORE)

How long do the effects of a nuclear bomb last?

That depends on yield, height/depth of burst, distance from burst, and amount and type of fallout at the location. Without knowing all these parameters and performing a complicated and approximate calculation, no estimates can be given.

How long will nuclear waste remain radioactive?

Some kinds of radioactive waste, particularly spent fuel from nuclear power plants, will remain dangerous to people for tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of years. For this waste to decay to the point that it has approximately the activity of naturally occurring materials, it will tak (MORE)

What are the short term effects of nuclear weapons?

Unfortunately there's no such thing as a short term effect . It depends on the area you're in when a blast occurs, and how close you are to the primary detonation, as well as the strength of the blast itself. Naturally, death by incineration is the most obvious if you're close enough, but rapid dea (MORE)

How long does nuclear waste stay toxic?

It depends on how much has been wasted but I'd say it would stay in the ground for the next 10 years for minimum and for a maximum would be for the next century (100 years)

What can you do about nuclear waste?

This question was given an answer, which seems to be a popular misconception, so in providing a new answer, I am keeping it for the record: "nuclear waste is highly radioactive material and it is very harmfull so we cant do nothing with nuclear waste." While the beginning of that answer is true - nu (MORE)

What are the long term effects of HIV?

There are many long term effects of HIV. They are . weight loss . lipdystrophy . insulin resistance . lipid abnormalities . decrease in bone density . lactic acid osis . complications from medication

Long term effects of smoking?

Lung disease such as Emphysema and lung cancer. Coronary Artery disease, stroke, and heart disease. Think that about covers it. No, you forgot death.

How long is nuclear waste around for before it is considered safe?

There are different ways of looking at this. And one should be warned that the idea of a half life is not immediately applicable to safety. Knowing the half life, you still have to do a lot of calculating, more than ordinary people can do in their heads. The government of the United States has said (MORE)

What are the long term effects of rain?

The following are some possible "long term effects of rain" ------ Leaching is a process where the rain water pushes nutrients deeper into the earth, leaving poor quality topsoil . Erosion processes where soil is washed away, flattening inclines. Acidic Rain can cause the break down of ro (MORE)

How long does nuclear waste need to be safety stored?

depends on the isotope half life, then wait 5 to 10 half lives. some isotope half lives are in small fractions of a second. most fission products half lives are under 200 years. plutonium-239 half life is about 21,000 years. most uranium half lives are in the billions of years. what is the compos (MORE)

Long term alcohol effects?

When consumed in moderation, alcohol (beer, wine and liquor) contributes to better health and greater longevity than abstaining from it or abusing it. Abusing alcohol can have serious safety and health consequences. .

What effect nuclear waste does to people?

The nuclear waste releases a gas called radioactivity. If this is not handled, then it can kill a lot of people. . Radioactivity is not a gas, it is a form of radiant energy. Gamma radiation is just very high energy light, and the others are composed of various subatomic particles.

How long Nuclear wastes stay Radioactive?

That depends on the waste. Different materials have a different length of time and the more waste you have the longer it will take. you have to know the half life of the material and how much you have. Need to find what level of radioactivity you are considering to be a "safe level" and what the max (MORE)

What are the long term effects of the greenhouse effect?

There are some long term effects of global warming or green house effect:- 1. Temperature of earth increase up to 500 degree centigrade or may be more than it. 2. Life will not able to survive in such a condition and it will extinct. 3.In such above condition all useful metals like Fe will react (MORE)

What is the long-term effect of minoxidil?

Minoxidil is a treatment for hair loss, it is not a cure. Once a patient stops taking minoxidil, he or she will most likely lose all of the re-grown hair within 90 days of stopping the medication and no further hair growth will occur.

What are long term effects of DMT?

There really are non except for minor lung damage (just use a vaporizer) Think of it this way: when you wake up from a dream, are there long-term effects from the DMT you were producing in your head while you were dreaming? No.

What are the long term effects of lsmd?

Long term effects include very, very high addiction, violent behavior, anxiety, confusion, insomnia, paranoia, auditory flashbacks, mood disturbances, delusions, death, ect. It is a new drug so not all long term effects are known.

What US leader knew about the bomb the casualties in the battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa the long term effects of a nuclear blast and the risk of a future nuclear war?

You are obviously looking for Harry Truman as the answer, but thatis wrong. While he knew much of this he could only suspect futurerisks of war, and nobody in the 1940s had any real concept ofpossible long term effects it was all pure speculation in thescientific community at the time (although base (MORE)

What are long-term effects of gastroschisis?

From what I've researched so far and my girlfriend having it. Long term effects could be intestional blockage... there's a story of a 18 years.old girl who had it and they had to take off her real belly button just to be replaced with a bigger scar. I think my girl friend has this too seeing how she (MORE)

What are long term effects diabetes?

A person with diabetes (especially type 2) can have trouble fighting infections. Worst case scenario is a small infection spreading and causing gangrene. In most cases the person limb (or whatever is infected) needs to be amputated in order for the person to survive.

What are the long term effects of arousal?

the long term effects of arousal are if you are highly aroused you do not perform as well, or if you are not aroused enough you do not perform to the best of your ability. This apply's in sports and anywhere or for anything else.

What is the plan for long term storage of nuclear waste?

In most countries, nuclear power generation and other applications of radioactive materials started before plans for the disposal of the resulting radioactive waste were well developed. As waste arose, it was most frequently stored in various types of engineered containment on the surface and at sit (MORE)

What is the long term effect of a mushroom?

There are no known negative effects of magic mushrooms or psilocybe cubensis reported in any scientific journal. There is anecdotal evidence that magic mushrooms along with many other species can drastically improve physical health and reduce ailments.

What is the estimate for how long it takes nuclear waste to complettly decay?

Each radioactive isotope has its own rate of decay, called the"half-life". This is the time that it takes for one-half of theradioactive elements to decay into something else. For veryradioactive elements, the half-life is pretty short, but sometimesthe element that id decays into is itself radioact (MORE)