Punjab and haryana receive rainfall from?

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Punjab receives rainfall from 3 sources- western disturbances, south west monsoon winds and retreating monsoon winds.
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What are the capitals of Punjab and Haryana?

The capital of Punjab (India) is Chandigarh. The capital of Punjab (Pakistan) is Lahore. The capital of Haryana (India) is Chandigarh. The city of Chandigarh is a Union Terri

Where to get yellow fever vaccine in Punjab Chandigarh Haryana Himachal etc?

I would suggest a couple of options... 1. CRI - Kasauli for government vaccination. However do call beforehand since many a times vaccine may not be available 2. Charak Clin

Why Punjab and haryana have same capital?

Aryan and Punjab have the same capital because It is the capital of both. At one point Haryana was part of Punjab (including West Punjab in Pakistan, areas of Kashmir, and are

Why do mountains receive more rainfall?

As the clouds move into a mountain range, they must do one of two things: either they hit the mountain and become fog or stop where they are, or they go higher as the weather

Why Punjab receive winter rainfalll?

in winter northwest parts of India get some rains due to cyclonic deppressions,better known as western disturbances. as a result of these deppressions there are light rains in
In Haryana

Is niilm university of haryana certifgicate is valid in Punjab?

Certification provided by NIILM University holds its relevence and prominance all over the world. Not only in Punjab, the certification provide by NIILM University is valid an