Role of RS in the soil erosion hazard assessment?

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ya it may be possible that by the using role scoper results in soil erosion
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What is soil erosion?

The denudation of the soil cover and subsequent washing down is described as soil erosion. The processes of soil formation and erosion, go on simultaneously and generally there is a balance between the two. Sometimes, this balance is disturbed due to human activities like deforestation, over-grazing (MORE)

Is soil erosion and soil transfer the same?

Soil erosion is not the same as soil transfer. Soil erosion is when an element (ie: wind, water) erodes the soil, taking it away. Soil transfer is when an element (ie: wind, water) carries (transfers) soil to somewhere else, depositing it.. Soil erosion is caused when underlying factors disturb the (MORE)

Disadvantages of soil erosion?

Soil takes a long time to build up, and without it, many plants cannot survive. Without plants, there can be very few insects or other animals that can live there.

Why is it important to prevent soil erosion?

Soil erosion is a naturally occurring process - just because it happens does not necessarily make it something that should be prevented. It's what you intend the soil to be used for or if there are any consequences to soil eroding in the area that makes prevention important. Soil may be used as a (MORE)

What can farmers do to reduce soil erosion?

Soil erosion is a serious agricultural issue. It has, in the past, contributed to environmental problems, such as the Dust Bowl of the 1930s. In contemporary times, farmers have a couple of options they can take to reduce soil erosion: . Planting wind-rows - wind rows are columns of, typically, (MORE)

Explain soil erosion?

Erosion is the process of weathering and transport of solids (sediment, soil, rocks and other particles) in the natural environment or their source and deposits them elsewhere. It usually occurs due to transport by wind, water, or ice; by down-slope creep of soil and other material under the force (MORE)

Can soil erosion be stopped?

In the short term (a human lifetime), yes ... if the ground isn't too vertical. In the long term, everything gets worn down to the sea (and the pushed back up via volcanios.

How does soil erosion occur?

soil erosion occurs when the surface of the soil is being washed away by erosion agents such as wind, rain, flood etc.

What are the causes and effects of soil erosion?

Causes : gravity, rain, flooding, wind, drought, deforestation, farming, flowing ice, the loss of vegetation after a major forest fire, uncontrolled land use, and poor agricultural and forestry practices Effects : desertification, additional sedimentation, loss of habitat, infertile soils, inc (MORE)

Is soil degradation the same as soil erosion?

No, they are not the same. Soil degradation is when soil deteriorates because of human activity and loses its quality and productivity. It happens when soil loses its nutrients, or its organic matter. It also happens when the soil structure breaks down, or if the soil becomes toxic from pollutio (MORE)

Why does soil erosion increase when soil is plowed?

Because the conditions that hold it together is disturbed and it is easily washed along by water. theincreased surface exposed to the air also tends to dry it out making it more prone to blown about by the wind.

Does grazing affect soil erosion?

Yes, extensive and uncontrolled grazing causes soil erosion. It clears vegetation from the land and hence there is nothing that can stop the soil from being eroded away.

What are three types of soil erosion?

Mass Movement (Landslips and Slumps) Mass movement involves the downward movement of soil and rock under the assistance of gravity Water Erosion Water erosion is a two-part process involving the detachment and transport of soil particles. The water erosion process consists of discrete stages fro (MORE)

Why do you need to conserve soil erosion?

we need to conserve soil because it is a vital part of the ecosystem. soil is necessary for the proper growth of plants. it also helps to purify underground water.

How can overgrazing lead to soil erosion?

When livestock graze an area repeatedly without letting the grasses have enough time to grow back, they destroy not only the plants themselves, but also the root system. When the root system is depleted, and when the plants are grazed so close to the ground, the soil is exposed to the wind and rain, (MORE)

What helps stabilize soil from erosion?

plants such as grass, trees, and clovers have roots that grips on to the soil and stops it from moving when it rains. that is why you see grass on farmlands when not in use.

Can soil erosion be prevented?

Soil erosion can not be completely prevented but it can be greatly reduced. Clearing land removes vegetation and tree roots that hold the soil together. Some farming practices leave great tracts of land open to the winds that can blow the topsoil away, sometimes for thousands of miles. Clever and (MORE)

How does wind erosion effect soil?

The wind isn't so weak as you may think. In the deserts and places the wind shapes the sand and caries small particles of sand through the air. This slowly and effectively changes the shape of structures bit by bit.

How does waves cause soil erosion?

\n. soi\n Soil erosion is many things but, it is mostly the washing away of soil by the elements. Soil is naturally removed by the action of water or wind. Other causes of soil erosion can be plowing, deforestation, animal interference, and the land’s topography.

What is workplace hazard assessment and control?

Workplace hazard assessment and control is the process of identifying hazards in the workplace and eliminating them or reducing either the probability they will occur or their likely consequences.

What is the effect of soil erosion to agriculture?

soil erosion can affect the soils fertility and it's ability to grow plants,because the fertile soil was carried away by the water .in this case ,the farmer will be affected because of a low production due to soil's infertility.

What are other causes of soil erosion?

in my point of view,the basic cause of soil erosion is water . this has tremendous soil cutting capacity due to various small particles and high speed of water flow.This high speedy water carries the upper- most fertile layer of earth crust needed for successful plant production. The other major (MORE)

How do people contribute to soil erosion?

People (farmers) used to contribute heavily to erosion by plowing under their fields in the fall. The current practice of "no till" (letting crop residue stand over the winter) has greatly decreased erosion because the root systems of dead crops hold the soil in place until the following spring.

How does soil erosion affects the land?

Soil Erosion affects the land in many ways. It can take away the topsoil of the soil horizon which is important to growing crops and pasture for its organic matter. Also erosion can cause leaching of the soil which means that nutrients leave the soil and may become hazardous to aquatic life downstre (MORE)

How does soil erosion change the soil?

Erosion is the movement of weathered(broken down by water, wind, etc.) material. Soil erosion changes soil because it takes away nutrients from it. This in-turn makes the soil unhealthy which affects it's living organisms such as plants. This can affect us because when we eat the plants that are f (MORE)

How deforestration results in soil erosion?

Deforestation results in soil erosion because the usual trees that were holding the soil in place has been destroyed causing the area to be easily infiltrated by various types of erosion factors

What can help prevent the erosion of soil?

Preventing erosion isn't difficult. The best thing you can do is plant. Plant grass, flowers, trees, etc. When you plant things their roots dig down into the soil and hold it together it is very efficent. Also you can make a barrier with large rocks but that will only be a small fix until you plant (MORE)

How do a soil erosion look?

Soil erosion looks like soil being moved away for example:like you pour a cup of water on rice see how the rice moves ,soil erosion is something like that! .

What is one of the pitfalls of assessing hazards?

The obvious danger is the possibility of an inaccurate assessment. If the actual risk is greater than the assessment , proper prevention may not occur and unnecessary damage may occur. The assessor may also be blamed for not giving an adequate warning of a danger if an accident occurs. On the othe (MORE)

What is the conclusion of soil erosion?

The conclusion of soil erosion is that no soil remains in theoriginal location. It has all moved into the water area, which cancause these areas to become smaller.

Does plants prevents soil erosion?

Yes plants prevent soil erosion in many ways.One of the way is by its roots,as the root grow longer they bind it with the soil and help the soil from getting errodded.

What is the role of water in soil erosion?

The rate of erosion depends on many factors. Erosion is caused by "fluid flow". Any substance, like water, wind, or ice, which flows consistently from one place to another, will facilitate erosion. The geologic factors include the sediment or rock type, its porosity and permeability, the slope (grad (MORE)

Why is soil erosion is desirable for agriculture?

beauase root hold the soil and prevent from soil erosion. I think soil erosion is not desirable for agriculture. What is desirable about losing your soil. Soil is essential for agriculture and if you lose soil then you can't do agriculture.

Where is soil erosion?

Soil erosion is not the same as soil transfer. Soil erosion is when an element (ie: wind, water) erodes the soil, taking it away. Soil transfer is when an element (ie: wind, water) carries...soil ia a removal of top soil