Smoke and fog?

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Smoke is carbon particles. Fog is water vapor. Smoke forms soot. Fog forms dew. Smoke is dry. Fog is wet.
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What is fog?

droplets of water vapor suspended in the air near the ground . an atmosphere in which visibility is reduced because of a cloud of some substance . obscure: make less visible or unclear; "The stars are obscured by the clouds"; "the big elm tree obscures our view of the valley" . daze: confusion ch (MORE)

How does fog dissipate?

Answer . When temperature increases and humidity of air decreases the fog dissipates.. Answer,. Fog is moisture in the air condensing due to cooler ambient temperature at ground level. As the ambient temperature increases, generally due to the sun, the moisture in the fog will burn off and the (MORE)

How is fog formed?

Fog is a cloud in contact with the ground. Fog is defined as cloud which reduces visibility to less than 1 km, where as mist is that which reduces visibility to less than 2 km. . Fog forms when water vapor in the air at the surface begins to condense into liquid water. Fog normally occurs at a rel (MORE)

Is fog a solution?

Yes, fog is a solution because it is made up of air. Air containsmany gasses.

Is fog heterogeneous?

although fog would seem like a homogeneous solution, it is heterogeneous because of the chemicals inside the fog. so it would be considered a colloid, which means it's heterogeneous but looks like homogeneous

How does fog form?

Fog is formed in 4 different ways. . radiation fog . advection fog . upslope fog . steam fog

Where does fog come from?

For comes from the process of condensation. It is formed when warmair meets colder air. Water vapor in the air is cooled enough toturn to a liquid in the form of tiny water droplets.

Why do we get fog?

Fog is basically just a cloud that has lost altitude. The humidityhas reached more than 100%, and the water starts to appear asvapor. You will also find that every outdoor surface has a coatingof moisture.

Why does fog occur? define fog as a cloud at the earth's surface. Technical definition of fog Technically, fog is a suspension of small water droplets in the air, reducing horizontal visibility at the earth's surface. Fog forms Fog forms when the air near the ground becomes saturated and condensat (MORE)

What creates fog?

Fog is a cloud which is in contact with the ground. Fog and clouds are formed when air is cooled at a rapid rate. Clouds are created because humid air cools as it rises into the atmosphere.

Is fog a gas?

No, fog is actually droplets of liquid water suspended in air. The droplets stay in the air for a long time because they are very small and have large drag compared to their weight force. Water vapour (gas) is about as clear as air, which is why you cannot see relative humidity

When driving in the fog?

Adjust your speed so that you are able to stop on the amount ofroad that is visible. Use rear fog lights if visibility is lessthan 100m. Front fog lights are sometimes beneficial and high beamswill dazzle you and decrease visibility.

What rhymes with fog?

log dog jog sog your a hoe synagaug bog cog hog 1 syllable : bog , clague , clog , cog , dague , dog , flog , fogg , frog , frogg , frogge , grogg , haag , haug , hog , hogg , hogge , jog , krog , lague , log , maag , mogg , og , ogg , plog , pog , prague , (MORE)

Why does fog evaporate?

fog evaporates because it is water particles in the air and water evaporates at a certain boiling point so if it is too hot the fog would evaporate and vanish into the air or just evaporate till it reaches the point in the atmosphere where it is cold enough to be a fog or it could completely evapora (MORE)

Will a Fog machine set off smoke alarms?

I don't think so. Try it. The answer as of 3/22/10 is YES!!! I had this happen to me today while teaching a science class at a school with very little fog used. BE CAREFUL!!!! I had the fire department come out and everything. SO YES, IT DOES WORK!!!!!!!

What is photochemical fog?

It forms when photons of sunlight hit moleculesof different kinds of pollutants in the atmosphere. The photons make chemical reactions happen. The pollution molecules turn into other kinds of nasty chemicals. That mixture of bad chemicals is called photochemical smog.. The chemicals in photochemica (MORE)

Fog is an example of a what?

Fog is condensed water vapor in cloudlike masses lying close to the ground and limiting visibility. Fog can also be called a low cloud. Source:

Is fog a substance?

Fog is condensed water vapor in cloudlike masses lying close to the ground and limiting visibility. It is water vapor, so yes, it is a substance.

Why is fog a gas?

As far as I know, it's a load of miniscule water droplets suspended in the air because they are small and light enough to. It wouldn't be a gas, but a liquid that is so small that you can hardly see it.

How is fog an emulsion?

Fog is an emulsified water in air. The tiny water droplets are scattered so much so that it inhibits precipitation.

How do you stop fog?

Answer: . Either warm the air so it can absorb more moisture, or reduce the amount of moisture in the air.. No you can't.. Sorry?. Move its not going to happen.. Come up with an invention to stop it.

Is fog precipitation?

No fog isn't precipitation. Mist is though especially Scotch mist. Fog isn't precipitation because it is suspended, like a cloud, and never falls like rain and cannot be measured. Virga is precipitation that evaporates before hitting the ground and Scotch mist is almost like a very very fine rain.

Why fog is a colloid?

Because it is an example of a liquid dissolved in a gas . The water is dissolved in the air to form a mixture.

What is mixture of smoke and fog called?

Smog is known as a mixture of fog and smoke. It is a phenomenonfound in places with natural fog and smoke created by industries asa result of burning of different things.

What do you call a mixture of fog and smoke?

A mixture of smoke and fog is called smog. During the Industrial Revolution Smog became a major health concernin some European cities such as London (predominantly lung diseaseand breathing disorders). Smog can cause deterioration of structures and historical landmarksas the chemicals in the fog ar (MORE)

What is the poem fog about?

They poem "Fog" Is like a cat. It stalks around a city and breezes througgh silently like cat paws. in the city and then moves on like a cat after meowing

What is fog consist of?

Fog is nothing but is like a cloud near ground surface which consists of suspended water particles much smaller than in a actual cloud in sky. During the day air is warm and humid and when the temperature is down, the water vapor in air condenses and forms fog which sticks near the ground and it fu (MORE)

What is a fog war?

That is called The fog of war which encompasses all of the confusions and miscalculations which can occur during an actual combat situation. There is also a political version of the fog of war, in which public opinion can be swayed by misinformation or ambiguous reporting of the facts.

How fog was created?

Fog was created by cold cloud floating up to the sun. The sun doesn't like it so the cloud get spits out and sinks down to the bottom and becomes fog.

What make fog?

Weather conditions ! Fog is caused by moist air condensing on contact with cold surfaces.

Why does a window fog?

If in the house or in a vehicle the reason is the same, fogging is the humidity of the inside of the house/vehicle meeting the cooler temperatures of the glass area and condensing on that surface. If it happens a lot in your home check your furnace or room humidifier and decrease the amount of moist (MORE)

What is the plural of fog?

Fogs is the proper plural form of fog . However, fog is also commonly accepted as a standing plurality ofits root on its own and is used more frequently than fogs .

Why can fog be a hazard?

Fog reduces visibility, especially dangerous to a driver. It alsodampens road surfaces, lengthening braking distances.

Is fog a noun?

The word 'fog' is both a verb and a noun . The noun 'fog' is a word for a cloud of tiny water dropletssuspended in the atmosphere at or near the earth's surface; a finespray or a foam for firefighting; a state of mental confusion; aword for a thing.

What is the biggest part of smog smoke or fog?

smog: a mixture of smoke and fog . smoke: air pollution from incomplete burning; typicallyincludes soot , unburned hydrocarbons , etc. maycontain sulfur oxides and/or nitrogen oxides whichcan react with water producing acids . fog: water droplets suspended in air (i.e. a cloudsitting o (MORE)