Some angiosperm flowers are capable of self pollination However when they are pollinated by bees plants receive a benefit they cannot achieve on their own What is this benefit?

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When angiosperms are pollinated by bees, the pollen which they receive is usually from a different plant. By pollinating the flower with pollen from a different plant, the bees are increasing the genetic diversity of the offspring. If self-fertilisation in angiosperms does occur, the offspring will be clones of their parents.
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Do all bees pollinate flowers?

Bees of all varieties pollenate flowers, but not all bees do so. This may seem a contradiction, but only the worker bees pollinate, not the queens or drones.

How do bees pollinate flowers?

Bees are attracted to flowers by their bright colours and their desire to collect nectar. Nectar tends to be found close to the base of the petals and as the bee attempts to reach it the bee brushes against the male stamens of the flower, which deposit pollen on to its fur. When the bee flies to ano (MORE)

Why do bees pollinate flowers?

Bees are attracted to flowers because they supply them with nectar. During the process of gathering nectar the pollen of the flower sticks to the bee and is carried to other flowers so inducing pollination.

How do you keep a plant from self-pollinating?

Cut of its Tips before it flowers or pollinate it yourself early on in the flowering cycle with the pollen from the plant you want to pollinate it with. PS. you are not god destroying the genetic integrity of plants (Hybridising) should only be done with thought and caution. And in a maintained cont (MORE)

How does a bee pollinate a flower?

When bees pollinate flowers when they visit a flower, pollen from that flower sticks to the bee. The bee flies to another flower of the same type and pollen that was stuck to the bee gets brushed onto the pistil of the flower. The flower is now pollinated and will begin to develop seeds and fruit.

What is a self-pollinating plant?

pollen from one flower or plant can fertilize the eggs of the same flower or the eggs of another flower on the same plant. another definition is both male and female reproductive structures.

How do bees know which flower to pollinate?

Bees do not ' know' anything. They just fly from flower to flower gathering pollen and nectar to take back home and feed baby bees. In the process, bees accidentally leave a wee bit of that pollen on other flowers - just enough to pollinate them.

What flowers do not need to be pollinated by bees?

Night-flowering, other-pollinated, and wind-pollinated flowers are those which do not need to be pollinated by bees. For example, night-flowering plants may be pollinated by bats, beetles or flies whereas the wind takes responsibility for less bright-colored, less sweet-scented herbaceous flora.

How do plants self pollinate?

the pollen of the flower combine with the stigma of the same flower or of another flower but in the same plant to make new generation

Why plant cannot pollinate itself?

that is like asking, "Why can't I fertilize myself?" Think about it, we don't alone have the right combination of... um... well, sperm. Can a guy and another male have a child? No, why? because man alone doesn't have the right combination of sperm in his body, the same way for a female and another f (MORE)

How does a plant prevent self-pollination?

By having the pistils form a few days after the stamens do. . In some plants, a toxin called S-RNase poisons the pollen tube if the pollen and pistil are too closely related, thus preventing inbreeding.. Credit: Nicolle Rager Fuller, National Science Foundation

Do only bees pollinate plants?

no actually butterflys do it too. Moths do it. pretty much every insect or bug does, BUT only bees use it to make honey

Does a flower need a bee even if it can self-pollinate itself?

Generally speaking cross-pollination (moving pollen from the flower of one plant to the flower of another plant) is considered better than self-pollination. Continual self-pollination of plants results in inbreeding (although sometimes a good thing) and very little genetic divergance. This means th (MORE)

Why do insects pollinate flowers and plants?

Getting nutrients and guaranteeing food sources are reasons why insects pollinate flowers and plants. For example, honeybees consume nectar while they move from flower to flower and simultaneously transport pollen between differently gendered plant (female, male).

What plants do bees pollinate?

Bees pollinate the majority of fruits, flowers and vegetables. Theywill not pollinate grains such as corn and wheat, firs or soybeans.

What plants are pollinated by bees?

There are over 100 different plants that are pollinated by beeseach year. Some of these plants include bucket orchids, strawberrytrees, and arrowleaf clovers.

Can bumble bees pollinate plants?

Bumble bees indeed do pollinate plants. In fact because they have a longer proboscis they can pollinate some plants that honey bees can't.

How do bees pollinate a flower?

A bee visits a flower to get nectar from the nectaries. As it does so it brushes against the stamens and the pollen sticks to the hairs on the bee's body. When it visits the next flower some of the pollen is brushed off on to the flower's stigma, pollinating the flower.Bees will tend to keep visitin (MORE)

How do plants prevent self-pollination?

In order to keep a plant from self-pollinating, you must remove part of its reproductive parts. Mendel did this when testing the genes of pea plants, and then he was able to mix a separate plant's pollen without worrying about self-pollination occurring.

What benefit does a bee offer that a self pollinating flowering plant cannot achieve on its own?

That the plant will grow over an area wider than the immediate ground in which the plant grows and that natural hybridization may take place are among the benefits that a bee offers and that a self pollinating flowering plant can't achieve on its own. The reason lies in the bee carrying away poll (MORE)

How does insect pollination benefit the insect?

The insects collect sweet nectar from the flowers. While they are drinking the nectar, pollen sticks to their bodies then when they land on other flowers to get more nectar the pollen fertilizes other flowers. Bees are good at pollinating flowers because they need lots nectar to make honey and they (MORE)

How do plants without flowers pollinate?

You are probably thinking of gymnosperms. Gymnosperms still have pollen, but it is not protected by a flower like angiosperms. This pollen is transferred and fertilization occurs like any other plant.

How do human beings benefit from plant pollination?

Agriculture is highly dependent on plant pollination in order to produce the food we eat. Without adequate pollination less food (if any) will be produced, which means less food to feed more hungry mouths.

How do flowers prevent self pollination?

Many plants that have both female and male parts, will only have one operational at once (if that makes sense). They tend to have one dormant for a while and then they change statuses. this helps with preventing self pollination yeow

What are the characteristics of self pollinated plants?

There are two types of pollination, cross pollination and self pollination. self pollination occur when male part (androecium) of the flower of one plant pollinated on the female part (gynoecium) of the same individual. usually plant with self pollination will have characteristics like: 1. the anthe (MORE)

Could a flower be self pollinating?

Some flowers may pollinate by themselves in an action called self-pollination. For this to occur the flower must have both male and female parts and isn't adapted to prevent self-pollination.

How do Bees they pollinate plants?

An administrative division , subnational entity , or country subdivision is a portion of a country or other political division, established for the purpose of government. Administrative divisions are each granted a certain degree of autonomy, and are required to manage themselves through their o (MORE)

Can most plants be self pollinated?

Majority of plants prefer cross pollination but most of these can also self pollinate if there is no selfing barrier such as selfincompatibility or protogyny etc.

What is self pollination of plant?

Self-pollination of a plant is where a plant's pollen (from the anthers) lands on the same plant's stigma, causing it to pollinate itself. This is contrasted with cross-pollination which is where one plant's pollen lands on another plant's stigma. Plants often do specific things to avoid self-pollin (MORE)

Is a daffodil a cross pollinating flower or a self pollinating flower?

Daffodils have two ways to reproduce: . Asexually by bulbs producing clones of the parent plant. Thisis the most efficient way to produce new plants. . Sexually through seeds producing new and interesting hybrids;however, it takes 5-7 years of growth before the flower appears onthese plants. The (MORE)