The maximum of pieces into which a pizza can be cut by making six cuts?

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If you want an even-sized pieces, you can make a 7-slice pizza. Otherwise, the maximum is 22. (.5x^2 + .5x + 1 is the formula to determine the maximum number of slices if you use "x" cuts.) If you want even-sized slices, you can make a 7-slice pizza. Otherwise, the maximum number of slices is 22. (.5x^2 + .5x + 1 is the formula to determine the maximum number of slices if you use "x" cuts.)
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Why does cutting a flatworm into pieces not kill it?

In gereral, the more poorly differentiated (the fewer complex structures that have specific functions) an organism is, the greater its ability to live and re-grow after being cut apart. Worms have this ability to re-grow in entirety, as do lower organisms like amoebas and fungi. In flatworms, their cells have the ability to differentiate into any type of tissue that the worm might need. These types of cells are called stem cells, and are the subject of ongoing research in medicine as to their applications in humans. There is a limit, however. a tiny slice of flatworm would not be able to develop into another worm.

How can you cut a pizza into 8 pieces with 3 straight cuts?

Answer . Well let's see. . .. Step 1. cut the pizza in half.. Step 2. place one half on top of the other half.. Step 3. make a second cut to both halves at the same time leghtwise.. Step 4. make a third cut perpendicular to the last cut.. you end up with 8 pieces and you only made 3 cuts.

How many trees are cut down to make one piece of paper?

It would take a rough average of 24 trees to produce a ton ofpaper. We can estimate that it takes about 12 trees to make a tonof ground wood and newsprint. SOME TYPICAL CALCULATIONS: . 1 ton of uncoated virgin (non-recycled) printing and officepaper uses 24 trees . 1 ton of 100% virgin (non-recycled) newsprint uses 12trees . A "pallet" of copier paper (20-lb. sheet weight, or 20#)contains 40 cartons and weighs 1 ton. Therefore, . 1 carton (10 reams) of 100% virgin copier paper uses .6trees . 1 tree makes 16.67 reams of copy paper or 8,333.3 sheets . 1 ream (500 sheets) uses 6% of a tree (and those add upquickly!) . 1 ton of coated, higher-end virgin magazine paper (used formagazines like National Geographic and many others) uses a littlemore than 15 trees (15.36) . 1 ton of coated, lower-end virgin magazine paper (used fornewsmagazines and most catalogs) uses nearly 8 trees (7.68) . 23 trees needed for make a ton of paper

What is a meter cut into octillion pieces?

\nAn Octillion is 1 followed by 27 zeros.\n. \nIf you cut a meter into octillion pieces you would have an octillion pieces that looked like this\n. \n1/1000000000000000000000000000\n. \nA water molecule is less than one nanometer and a nanometer is one billionth of a meter.\n. \nyou would need 1000000000000000000 (a pentillion(or 1 followed by 18 zeros)) of the fraction above before you got to the thickness of a water molecule.\n. \nIt might be safe to say that nothing is this thin.\n. \nShaquille O’Neal, a very tall basketball player, is 2,160,000,000 nanometers tall

Who cut the flag into pieces and was honored for it?

wasnt it Betsy ross. who cut up different flags to make a basic model of what we have now?

If it takes June minutes to cut a log into two pieces how long would it take her to cut a log into six pieces?

Five times as many minutes as it takes her to cut it into two pieces. That's cutting time only, not counting rest breaks.

How can you divide a pizza into eight equal pieces using three cuts without rearranging the pizza?

Cut the pizza in half along a diameter going from west to east. Then cut the two halves along a diameter going from north to south. Finally, cut the four quarters with a circular cut that is centered on the center of the pizza and having a radius of about 71% that of the pizza (the exact figure is the square root of one half). Give the pieces from inside the circle to your friends who don't like the crust. By the way, it isn't possible to do this so that all eight pieces include part of the crust; the circumference of the pizza would have to be cut eight times, but it can only be cut twice by each of the three cuts. STOP LYING

Is there a program where you can cut songs into pieces?

Yes there is, Nero 08, im i remember correctly, has a audio editor. All you have to do is add the file to it, and then edit it on the page, its fairly simple and user friendly. if you cant find it, search Nero wave editor, best of luck

How do you cut a pizza?

There really isn't a true way to cut pizza but it is traditonally cut through the center to the other side into equal pieces.

How can you cut a pizza into 11 pieces with 4 straight cuts?

A pizza can be cut into eleven pieces with 4 straight cuts if an Xis cut, then the rest of the pizza is cut starting from the rightand working to the left in four straight lines.

How is DNA cut into pieces?

DNA can be cut into pieces by endonucleases, some of which are called "restriction enzymes".

Maximum number of pieces into which a pizza can be cut by making 7 cuts?

The Rule for this would be: (n 2 + n + 2)/2 so: (7 2 + 7 + 2)/2 =(49 + 7 + 2)/2 =(58)/2 =29 29 is the answer.

How can you cut a cake into 7 equal pieces making only 3 straight cuts?

1) One vertical cut in half. 2) A second vertical cut at 90 degrees to the previous one. You should now have 4 equal pieces. 3) Make a cut parallel to the table, halfway through the cake. Like you are slicing a bagel in half or a subway sandwich. Should now have 8 equal pieces. 4) Eat one piece!

How can you cut a round cake into 8 pieces by only making 3 cuts?

You cut the cake twice to make four pieces (quarters) then you cut it across, doubling the pieces you have to 8.

Can you cut wood with a piece of paper?

No. Paper is made from trees though. Now, paper is light, and cannot cut through trees. . - Caroline Rogers

How do you cut a square into 12 pieces?

2 horizontal cuts and 3 vertical cuts OR 3 horizontal cuts and 2 vertical cuts

How do you cut a cake into 16 pieces?

If the cake is circular cut from one side across the top through the middle to the other side. Either cut across halfway between the top and bottom of the cake, then cut at right-angles to the line to make a cross. Then cut across the cake halfway between the arms of the cake, then half way between the other tow arms of the original cross. The cuts will look like spokes in a wheel. Or, if you don't make the first cut, do all the other cuts and then cut between the lines again to divide the existing pieces in half. A Square cake is easier. Halfway across one side of the cake cut across the middle of the cake from top to bottom. Cut across the cake halfway between the first cut and the outside edge of the cake, parallel to the first cut. Do the same to the other half. Turn the cake a quarter turn. Make the same 3 cuts at right-angles to the original cuts. The cake should have a checkerboard pattern with 16 squares.

How do you cut a piece of paper in half?

With a pair of scissors. Personally I use my mind to will the paper to cut itself.

Is there a way to order pizza so it is cut into smaller pieces than the 8 big triangles?

Yes. Bobs pizza, how may I help you. Yes,m I'll have a plain pizza, cut into sixteenths.

How do you cut a circle into 6 pieces?

Divide the circle's circumference into six 60 degree angles and join the angles to its centre then cut it into 6 equal pieces.

How many pieces can you get from 100 cuts?

This is a trick question: if the ends of the object are not connected, you would get 101 pieces. If the object is something like a rubber band with no end piece, you would have 100 pieces.

Can you cut a cake into 8 pieces with 3 straight cuts?

First Cut: 2 pieces Second Cut: Place the pieces vertically on top of each other and cut. Gives 4 pieces Third Cut: Again place vertically and cut. Gives 8 pieces

If David has a pizza cut in thirds and Katie has one cut in fourths who has the most pizza?

If both pizzas are the same size, they both have the same amount of pizza.

How many pieces can a donut be cut into with two cuts?

Maximum number possible is five pieces by making two lines that border the hole in the center and intersect near one end.

How is Lord Voldemort cut into pieces?

Lord Voldemort wasn't actually cut into pieces, it was his soul that was cut into pieces. In Harry Potter whenever someone kills another person they spilt their soul and it becomes vulnerable. This allows the person to put a broken piece of their soul into an object, creating a Horcrux. Lord Voldemort created seven of these: his diary, Marvolo Gaunt's ring, Salazar Slytherin's locket, Helga Hufflepuff's cup, Rowena Ravenclaw's diadem, Harry Potter, Nagini his snake and the last remaining part of his soul was inside his own body. Voldemort never intended on leaving a piece of his soul inside Harry, and was unaware that he had until he had destroyed it. Technically, Harry is not a real Horcrux because Voldemort never went through the Horcrux process to make him but he still had a piece of Voldemort's soul inside him.

Who cuts stone into pieces?

A diamond cutter cuts diamond stones depending on the highlights of the particular stone that s/he wants to preserve. These are its colour and its clarity. Then a cut is planned to preserve the highest carat weight for the stone.

How do you cut a circle into 12 pieces?

You could use a knife, scissors, or a chainsaw, depending what material your circle is made from.

What is the largest number of pieces of pizza you could get with 5 straight cuts?

The largest number of pieces is 10. Each time you cut it across you divide the pizza into 2. dividing it by 2, 5 times gives us 10.

How long does it take to cut a pizza?

It only takes about 5 seconds if you use a proper pizza cutter. Though if you are using a regular knife, it will probably take 1 minute and it depends on how sharp your knife is.

How do you cut a round pizza into 11 pieces with exactly 4 straight cuts?

First you cut the pizza into 4 pieces using two cuts in the obvious way. then you stack all four pieces and cut the pile in half to give you 8 pieces in three cuts. Then you stack 3 of your pieces and cut them in half to finally give 11 pieces in 4 cuts.

What is the maximum number of slices a pizza can be cut into with n cuts?

2n or 2 x n because if you cut it one time it will be two slices (1 x 2) it you cut it two times it will be four slices (2 x 2) ''---------------- I am afraid that's not correct. Based on the above for 3 cuts, n=3 and number of slices would be 3x2=6, which is not the correct answer. If the the third cut intersects both the previous cuts at dfifferent points, you would get 7 slices. And if you make a fourth cut in such a way that it intersects previous cuts at different points, you would get 11 slices. (Now slices may be crumb sized, that is a different matter, but mathematically that is the max slices you could make!!) In general, maximum number of slices with n cuts would be (n^2 + n + 2)/2

What is used to cut DNA into pieces?

A restriction enzyme. Used by bacteria to cut up viral DNA but co-opted for recombination work these days.

How can you cut a pizza into 8 pieces with 3 straight cuts without move?

dont think so Step 1. cut the pizza in half. Step 2. place one half on top of the other half. Step 3. make a second cut to both halves at the same time leghtwise. Step 4. make a third cut perpendicular to the last cut. you end up with 8 pieces and you only made 3 cuts. Read more:

What Do You Use For Cutting Up Pizza?

A pizza cutter (or pizza wheel). An ordinary knife or a pair of kitchen scissors may prove useful too.

Can a pie be cut into more than seven pieces by making four diameters cuts?

Four diameter cuts, if none of them are the same, will always cut a pie into 8 pieces.

How do you cut a pizza in 5 slices?

first rub it all over your chest. second hit it with a bat. third cut with a banana peel. and there you have it.

How do you cut a pizza into 15 piece with 5 cuts?

you can cut two horizontal cuts and one vertical cuts it'll create two columns of three slices now, with the last two cuts run a cut that splits at least four current slices making ten slices total and your last cut should split 5 current slices making 15 total i wish i could show you but it'll give you 15 slices

How do you cut pizza into 7 pieces with three cuts?

Make two cuts normally, then make the third cut along a line that crosses both of the first two cuts but does not pass through their intersection.

How do you cut a piece of cake?

Really dude you take a knife and slice the cake and half then into quarters followed by eights

How do you cut a parallelogram in to 8 pieces?

Select any side. Divide its length into 8 equal sections using 7 points. From each division point, draw a line parallel to to the adjacent side across the parallelogram. The seven lines will divide the parallelogram into 8 pieces.

How can you cut a pizza into 29 pieces with 7 straight cuts?

Cut a pizza into 2 using one straight cut. Stack the pieces and make a straight cut: you now have2 2 = 4 pieces from 2 cuts. Stack these and make a straight cut: you now have 2 3 = 8pieces from 3 cuts. Continue. After 7 cuts you can have 2 7 = 128 pieces. You can reduce the number of pieces to 29 if, after the fourth cut,you stack and cut only 11 pieces and thereafter cut just one eachtime. There are other options which give the same result.

If the length of a piece of string... is any length of string cut from a spool... 'what is the maximum length of a piece of a piece of string' or 'how much string is on a spool'?

100 metres seems to be the length of a spool of gardeners cotton ... we are not talking about jute twine here! So the maximum length of a piece of string would be 999.99mm! So the real answer to 'how long is a piece of string?' would be... anything between 0.01mm to 999.99mm. .

Does a pizza store use the same knife for cutting pizzas?

No they do not it would cause food posioning and everyone would have gotten sick then they would close down.

When food is in your stomach why is it cut into pieces?

This helps your body absorb the important nutrients in the food an helps to get rid of the waste

How do you cut square into 4 pieces?

Either cut along three non-intersecting lines or two intersectinglines. The lines need not be straight.

What length do you need to cut pieces of wood to make an octagon with a circumference of 46 inches?

There is too much extra needed information before an answer can be given. Is the wood to make only the circumference, or would it make all the surface, what is the width of the wood, what design to make the octagon.

How can you cut a piece of log to get maximum number of pieces from 3 cuts?

One horizontal cut, one vertical cut (north-south), one vertical cut (east-west). That will get you 8 pieces.

What is the maximum wood cut length at Home Depot you would like to by 4'x8' plywood at Home Depot and have them cut it into 2- 2'x8' pieces Can their cutter do this?

It can, and very easily. A Home Depot store has two wood saws. One is a radial arm saw, and it can cut any of the dimensional stock but 6x6s which won't fit in the saw, and they won't cut Hardiboard siding because it tears up the blade. The other is a panel saw that can cut any wooden sheet goods but not drywall, concrete board or Hardipanel siding.

How many times to cut a cubical cake into a maximum of 125 identical piecesif the cake can be cut n times to get minimum of 120 pieces?

In one sense you cannot. The cakes would have a different number offaces which were part of the original faces. To that extent thepieces will not be identical. If such pieces are considered identical, and if the cake pieces canbe stacked before cutting, then 9 cuts will suffice. Withoutstacking, 12 cuts are required. If the cake can be stacked and cut, and a little wastage (less than2.5%) is pemitted, then 7 cuts will be enough.

What is to cut into very small pieces?

Chop, dice are two possibilities: Chop the onion into small pieces. Dice the meat intosmall pieces.