Three elements that are central to sustainable development?

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There are three elements that are central to sustainable development. These are namely the environment, society, and lastly the economy.

What does sustainable development?

Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of thepresent without compromising the ability of future generations tomeet their own needs. In other words, we ha

How Can development be sustainable?

ANSWER by BipolarAttorney 02/07/08 Sustainable development is a term that refers to development that is environmentally conscious. There are numerous factors taken into acco

What does sustainable development mean?

Sustainable development is about creating everlasting emprovement through the provesion of ecological, social and economical combination in which will continue providing the i

What is sustainable developement?

I think the correct answer to be said is , Preserving things as well as using it. eg. using water as well as saving it.

What are the three elements required to sustain a fire?

Fuel such as wood, kindling such as paper, or dried pine needles, and combustion, such as a strike of flint or a match being struck. ZMAN OUT! Simple ....... . Wind . Ear

Why is the issue of sustainability important for development?

1. suppose a particular country is quite developed we would like this level of development to go up further or at-least we maintained for future generation. 2. since the seco

What are the five reasons why agriculture is the central element of civilization and development?

The main reasons why agriculture is the central element of civilization and development are: . Agriculture provides food to people who cannot or do not know how to grow, ga