Three ways to sustain the rainforest?

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1. If peopel cut down trees or clear out rainforests/forests
they should replant new trees so that a new set of
trees would be grown and that would make a rainforest/forest

2. We need to recycle paper, wood, and cardboard to reduce the need
to cut down trees so animals don't lose their habitats, not only
animals but also insects and rainforest people.

3. Laws should be put in place to stop tourists from taking things out of the rainforest and destroying the land surrounding them

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What does sustainable mean in connection with the rainforest?

It means adopting practices that conserve the rainforests by maintaining the ecological integrity of the rainforest. Leave what is left of the rainforest, and develop ways to

What is a sustainable way to use a rainforest?

By not cutting too many trees and replace the tree you have cut by planting another.. And not wasting land e.g when you are mining for minerals you must not leave the area me

How can you use the tropical rainforest in a sustainable way?

Don't cut down trees. A little is OK, but don't madly ravage about cutting everything in sight. Also don't kill animals. Every animal is a part of the food chain, and cutting

How can the Amazon rainforest be used sustainably?

You can do the simplest things like for every tree you chop down you plant a new one. Also things like only chop the mature trees down and the young tree grow. or when you cut