Tiny indentations of the plasma membrane that resemble caves are called?

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Why is the plasma membrane called selectively permeable?

Let trans-membrane transport of molecules be either passive, or facilitated, or active: the plasma [bi-lipid layer] membrane has the power to exclude molecules It selects from

What is the structural model of the plasma membrane called?

The plasma membrane is the most thoroughly studied of all cell membranes, and it is largely through investigations of the plasma membrane that our current concepts of membrane

Why is the plasma membrane called a unit membrane?

The plasma membrane is called a unit membrane because it is structurally and biochemically the same in all organelles, naturally including the pervasive endoplasmic reticulum.
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Why are lipid bylayers called plasma membranes?

Lipid molecules occur in the form of quasi-static fluid state. They are constantly in the random motion. Also, they have charges on their surface. Thus, they are in a state th