Were non-waxed taper wicks invented in colonial time?

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A glass beaker is completely filled with 456 c.c. of a liquid when both the glass beaker and the liquid are at a temperature of 33.3oC. If the glass beaker and the liquid are cooled to 5oC. what additional volume of liquid (in c.c.) can be put into the beaker?

Volumetric coefficient of expansion of liquid is 0.000109K-1 and the coefficient of linear expansion for glass is 3.2X10-6K-1
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A tapered shaft is just as strong as a non-tapered (or standard hosel) shaft as long as you are using the flex rating, blade pattern, and lie of the blade that are correct for

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It is a long thin wax candle, the kind you see in carefully posed photographs of thanksgiving suppers.

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