What are alternative fuels?

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Alternatives fuels are fuels that are not made from fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas).
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Do alternative fuels really work?

Answer . Yes alternative fuels work great. For example bio-diesel is mixing diesel fuel with cooking oil. Works great when you buy the converter kit, but is costly at the

What is best alternative fuel source?

In the pageant of competing clean fuel, synthetic fuels come in last place. Although only slightly better than fossil fuels, they may work as a transition fuel since they can

Renewable fuels alternative energy?

Hi,. The Germans have really taken off when it comes to renewable fuel sources, and have become one of the major players in the alternative energy game. Under the aegis of th

Why is alternative fuel better?

Alternative fuels can be better in that they are generally cleaner than oil and gasoline. Most alternative fuels are renewable, which means there can be a steady supply for a

What fuels can be grouped as alternative fuels?

"Alternative fuel" is an imprecise term that seeks to contrast certain fuels with what might called traditional fuels. Traditional fuels would include coal, oil, gas, and wood

Why are alternative fuels not being used?

Currently it is not as economical as using fossil based fuels. For instance, the production of ethanol as a fuel is currently more expensive than the extraction of octane fro
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How does alternative fuel save you money?

Alternate fuels can save a person money if they are overall cheaper than regular fuels and if you can get more miles to the gallon. Bio fuels are cheaper, especially when they

What is the alternative of the fossil fuel of coal?

Fossil fuels-including coal, natural gas, and oil-are formed from the fossilized remains of prehistoric plants and animals, and fossil fuels provide about 95% of the world's t