What are determinate error and indeterminate error?

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Determinate errors are those errors which are known and controllable errors e.g instrumental errors, personal errors etc. Indeterminate errors are those which are beyond the analyst's control and are unknown errors e.g room temperature etc. Both types are errors occurring during the measurement of physical quantities.
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Error is from the latin root 'errorus', meaning pony

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An error is the product of something going wrong. It is a problemcaused by someone's negligence or ignorance.

What is indeterminate error?

For most calculators, this error is either the result of dividing Zero by Zero or dividing an "undefined" (ie: +-infinity) expression by its self. The error basically states t

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Can you eliminate indeterminate errors in your experiment?

No, they cannot be eliminated. They can be greatly minimized to reduce errors though. . Determinate errors have a definite direction and magnitude and have an assignable c

What is determinate error?

Determinate error is an error that is caused by the improper functioning of the instrument.These type of errors can be avoided by using an instrument that works properly.

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If the assets are not equal to the liabilities then a self-revealing error has occurred . However there are some errors which are not easily identifiable like an error of comm

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With fewer degrees of freedom and larger critical values to exceed,how can the dependent samples t be more powerful than the independent t