What are disadvantages of right to education act?

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Without the right to education, people would be ignorant and would assume education as invaluable. People would not claim and pursue anything, they won't try their best to attain it because they believe they don't deserve it. Others won't be given a chance to have it because they don't have the right to. Prejudice and judgement will rule the world. Education is like a light that helps us create our worldview, without it, everything will fall apart.
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Disadvantages of co-education?

There are both Advantages and disadvantages to this, this answer will discuss both. People in Co-Ed tend to have a broader outlook on life as they have been exposed to both male and female views on life and organisation etc. People in Co-Ed Tend to know better how to react around a member of t (MORE)

What the disadvantage of having good education?

There is nothing bad about having a good education, unless you use that good for evil an example is that when you know so much about the body and the blood vessels and all that, you could use it against nature of saving people and kill people you dislike or just harm them for nonetheless reasons. So (MORE)

Disadvantages of co education?

most disadvantage is some girls and boys fall in love during study that would be major problem tp get sucsess and also the figting of boys with each other takes place for one girl

What are the advantages and disadvantages of co-education?

Advantages: People in Co-Ed tend to have a broader outlook on life as they havebeen exposed to both male and female views on life and organizationetc. People in Co-Ed Tend to know better how to react around a member ofthe opposite sex, a couple of weeks ago i was at a science andengineering compet (MORE)

What are the disadvantages of sex education?

@ a sex education might manipulate the innocent one to try it because of their curiosity, therefore, the will edify themselves. \n @convincing the innocent to become sexual active..

What are the disadvantages of education?

There are a few small disadvantages to getting an education. Forone thing, a formal education can result in a child losing some oftheir individual creativity. For another thing, some collegedegrees can be unusable in a bad economy. This results injoblessness for some graduates.

What are the disadvantages of educational software?

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Disadvantages of using ICT in education?

Students may become too reliant on computers and not learn other skills thoroughly enough. So for example, they may use the computer to do some mathematical activities rather than learning and understanding themselves. They may be able to get a good result, but not really know what it means. Student (MORE)

Disadvantages of education?

In general terms, the disadvantages of education (understood as theformal preparation of youth for productive living as individualsand as members of society) are not numerous, but they aresignificant. Any formal education program will suffer from the factthat new truths are often discovered which wi (MORE)

What are the other disadvantages of sex education?

While the advantages of teaching sex the ins and outs far outway the disadvantages there are some hidden disadvantages, First an ever increasing number of students don't get the whole message because of attention defict. Second believe it or not there are still some virgins in school and this type o (MORE)

Disadvantage of co education?

Distractions are one of the biggest disadvantages of coeducation.Often times, both boys and girls feel more comfortableparticipating in class when they're with their own gender.

Disadvantage of not having an education?

There are primarily two disadvanges to being uneducated: first, some of the information which is imparted by an education is actually useful, and secondly, many prospective employers prefer to hire people who are educated. Beyond that, you can have a more intellectually rich life if you are exposed (MORE)

What are the disadvantages of single sex education?

The disadvantages are that the students do not interact with the opposite sex and do not cooperate. They need to be together to have a relationship. Also they make children unable to flirt with the opposite sex. This is very important as it leads to reproduction which continues the human race.

How do you get educational rights?

A crafty answer would be - the same way as you get 'other' rights. But that's true.. You need to define context and qualify what do you mean by education. Education is not quite part of human rights (although getting primary education in children's mother tongue when he/she gets it is a right undr (MORE)

Advantages and disadvantages of physical education?

Without mandatory physical education, some students may ignoreexercise altogether. The advantages of PE are teaching childrengood exercise habits and improvement of future health.Disadvantages are the liability issue if a child gets hurt, andacademic conflict for students that may need extra help in (MORE)

What are the disadvantages of a formal education?

nowadays, formal education have become like a business. parents are working hard day and night for arranging money to pay the fees for the student's education. while on the other hand, the fees of the school are rising immensely so the quality of education is also deteriorating at a very high speed (MORE)

Is education a right?

Education is a basic human right granted to every person by his or her government. Education is more of a necessity than a right because an uneducated person becomes a liability.

What are the disadvantages of co -education?

It will be acknowledged some religious groups have long been opposed to this practice, for both real and theoretical- and some far-fetched reasons. One might concede that Boys and Girls have different types of spiritual problems- and when I was confirmed in l967 ( sometimes it seems like l9ll) there (MORE)

Disadvantages of single-sex education?

Students can question their sexuality. . Classes can be differentiated by gender. . Social skills between genders get put on hold. . Co-ed helps you to learn social skills you can't learn with only girls around. . Teachers are more likely to call on boys. If a boy answers incorrectly, the te (MORE)

What are the disadvantages of not having a good education?

The disadvantages of not having a good education are many and despairing. Without a good education, people won't know common place things through history, math, science, or whatever else. Through education, you're meant explore the far reaches of anything you can learn and hopefully at some point, f (MORE)

What are the disadvantages of a co education institute?

They are largely illusory and propaganda myths. One will assert there is a need and obvious practical value in segregating physical education classes such as Gym and Swim, as is generally done ( one school I attended did not have a gym- so the classes were held at the YMCA ( boys) and YWCA ( girls) (MORE)

What is Right to education act in India?

The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act or Right to Education Act (RTE) , which was passed by the Indian parliament on 4 August 2009, describes the modalities of the provision of free and compulsory education for children between 6 and 14 in India under Article 21A of the Indian (MORE)

What are the disadvantages of modern education?

The disadvantages of modern education are many. The maindisadvantage is that modern education is eliminating some importantvalues that were taught in traditional educational systems. It alsofails to integrate important cultural beliefs.

What are the disadvantages of right to information act 2005 in India?

According to my opinion ... Official Secrets Act 1923 is the father of RTI act 2005 , According to Official Secrets Act 1923, RTI can only provide certain amount of information to the people. Well about RTI , RTI needs a long term procedure, and the officials controlling this are the same offi (MORE)

Why co education disadvantages is good?

Sexually segregated classrooms- while okay for such things as Gym and swim, indeed necessary, and arguably religious classes ( I was confirmed in l967 with an all-male sunday school class) well, it is totally contrary to reality USA, creates some unrealistic situations, and to top it off is expensiv (MORE)

What were the disadvantages of gurukul system of education?

DISADVANTAGES OF GURUKUL SYSTEM:. 1. Children left their homes and near and dear ones at the. tender age of eight and stayed away from their parents for. over 12 years. This was a great penance.. 2. There used to be discrimination at the entry level about the admission in GURUKUL. As we have see (MORE)

What are the merits of Right to Education Act?

well....i have a debate on this topic tomorrow . i came here so that i could get some relevent points for my debate competition but here, u people r asking us the questions ! is it good? why dont u simply type the answers yourself so that it would be easy for school students and users like us . plea (MORE)

Is right to education act targeted only at weaker sections?

No, it is universal. Any child who is a citizen of India, rich or poor; boy or girl; born to parents of any caste, religion or ethnicity shall have this right. If a rich parent decides to send his/her child to a school owned by the government/local authority, that child would also have a right to al (MORE)

What are the aims of right to education act?

The Basic aim of Right To Education Act is to admit 6-14 years children in a neighborhood school and ensure his/her attendance and Quality education for completion of elementary schooling.

What are the disadvantage of right to education act?

The Right to Education, RTE, or Right of Children to Free andCompulsory Education Act of 2009 involves schools reserving 25percent of their seats at entry level for disadvantaged studentsand what they refer to as "weaker sections." A disadvantage of theRTE Act is that it receives poor response likel (MORE)

What does right to education act signify?

write to education act signifies that every person who is a citizen of its respective country whether he/she is poor,rich,young or old has a full and freely a right to education .

What are the disadvantages of right to education act?

A disadvantage of Right to Education Act are lawmakers notincluding educational needs for children past the age of 14.Individual states are left to make separate laws to extend thelimits for children beyond this age group with the goal to have theage extended to 16 by the year 2015. Another disadvan (MORE)

What are the disadvantages of women education?

Education is the right of each and every individual. Atleast female should get education till high school. Disadvantages: 1. The women who are married feels difficulty in giving proper time to their children and family. 2. There are women who take admission in the schools, but leave the sch (MORE)

What are the disadvantages of girl education?

None. To think otherwise is absurd. The human race has evolved aswe know it through learning and education. Without it we wouldstill be sitting in caves trying to light a fire. The more peoplewho are educated regardless of sex, religion, color the morebenefit it brings for all human beings.