What are some general elements and symbols in chemistry?

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Hydrogen H, potassium K.
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What is general chemistry laboratory equipment?

General Chem. Lab Equipment: Extension clamp, Bunsen burner, clay triangle, evaporating dish, crucible, crucible tongs, wide mouth bottle, watch glass/beaker cover, graduated cylinder, scoopula, rubber stopper, ehrlenmeyer flask, cross bar clamp, wire gauze, beaker, pipet, funnel, florence flask, we (MORE)

Why do some elements have a symbol with two letters?

Answer . Since there are only 26 letters in the alphabet and there are (currently) 111 known elements, therefore not every element can be represented by only 1 letter. Also some elements date back to antiquity and already have symbol names assigned by Alchemists, for instance, rather than being G (MORE)

What are the First 30 elements in chemistry?

You can easily find this out by consulting a periodic table, but I will post your answer anyways: . Hydrogen H . Helium He . Lithium Li . Beryllium Be . Boron B . Carbon C . Nitrogen N . Oxygen O . Fluorine F . Neon Ne . Sodium Na . Magnesium Mg . Aluminum Al (MORE)

Why is the symbol for potassium k in chemistry?

Actually its the other way around, why is K called potassium. The name is derived from the english word potash. The chemical symbol K comes from kalium , the Mediaeval Latin for potash, which may have derived from the arabic word qali , meaning alkali.

What are conventional symbols in chemistry?

a conventional symbol in chemistry is symbols used to represent something for example and atom has electrons so the conventional symbold would be e round the atom to how many electrons it has.. example: oxygen the electrons is 10 so yu would put rings round the atom wiht 10 e's around it. hope thi (MORE)

What do chemistry symbols have to do with elements?

Element symbols are a convenient way to represent an element. They are used in chemical equations to represent elements using very few characters. Additionally, element symbols are universally recognised, whereas element names are not consistent in every language; this is very helpful with communica (MORE)

Elements in chemistry?

They're all listed on the Periodic Table of Elements. Search it in any search engine.

Symbols in chemistry?

Ac Actinium Ag Silver Al Aluminum Am Americium Ar Argon As Arsenic At Astatine Au Gold B Boron Ba Barium Be Beryllium Bh Bohrium Bi Bismuth Bk Berkelium Br Bromine C Carbon Ca Calcium Cd Cadmium Ce Cerium Cf Californium Cl Chlorine Cm Curium Co Cobalt Cp Copernicium Cr Chromium Cs Cesium Cu Copper D (MORE)

What are the basic elements and symbols in chemistry?

The basic elements and symbols in chemistry are : . Carbon ---------> C . Chlorine --------> Cl . Hydrogen ------> H . Iodine ----------> I . Nitrogen -------> N . Oxygen ---------> O . Phosphorous --> P . Sulphur ---------> S . Silicon ----------> Si

Why do some elements have a three letter symbol?

Their symbol is created from their name. For instance, Ununseptium is element number 117. The label on most tables would be Uus. These normally get a new symbol once a more "Proper" name has been introduced.

Organic chemistry is the study of what element?

Organic Chemistry is the study of carbon-based molecules (although it is not strictly limited to them). The term "organic" is synonymous with carbon in the sense that all living matter is composed of carbon-based molecules.

What is the symbol co 2 in chemistry?

\nChemical symbols describe the atomic makeup of a substance. Every known atom has a 1-3 letter abbreviation, which you can look up on a periodic table.\n. \nIn the case of CO2, C tells you that there is one carbon atom, and O2 tells you that it is bonded to two oxygen atoms.\n. \nChemical symbols (MORE)

How do you do general chemistry?

General chemistry is clearly as the name implies not a specific field of chemistry. It is rather a course that most individuals int he scientific community will take in order to learn the basic mathematical and analytical skills associated with more advanced chemistry. It just lays the ground work f (MORE)

Is General Chemistry science?

Yes it is a science. General chemistry provides some basic principles, laws and equations upon which advanced chemistry is structured. General chemistry classes also prove useful in competitive exams.

Why do you need to study chemistry and its elements?

\nIt depends on what you want to do in your life. If you want to go into politics, you should understand the effects of transfats or the source of acid rain. If you become a doctor, you need to understand how chemicals affect different parts of the human body. If you go into construction work, it he (MORE)

What is an element in chemistry?

An element is anything found on the periodic table of elements. It is a substance which cannot be separated into other substances by ordinary chemical techniques.

Chemistry what are elements?

its a thing in the world that makes up other things. A few are iron and argon and also my favorite is Uranium.

What is a pure element in chemistry?

Do you mean a pure substance?????A pure substance is not mixed with any other substance and its tamperature remains the same during a state change.There are two types of pure substances:elements and compounds.An element contains only one kind of atom(e.g O,H,C,F)and a compound is formed for two or m (MORE)

What is element in chemistry?

In chemistry an element is a substance that is composed of atoms of the same type, meaning that those atoms have the same number of protons in their nuclei.

Why general chemistry is relevance to nursing?

Physics is the basis of chemistry and chemistry is the basis of biology. One must understand how atoms interact to understand how molecules such as proteins interact to be able to truly understand drug interactions, how ions effect blood pressure, etc.

What does the word element mean in chemistry?

the word chemistry is a pure chemical substance consisting of one type of atom distinguished by its atomic number , which is the number of protons in its nucleus . Familiar examples of elements include carbon , oxygen , aluminum , iron , copper , gold , mercury , and lead . hope that (MORE)

What is a state symbol in chemistry?

Ca would be one, Fr another one. That is if by 'state symbol' you mean the Internet country symbol. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No, by State Symbol, he means the symbol which tells you which State of Matter the substance is in, for example; H20 (MORE)

What does the symbol Cp stand for in chemistry?

The symbol Cp is used in organometallic chemistry to denote the cyclopentadienyl ligand. It was proposed as element symbol for copernicium (now symbol Cn), but since Cp was previously associated with the name cassiopeium (cassiopium), now known as lutetium (Lu), it was declined.

Why do some elements have unusual symbols?

The reason why these elements don't correspond with their English names is because they are chemical elements in Latin. For example Potassium(K) is Kalium, Iron(Fe) is Ferum, and Sodium (Na) is Natrium in Latin.

What organic chemistry is the chemistry of elements?

The question does not make sense to me. However I think you are asking what elements are involved in organic chemistry. All organic compounds contain Carbon and hydrogen. Often Oxygen is incorporated and other common elements include Nitrogen, Phosphorus and sulphur.

What is the unit symbol for length in chemistry?

The unit of length in all the fields of science and technology, in SI, is the metre; the symbol is m. In chemistry and physics are used also sub-multiples as micrometre, nanometre, picometre, femtometre.

Why do some element symbols have two letters?

To distinguish between elements that start with the same letter.For example, Carbon, Chlorine and Calcium all start with the sameletter - their chemical symbols are C, Ch and Cl respectively. Itwould be extremely confusing to label different chemicals with thesame initial letter !

Why do some elements have one or two symbols?

Elements do not properly have more than one symbol, which is in international use. If the questioner means "why do some elements have single letter symbols, while others have two letter symbols?", one answer is simply that there are not enough single letter symbols: only 26 distinct letters to provi (MORE)