What are the disadvantages of being an identical twin?

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There are quite a few disadvantages. For example people might think you are the same person as your twin and get mixed up. Also people might expect you to act the same as your twin, or / and wear the same clothes. Also people might stare at you in the street if you are with your twin.
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How do you get identical twins?

Luck. There is no way of making someone have identical twins. There are two primary types of twins, Identical and Fraternal. Identical twins occur when the egg splits af

Can identical twins have one being colorblind but the other do not?

Yep. It can only happen in girls, though - and it's very rare. See: http://m.theglobeandmail.com/life/parenting/why-identical-twins-can-look-different/article4186733/?ser

Do identical twins have identical fingerprints?

Identical twins do not have identical fingerprints.. Identical twins (also known as monozygotic twins) are formed when a single fertilised egg splits in two after conception.

What makes identical twins identical?

Identical twins are identical because they both came from the same egg. The term "Identical" is used as they look very much like each other and anybody can say that they are t

Why are twins identical?

Monozygotic (Identical or Maternal) twins are identical because they came from the same egg and were split after conception but before fetal development. Identical twins have

Why do identical twins have identical genes?

To be strict, if you look real close, they haven't. But their genes are very, very similar. And the why is because identical twins start out as one fertilized egg that sp

Are identical twins identical?

Identical twins can be identical, but not all the time. Sometimes one may have a pointy ear ect. But they are still identical twins. Identical twins can supposidly feel what t

Are twins are identical or non identical?

Some twins are identical twins, other are not identical twins. Identical twins develop from a single fertilized egg that subsequently splits into two zygotes. Non-identical tw

Why are the twins identical?

Twins are not necessarily identical. They can be fraternal as well. Identical twins result when one fertilized egg splits in two. Fraternal twins result from two fertilized eg