What are the examples of intrinsic and extrinsic properties of matter?

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Extrinsic Property- is a property that depends on the amount or quantity of the material.
- also known as the "Extensive Physical Property".

Examples of the Extrinsic Property:
1.) Length 4.) Width 7.) Area
2.) Mass 5.) Height 8.) Thickness
3.) Volume 6.) Circumference 9.) Weight

Intrinsic Property- is a property that depends on the kind or quality of the material.
- also known as the " Intensive Physical Property".

Examples of Intrinsic Property:
1.) Density 10.) Specific heat
2.) Texture 11.) Malleability
3.) Odor 12.) Ductility
4.) Taste 13.) Solubility
5.) Hardness 14.) Magnetic properties
6.) Boiling point 15.) Surface tension
7.) Melting point 16.) Gas diffusion
8.) Electrical conductivity 17.) Color
9.) Freezing point 18.) Metallic luster
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