What are the five elements of society?

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the five elements of society are the

  1. Political Element
  1. Social Element
  1. Religous Element
  1. Economic Element
  1. Art/Intellectual Element
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Five elements of computer system?

The five elements of a computer system include storage, arithmeticand logical unit, control unit, input device, and output device.Each system has a different use.

What element has five electrons?

Answer . Boron has 5 electrons. The symbol on the Periodic table is B. The atomic number is 5 and the atomic weight is 10.811.

What are five elements?

Hydrogen, Iron, Nickel, Cobalt, Gadolinium -- and these five arealso magnetic (under the right conditions)

What are the five elements of life?

I think that you will find that there are ten so called elements of life. These are contained in the Ten Commandments. Why be satisfied with just five when there are five more to help and guide you through life?. In Indian metaphysics there are five elements of live from which whole life force is originated Namely these are @earh@air @water@fire @akash or sabad.

What are the five elements of writing?

Character - any entity invented by the author . Plot (Storyline) - whatever happens in the story . Setting - where the story happens . Theme - the broad idea, message, or lesson of the story . Style - the way the author writes

What are the five elements?

The five elements you're probably thinking of are Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Metal. Answer 2: In Taoism there are five 'elements'; Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood - although the word 'element' is unfortunate, as they do not have the same significance as the elements in the western tradition. Taoism does not base itself in the causal and generative philosophy beloved of Westerners, but in a transformative philosophy, where things move through the five phases , naturally and inevitably. The Greeks derived Four Elements; Earth, Air, Fire and Water, from their observations that the primary qualities of matter, as they understood and observed, were whether it was wet or dry, and whether it was cold or hot. all sensory objects have these characteristics in some admixture. If you draw these qualities on the ends of a diagonal cross, and draw a vertical cross over it, the 'elements' that the Greeks felt must have generated these qualities can be placed between them (so that Fire is between hot and dry, etc.) These should not be viewed as the 'fire' that we warm ourselves by, or the 'water' we drink; rather these familiar names were applied to unseen primal driving forces, which generate the world as we observe it. The 'mistake' was in inferring that hot and cold are opposites, rather than measurements of the presence of heat; similarly with wet and dry. 'Earth', regarded in this light, merely reflects the absence of qualities , and 'Air' the presence of both Fire and Water . In Occultism, a fifth 'Element' is sometimes added ; and called 'Spirit' or some such, and regarded as the synthesis of the other four. If we assimilate the 'gradation' idea into the Elements (as opposed to the opposition of hot/cold - wet/dry), it means that 'Spirit' is indistinguishable from 'Air' - but this is not as silly as it first seems. In Qabalah, there are only three Elements ; they are attributed to the Three Mother Letters - Aleph (Air) Mem (Water) and Shin (Fire). However, Air is not a mixture of the others, but a separate, single and prior Element, generating the other two. It therefore corresponds more closely to Spirit than to the Air of the Greeks. A ccording to Indian metaphysical tradition the fifth element is AKASH but it is not the English word sky rather it con notates NAD It is matter less and formless

What five elements affect climate?

Wind(movement of air), humidity(amount of water vapor in the air), latitude(distance from N or S pole), elevation(distance from sea level), and landforms in the area(distinct forms in the ground, such as mountains, hills, plains, and valleys--these can make local winds) all effect climate.

What are the five elements of climate?

The five elements of climate combine to make for different types ofweather and climates. These five elements are temperature,precipitation, meteorological phenomena, humidity, and atmosphericpressure.

Five examples of elements?

Five examples of elements include: Silver, Gold, Oxygen, Argon andMercury. All of these elements, and their symbols can be found onthe periodic table.

What are five examples of elements?

Five examples of elements are Boron, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Carbon, and Calcium. To find more, see the link to Wikipedia in the related links (below).

What is element with five 3p electrons?

Chromium has an atomic number of 24, its last sublevel ends with 3d^6 so therefore, Vanadium with the atomic number of 23 has a sublevel of 3d^5 (element with five, 3p electrons)

Five basic elements of a computer?

Five basic elements of a computer are a mouse, keyboard, monitor,hard drive, and CD-ROM. The computer also has various ports forplugging in accessories.

What are the five elements of the earth?

There is some variation according to different traditions: Earth, sky, sea, wind - Babylonian Air, water, fire, earth, aether - Greek Water, wind, akasha (aether), fire, earth - Hinduism & Buddism Wood, water, earth, fire, metal - Chinese Air, water, void, fire, earth - Japanese

What are the five elements of earth?

there is earth , fire , water , air , but the fifth some say is time but others say it is spirit i personally think it is time or maybe there is 6 elements

What are five elements of safety?

Safety has many parts. To be safe, you need to recognize safety sysmbols. You also must follow directions, be neat, use equiment correctly, and clean up after experiments. . Hope that's right

How is society affected by the element argon?

The element argon has affected society because it has created things such as electric lightbulbs and floresant tubes. Lightbulbs are the most commonly used item that is made with argon.

What three elements do you need to create a society?

People that are willing to serve others! You can only have great society if everyone is willing and giving! When you help others out you cant help but to not feel great inside! It also helps you get to know eachother a little bit better.

What are the meanings of the five elements of music?

Silence - a pause between sounds . duration - the length of the sound . pitch - how high or low a sound is . dynamics - how loud or soft the sound is . tempo - how fast or slow the sound is . texture - whether the music is thick (loads of instruments) or thin (very few instruments playing at once) . timbre - the tone (what it sounds like)

What are the five element of life?

Fire, Air, Earth, Water, and I'm not sure what the fifth is.... The fifth element of life is AKASH OR SABAD. IT IS IM -MATERIAL OR FORMLESS

What are the five elements of a research problem?

The 5 elements of a research problem are the abstract, methods,results, discussion, and references. The abstract is a summary ofthe research. Methods and results are calculated. A discussion ofthe methods used and the results of each take place. References arechecked and double-checked.

What are five elements of neon?

Neon is an element in its own right (symbol Ne, number 10) but itis a part of a group called the "Noble Gases" which are elementsthat naturally exist in the gaseous form and do not readilyinteract with other elements. I believe the "five elements of neon"you are referring to are in fact these noble gases which areHelium, Neon, Argon, Krypton, Xenon, and Radon. These elements canbe found in the rightmost column of the periodic table.

What are the five elements of a tall tale?

The common elements of a fairy tale are: . Special beginning and ending (Once upon a time... They livedhappily ever after...) . Good vs. evil . Royalty vs. poverty . Magic and enchantments . Reoccurring patterns and numbers . Universal truths